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Illegal Muslims And Black Africans Bringing Deadly
Diseases To Europe - And Bush Meat Stores In NY!

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff  - The disease outbreaks must be really bad and hitting local populations as the savages continue to invade Europe.  Italy and now Ireland have cases of fast-acting fatal Malaria being brought in by these bottom of the barrel Third World white-haters.

We MUST stop this influx to America by 1. Getting OUT of the UN and 2. Ending ALL welfare to ALL non-citizens.   Oh, gosh, is that 'racist'?  If so, have fun.  One should have to be a born citizen to get welfare and housing and medical care.   When the invaders learn they are not going to get everything free and they have to work, they will leave for countries that are willing to give them a free ride.

And also 3.  Migrant savages MUST LIVE BY WESTERN LAWS.  No free passes for rape. You rape then you pay for the crime in prison after castration and then they must be deported upon release.  No Sharia law.  You want Sharia law?  Go home.

BTW I forgot to mention the fact that ISIS and Al Shabab want to poison food in western supermarkets in the US and Europe.  People should look over food they plan to purchase carefully.  Look for little pin hole type openings.  A pin hole left by a syringe filled with poison, like cyanide or pesticide. Any one caught tampering with food should be immediately deported. 

Funny how Trump NEVER talks about the UN 'refugee' program which is how all of these muslims and black Africans are being brought in.,  Trump has brought in well over 50,000 in 2017 already and he REFUSES to discuss it.

Islam is not a 'RELIGION' and it sure is hell is not a 'religion of PEACE'.   Islamists have no idea about what peace is. They live to fight.   Islam is a racist cult which brutalizes and mutilates its own women which should enrage ALL Americans.

Islam is a cult of stagnation and gross degeneracy.  It is not a progressive cult. It does not reward achievement. It rewards stone age mentality and barbarism. It does not reward science, either.  It is a cult of tribalism.  In no time at all, the US and Europe will look like Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.  Do we want this Stone Age living for America?  Are you kidding me???

I still do not know how taking in Third World disease-infected cretins with IQs of 50 who hate whites benefits our Republic.  These are the laziest savages on earth and many are still cannibals…so how will they benefit America? 

What we did after WW2 was right with Operation Paperclip.  We took Germany's best and brightest and by the late 50's it paid off hugely. These people benefited America in every aspect of the sciences.  NASA and our space program would still be sitting on the launch pad had it not been for thousands of German scientists and technicians.

In addition to rocket sciences, let's not forget medicine, surgery. archeology and building design and architecture.  The arts, dance, and drama and lets not to forget athletes. 

I have never heard of a FREE country who took in IQ 50 savages who have NO EDUCATION or skills.  No technology, either.  They are unable and unwilling to work or even to speak English or German in Germany.    Add to this their visceral hatred of modern society, culture, civilization.  They prefer the 6th and 7th centuries.  They refuse to stop eating Bush meat or people.  Where does this send America except down into the sewage of the Third World…to the end of the line.

I wish people who favor this influx of America-Haters and White-haters would go to areas of the US where the majority is composed of theses new refugees.  See how they live.  See the No-Go areas.  Go to the Bronx, Williamsbridge Rd and see the blocks of Bush meat stores.   See the monkeys and live animals in the windows and in crates outside the stores.  My guess is that some of the unnamed meat in boxes is actually human meat.  They keep the plain brown unnamed meat boxes in the back of the counter and on the lower shelve behind the counter.  One can get snake meat, too.  Anything you want falls under the generic title of 'bush meat.'   Any American who complains about these hideous bush meat stores is labeled a 'racist.'

The poor American residents of Eastern Parkway Brooklyn must endure that awful weekend of West Indian Day, which is not just a day but an entire weekend of drunks, car accidents, cars driven by drunks hitting pedestrians...and don't forget shootings and stabbings.  It goes on for three nights and three days.  IF an American white complains of the noise, the shooting and the damage of fire, broken windows, etc they are labeled a WHITE SUPREMACIST and retaliation takes place.

Even the Mayor and the City government won't stop the 'West Indian' celebration.  I say if people cannot act civilized during a celebration then that celebration must end.  This year, the death count was horrendous and included injuries sustained by victims of a drunk  driver who rolled up on the side walk and mowing down civilians and fellow celebrants. 

It is time to stop the degenerate evil from these non-civilized thugs from ruining the quality of life of all American citizens...of all colors...even if they happen to be...white.