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Bush Jr. & Company On Trial?

By Jim Kirwan


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

15-15098 Sundus Saleh v. George Bush

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil”

In the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on December 12, 2016

32min 12sec VIDEO

This 'legal'-farce was clearly held in an effort by the government to justify and at the same time ignore what took place when the G.W. Bush Administration decided to preemptively attack the sovereign nation of Iraq, in 2003.

The 'court' failed to note that there indeed was a great deal of illegal financial incentive, for the illegal, pre-emptive and continuing attacks upon Saddam & Iraq ­ as these defendants did not come into public-office as multimillionaires: Yet when they left, the wealth they had amassed from their illegal-activities had massively increased their individual personal-wealth ­ to which they were not entitled.

Part of the price that was paid by the people of Iraq and the citizens of the United States were the massive debts, and in the case of Iraq, millions of dead and mutilated people that were illegally slaughtered by this U.S. military attack. This must be compensated for: If there is ever to be any “international”or American law that can prohibit the egregious and illegal actions of this Empire - and the thugs that were ruling this nation from 2000 to the present day.

Watch the courtroom proceedings in the video above.

This case was being argued on the simple fact that congress did not authorize this war - therefore whatever motivations could there have been to continue this invasion from 2003 to the present day?

According to the Constitution, ONLY Congress can declare WAR

Yet this is the 'License to Kill' that Congress decided to give to Bush, under the terms of “The Bush Doctrine” in 2002 ­ in order that this trial in San Francisco, would never be convened.

However, things did not work out as the New World Order planned. So when that global-organization lost the 2016 election, the situation changed, and that's why this lame attempt to try Bush & his thugs for what they did in 2003, was finally able to start.

This 'License to Kill' is totally ILLEGAL under the U..S. Constitution.

On top of everything else the government of George W. Bush lied to the Congress and to the people of the world, when the administration tried to justify their need for the fake-attack on Iraq. The total absence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, if discovered before the attack, would have killed the government's reason to act at all ­ Hence the RUSH!

This proves beyond any doubt that the government, at all levels, after having lied to create a need that never existed, continued on, as if their fake-actions were necessary. Meanwhile the government intensified their need to attack Iraq immediately - as a matter of “national security” - when in fact, nothing could have been further from the truth!

The additional players that the Bush Administration tried to use to justify their lies is found in the U.N.'s pack of lies.

United Nations Security Council

Resolution 1441. Adopted on November 8, 2002 by a vote of 15-0”

Did the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 Provide Sufficient Legal Basis for Military Action Against Iraq

In the view of many, since everything that was voted on, whether in the Congress or the UN was all predicated on blatant lies ­ nothing that was voted on or “decided” ever had any basis in reality ­ not then and especially not in this trial in San Francisco, that began 5 days ago.