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From Bubbles To Immolation

By Jim Kirwan


Quite a few disagreed with yesterday’s note about the realities in Amerika today. Most of those were people that were not alive when all this began.

The current strangulation of the US public began when America’s Largest Street Gang finally went public at the Democratic Convention of 1968 when Mayor Daley’s thugs in uniform beat national reporters both inside the convention hall and on the streets of Chicago. That crime-ridden political convention actually ended freedom of speech in America, permanently.

Because of how I’ve lived, from very early in life and because of the constant political changes that many were watching but most cared nothing about, for the last 54 years, many of those things just get worse now every hour of every day. If we don’t even begin to act; 2015 will definitely be the last year most of us will see.


The population of the Diaper Generation, in the currently Disunited States, is probably the most gullible population to ever “lead anyone” anywhere on this planet. The term ‘Diaper Generation’ refers to the people who were not even born during the crash of 1981, yet they’re now the ones in-charge of this colossal global collapse. So once the real problems began, related to the massive criminality throughout the global monetary systems worldwide, which will directly affect all the fake military movements not to mention the actual collapse of many major nations ­ very soon: There won’t be anyone involved “at the top” with any real experience or social-credibility.

The Pre-New Year’s Special: Max Keiser

The video above deals with 30 year trends and some of the colossal failures that are plaguing the planet today ­ in what is about to be the most massive failure of banks and global-monetary policies worldwide.

What is not mentioned is the relationship between Amerika’s wholesale sell-out to the Largest Street Gang in the world today, the cops in Amerika, who remain immune to any of the laws that all the rest of us must supposedly obey right down to the last comma in whatever these thugs decide to do, on their own, to anyone they encounter. The reason this is so important is that the so-called “police” are the first line of defense which the bankers, politicians and would-be owners of this world are using, and paying for, to keep all the slaves in line.

After the prime-time filming of the destruction of the Constitution and the Republic, at the Democratic Convention in ‘68, the public failed to raise their voices or to even protest the totally out-of-control police behavior: That happened probably because no one died. But the result of that open warfare against the public and the media: Is what has dragged the entire nation into this lawless wasteland that used to be our country.

What is transpiring now inside the nations of the world, regarding banking, global finance, and lies-unending is happening because these outlaws have been viciously protected from public opinion or political response by armed military responders to the slightest infraction, wherever that is referred to, in most of the police departments in this country.

Once upon a time Nixon declared his War on Crime: Along with the War on Drugs. Both had to be unofficially dropped because it was the government at every turn that was to blame for both of those misdirected “WARS”: At the end of the day it turns out that it’s been the government in any of its many disguises who has been almost totally responsible for everything from illegal and legal Drugs, to weapons and crimes of every stripe—to the point that their direct involvement has been exposed too many times now to allow Amerikans to ever complain about anything this government does— especially in the field of openly hostile torture, tasers, rape or murder while in custody.

But they’ve gone further: Now police don’t bother with evidence or charges, trials or court rulings: Now they just kill anyone including suspects and then they fail to cover-up the publicly committed atrocities which they blatantly do, each and every day.

This happens because ordinary gullible people, have not demanded that these murderers be treated like the vicious public criminals they have clearly been since 1968.

The public acts of violence, for the public of that time, began publicly with the Rodney King beating by LA cops and that too was beyond ugly. Today such events happen each and every day, most of which are no longer videotaped… 1min 31sec Video

When I first noticed cops nationwide beginning to travel across the nation to “stand-up” for slain officers that supposedly died in service to the nation ­ I knew exactly what that was and it was not pride in service: It was a uniformed bunch of gang members making the ugly side of their power clear to the population at large.

The Blue Line in Amerika is no longer thin: It’s become synonymous with blatant and brutal attacks upon the ordinary people of this nation. It is this attitude that needs to be stopped by ordinary people and brought constructively back into some semblance of legality if the nation is ever going to survive. That begins by DEMILITARIZING all city state and federal police “FORCES”.

The next step has to begin to reverse the military mindset from one of TOTAL WAR and barbarity, to policies that reflect civility in the need for cops at all. That’s why it’s massively important to de-militarize the police while the public begins to hold each officer accountable for whatever he or she does whether in uniform or in civilian clothes.

How long has it been since the Miranda Decision which mandated the conditions of a suspects rights that had to be read to anyone? How many remember that time when that was the law? While I was with the California Department of Justice, that was one of the things cops were demanding an end to, because it made it too hard to get convictions if the suspects knew what their rights were and they wanted to go back to the good old days of Chicago where suspects could be beaten and held until they confessed. As early as the 1970’s cops in this place wanted to do away with all that “stuff” and now they have.

No one in this place, including the president can be allowed to be “Above the Law” ­ yet that’s exactly what has been openly happening to millions of people since the Supreme Court interfered in 2000 to give the White House to Bush Jr.

If we are to survive even some of the mega-disasters that are headed our way in 2015, the year of Destruction for the old United States, then we must begin by investigating whatever any cop does, going forward and at the same time we must outlaw this national show of illegal force by “police-officers” who have failed at everything their supposed jobs were created to prevent.

America has to end it’s ‘worship’ of the skin-headed brutality of street cops in the USA, or they will find that they will soon be the next targets to have their lives torn apart, their homes destroyed or their loved ones killed by these new Amerikan Nazi’s; masquerading as “police”.

The Resurgent Fourth Reich

The time to stop this insanity is coming to an end because 2015 will be the end of anything that might still be normal today.


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