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Broadcom Bust And Parkland Pizzagate - Not Made In China

 By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

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The FBI has been cynically exploiting the Tianjin Six trial along with charges against other Chinese researchers in its effort to divert public attention away from a much more insidious homemade threat to American society, official involvement of Obama-era officials in the Pizzagate child-trafficking scandal. The underlying motive behind Agent Kevin Hogg’s illegal tactics in the FBI detention of scientist Hao Zhang at LAX in May 2015 is starting to make sense now that three years later with his son David’s Chicken Little role in the Parkland school shooting cover-up.

It turns out that the Family Hogg campaign to divest Fox News of its advertisers with the set-up of Laura Ingraham was orchestrated by top Pizzagate suspect David Brock, the boss of Media Matters and Hillary Democrat website TrueBlue. Yes, the white-maned conniver Brock who was the gay lover of Jimmy Alefantis of Cosmic Pizza notoriety. The Parkland professional shootings, and the revived China scare, arise from the Deep State’s dread of its darkest secret, the abduction of sub-teen children for the perverse entertainment (and thereby blackmail and manipulation) of congressmen, high federal bureaucrats and top government contractors.

Teddy bears for DACA victims

To cover up his dad Kevin’s long-time connection with a security company that trains government-hired gunmen to fire assault rifles with live ammo (talk about hypocrisy!), David the younger tried to characterize his father, former chief of the FBI unit at Los Angeles Airport, as a nice man who used to give teddy bears to arriving immigrant children. Welcome to America, you luscious DACA kids, bet you can’t wait to see what other surprises we have waiting for you. Now Davy, I wonder what Uncle Brock the chicken hawk intends to do with you, little boy. Remember, when it’s over and done, say: Thank you, sir, and tweet me anytime you want. Colleges won’t accept you? Apply to be a coffee boy at Media Matters.

So here it is, folks: DACA, Pizzagate, Deep State “lone gunman”shootings inside schools, and the Obama-Holder-Comey FBI. Terrorize the schoolchildren to keep them from reporting the predators to the local cops. A bit more on Brock: As investigative journalists, starting with the late Andrew Breitbart (who died under mysterious circumstances while probing Media Matters), started to close in on the high-level pedophile ring centered in the nation’s capital, the FBI whipped up a xenophobic scare campaign targeting visiting professors and 200,000 students from China, who are guilty of paying high tuition and working lousy paid lab jobs across the USA. Diversion of public attention is the first step to political survival.

Society as a whole threat

Recently, at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, FBI Director Chris Wray (who was previously based in Atlanta, another DACA hub) referred to“Chinese society as a whole”posing a national security threat. If that’s the situation, Director Wray, given the reality of 1.3 billion Chinese as compared with 300 million Americans, 4-to-1 odds, your idiotic statement means that resistance is futile. In my humble opinion, paranoia is a much bigger threat to national security.

After the commander in chief of the pajama boy tribe left the White House, the whack handlers (pun intended, as in Wakanda) rolled out Russiagate and, now that their urine dossier’s been discredited, they’re starting up on the Chinese scientists again. The timing of the anti-Chinese propaganda campaign also is cynical sabotage by the Dems and their Swamp allies adding to bilateral tensions with China at the very moment Donald Trump and trade rep Robert Lighthizer are trying to readjust the trade imbalance, which requires Chinese willingness to sacrifice .

The trade issue is so important to America’s economic future that the obstinate troublemakers and human traffickers in law enforcement need to be swept out or, better, put into a federal pen, where they rightly belong. Pizzagate isn’t over yet. For those who have no clue about this perverse form of treason, use a search engine to retrieve my series of articles on Pizzagate and then the politics of the Swamp will start making sense, along with why sausage pizza is a Broward County favorite in Florida. And read up on my Florida school series at

That said, the financial and economic issues involving the scapegoated Chinese scientists are complex and here I delve into the major themes. With trade negotiations with China, the time’s come to bust open the hornet’s nest.

Busting Broadcom

When President Donald Trump cited national security concerns to block the Avaco-owned Broadcom tech giant’s takeover of rival chip-maker Qualcomm, he threw a spanner into FBI-Justice Department case against six Chinese scientists accused of economic espionage. In a Justice Department case on trial at San Jose, Avago-Broadcom is the lead plaintiff against two USC graduates and four colleagues at Tianjin University not only for alleged theft of commercial trade secrets but also the more severe charge of conspiracy for economic espionage, which carries a 15-year prison sentence. Now that the accuser Avaco-Broadcom stands accused of being a national security risk, that should invalidate the plaintiff’s complaint against researcher Hao Zhang, who is under house arrest in Mountain View, CA, and his colleague in absentia.

Legal formalities aside, the background issue is: Which is the guilty (or guiltier) party? A litigious corporation with a monopolistic track record in the U.S. And China or independent-minded researchers who branched out on their own?

EE News, quoting the technology journal IHS, describes the plaintiff’s reputation as follows: “IP (intellectual property) is key to the fast-growing (microwave filter) market, prompting ‘industrial espionage, lawsuits and intimidation in Avago’s attempt to dominate the radio-frequency filter market.’”

Industrial espionage? Well, a company on the scale of Avago-Broadcom (annual revenues $6.9 billion: SEC) accusing the Tianjin Six’s start-up called ROFS Microsystems of being a threat is ridiculous. In other words, the Avago-DOJ case against suspect Hao Zhang is, to cite the IHS term, an intimidation tactic.

Instead of making wild accusations, the smarter approach to protecting U.S. security would have been to put some venture capital behind Zhang to head a joint venture supported by Tianjin U and USC, to prevent Avago from dominating the acoustic filter market in China, which is the world’s biggest producer of mobile phones.Building mutual trust in a partnership is better than breeding suspicion between foes. The Tianjin Six case was initiated during the Obama-Holder-Comey tenure during their overtly hostile “pivot to Asia”, which intensified Beijing’s distrust of Washington. Resolving the bilateral trade imbalance is a thorny issue left to the Trump team, which should manage the issue by toning down the inflammatory rhetoric.

From Trade War to Copyright Dogfight

With the copyright issue coming up next in the U.S.-China trade dispute, everyone should be careful not to make is an “U.S. against them”conflict. The Trump team needs to acknowledge that copyright protection has unfortunately veered away from the original intent of rewarding researchers to being increasingly used as a weapon of litigation to stifle competition. Avago-Broadcom, as IHS pointed out, is notorious for abusing patent protection to justify its monopolistic practices and eliminate competition and rob researchers of a fair share of reward from their R&D.

Taking their cue from Bill Gates’s Microsoft, a pioneer in piratical litigation to hijack and knock out small players, the following generation of cutthroats in the tech sector such as Avago’s Hock Tan and his partner Broadcom’s Henry Samueli have ruthlessly annihilated smaller companies and suppressed employee rights to attain market dominance in the electronics industry, while piling up mega-profits and winning the loyalty of institutional investors. Prior to the 2016 merger with Avago, Broadcom under Samueli’s direct leadership bought out more than 50 tech companies, including NetLogic Microsystems ($3.9 billion), LSI ($6.6 billion), and Brocade Communications ($5.9 billion). It’s a copyright-hungry tyrannosaurus on the prowl.

Inventions arise out of darkness with the light-bulb flash that inspires individual scientists and engineers along with their research assistants, whereas corporations are non-creative entities that exist to further enrich their executives and major investors. IP (intellectual property) has been surgically removed from the human intellect and, instead, has regressed into a savage Jurassic Park where corporate T-rexes are unloosed against the local vegan brontos while velociraptors chase down to maul frightened scientists. This reign of mindless greed cannot last forever, so the time has come for the revenge of the tiny mammals. Enter the Tianjin Six who dared to take back what’s theirs since the start in a university lab.

Trump’s crushing of Avago-Broadband’s grasping claws was therefore a long-overdue anti-trust action to curb monopoly domination over markets, a big step much in line with his criticism of Amazon and the social media behemoths spewing fake news.

The Broadcom assault on Qualcomm has given Americans a bitter taste of what U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is dishing out to China, that is, unreasonably stiff demands for exorbitant copyright fees, the first step toward takeover of local companies. When the added fees are passed on in the product cost, American consumers will ultimately pay the high price for corporate greed.

The alternative, in an ideal international market, IP laws should be reformed in a direction beneficial and acceptable to all stakeholders including inventors, research staffers, license holders, manufacturers, consumers and investors. Avago-Broadcom provides an abject lesson in how not to push aside others like a fat hog at the trough. Everyone needs to learn how to cut the pie.

Trouble from the get-go

As pronounced in the Down Under Aussie dialect: “(h)ave a go at it, mate”, Avago made headlines in November when its CEO, Malaysian tycoon Hock Tan, announced at a White House press conference that he’d help make America great again by moving his headquarters from Singapore to the United States. President Trump nodded with satisfaction, unaware of the knife swing down on his back. The relocation pledge turned out to be a clever ruse, a ploy to gain regulatory approval for the Avago-Broadcom combine’s hostile takeover of rival semiconductor producer Qualcomm, the American company that probably manufactured the router for your Internet service.

From the start of this Lunar Year of the Dog, the board of Qualcomm adamantly rejected the hostile takeover, despite the fact that its major investors and corporate raiders were licking their chops as Broadcom raised its bid. Realizing the potential harm to the nation from the asset loss, Trump turned against the brazen Malaysian tycoon by nixing the deal, which would have put the world’s 5th largest semiconductor producer under foreign control of the third-biggest company in this sector. It was no idle threat since the ultimate objective of the Avago-Broadcomm assault is to overtake Bosch (Germany) and Texas Instruments (USA), market leaders in MEMS, the microelectronic-mechanical systems that control devices.

After being publicly shamed by Trump’s bombing of that mega-deal, a downcast Avago has just announced that it will move its headquarters from Singapore to the U.S., perhaps to launch another attempt. So far, Trump wins on all counts, setting the precedent that government should be a regulator or referee of business deals and not a profit-mongering sales promoter in favor of winner-takes-all.

Hoggs in the swill

Before plunging into the sordid details involving Broadcom founder Henry Samueli, a look at the FBI case against the USC graduates needs to be aired out, especially since Agent Kevin Hogg was involved the duplicitous “arrest” of Hao Zhang at LAX, he being the father of the dubious self-promoting Parkland School “hero”, the CNN wannabee cub reporter who was either not at school on that day or cowering under a desk, whichever version of little Davy’s story one prefers to believe. It’s a case of “like father like son”, born to lie.

On the surface, the FBI nabbed researcher Hao Zhang for allegedly stealing propriety technology of undetermined value to national security a decade ago, charges based on his employment at SkyWorks and his research partner Wen Sun at the Avago branch in Silicon Valley. The secondary plaintiff SkyWorks, located in Massachusetts, has kept a low profile but joined the case possibly due to the fact that nearly 70 percent of its shares are derived from the Pentagon contractor Rockwell, in other words under pressure from the Holder-Lynch Justice Department. In reality, however, the actual circumstances of Zhang’s “arrest” point to a pre-planned CIA economic intelligence operation against China, discussed below.

This obscure copyright trial is massively significant due to the fact that the US vs. Tianjin University is the only current legal action in the high-tech industries related to FBI Director Chris Wray’s claim to the Senate Intelligence Committee of a “Chinese society as a whole” threat to national security, particularly visiting academics and students. The future of more than 200,000 scholars and students from China (and presumably more to be granted or denied student visas) in the USA. Despite their paying tuition and doing research, the fate of this important human bridge with China hinges on this single case in the California Northern Region Court in San Jose, the docket of Silicon Valley. (The only other case involved a Chinese plant geneticist recently convicted for smuggling out GMO test rice seeds, and it remains unclear whether that theft was done to conduct unbiased human-safety tests on U.S. food imports into China. If so, he should be commended instead of serving a prison sentence.)

Why be so hard on such minor players? Because Avago-Broadcom has a huge share of acoustic filter sales to mobile-phone producers China, including Apple and Huawei, and a guilty verdict in this Silicon Valley law case will suppress local competition in that lucrative market. It’s gunboat economics, tech imperialism straight out of the brain-dead CIA-run Economic Intelligence Council.

Go to Jail in a game of Monopoly

To reprise: Of the six suspects at Tianjin University, the Justice Department is focusing on two former graduate students at USC’s Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering: Hao Zhang who went on to a job at Skyworks in Massachusetts and Wei Pang, who worked with the Avago lab in Silicon Valley. The pair are accused of stealing proprietary technology related to film-bulk acoustic resonators (FBAR), which are thin-film filters that pick up specific frequencies while blocking “noise” from other signals. The filters for either acoustic (sound) or radio waves are used in microphones (Apple i-Phones use 6 mikes for difference pitches) and other wireless devices.

A point to note its that the electrical engineering department at private university USC was created with a $35 million grant from Ming Hsieh, who immigrated to the U.S. From Taiwan and was born in mainland China. In contrast with the FBI’s claim of Chinese thievery, Hsieh represents one of the thousands of Chinese-Americans, mainlanders and Taiwanese who have worked hard to massively benefit American society with inventions and jobs, far out of proportion of their small numbers. Zhang and Pang probably would have done similar had they not been cheated out of their research by corporate criminals.

Hao Zhang is the only suspect in custody, the rest are at Tianjin University (and remain silent due to the law case). In May 2015, en route from China to a tech conference in Phoenix, Zhang was apprehended inside a jetliner still on the runway, immediately after landing at Los Angeles airport. FBI agents escorted him off the plane, leaving behind his wife. The Chinese suspect was taken to a stark room for questioning. Zhang was not informed of his arrest, meaning that the FBI agent did not recite his Miranda right to an attorney. This was because she enticed him with undisclosed benefits for his cooperation as an friendly informant aka a CIA-run spy against China. The illegal offer is completely out of line, and all FBI agents involved including LAX case officer Hogg should be reprimanded and investigated.

The entrapment scam by Kevin Hogg’s FBI office at LAX indicates a deep-cover espionage effort to infiltrate Tianjin University, with its research prestige in China equivalent to a CalTech or MIT. Was the Obama-Comey-Holder operation appears to have been an attempt to infiltrate the Chinese research establishment preliminary to technology thievery by American spies? Kevin Hogg’s roles in this case and now in the Parkland cover-up is, to say the least, indicative of high-level intrigue at the FBI and CIA. The investigators need to be investigated, because “the whole of American society” is certainly not involved in these reprehensible plots in violation of the Constitution.

Top school, best minds

One of the FBI complaints is that their USC research was partially funded with a grant from DARPA, the defense research agency. There’s nothing exceptional about DARPA funding, which does not limit itself to purely military technology, since it has funded inventions like the Internet. The military signals corps is of course interested in any and all communications technology, the Motorola walkie-talkie being a historic example of dual-use equipment. The FBAR filters, however, are mainly applied to civilian uses including mobile phones and wireless devices. The radio filters can help to prevent jamming of signals but, as compared with encryption systems, are a minor factor in defense technology, and are by no means a massive security threat as suggested by the prosecution in this case.

At a pre-trial hearing last year, the San Jose district court granted Zhang’s request to obtain documents from primarily plaintiff Avago to ascertain its claim of copyright theft. Avago, however, refused to provide any evidence, meaning its complaint is unverifiable. Be assured whatever Zhang and Sun researched at USC was far in advance of current technology in Avago’s patent vault. At that point when Avago balked, the case against the Tianjin Six should have been dismissed, thrown out of court with apologies to the victim of injustice.

The refusal to drop charges indicates the Comey-Holder stay-behinds at FBI-DOJ are trying to drag out the Tianjin Six case to sabotage the Trump-Lighthizer-Ross trade negotiations with Chinese counterparts. If so, it’s called treason.

Hao Zhang is now on trial (which began in late February, some 33 months after his arrest, on charges of conspiracy to commit economic espionage (maximum penalty of 15 years in a federal penitentiary) and theft of trade secrets (10 years in prison). Although patently ridiculous, the potential sentences represent a threat to every foreign researcher who contributes his or her ideas and work hours to advance scientific progress in America. Give all you got and then be tossed in jail. That is not the American Way.

After a spell in a San Jose detention center, Zhang has idled under house arrest. Meanwhile the stolen goods from defense technology are being fenced by Israel and kickbacks are paid to the Pentagon brass, with a little help from its Zionist friend Broadcom. Preferential racial treatment, selective religious bias in favor of Judaism, unvarnished mobster corruption, call it what you will, it all stinks and is in complete violation of the spirit and letter of the constitutional guarantees of a fair trial and equal justice for all.

Hanky spanky in Lala land

On Good Friday, as if in redemption for the negative media coverage of its busted Qualcomm deal, the reneger Hock Tan announced Avago would indeed move its headquarters out of Singapore back to the USA. Although he is a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity who earned an engineering degree at MIT, the investment behind Avago in Jewish and Zionist.

The major investor behind Avago is the Newbridge group include the mensch behind Uber, David Bonderman of TPG Capital (Fort Worth); and political fixer Richard Blum, the Democrat Party donor and husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Another partner in the Asia-oriented fund is ACON, headed by Jonathan Ginns, who got his start as a “management consultant” at Booz, Allen and Hamilton, the spooky CIA-Pentagon contractor (and former employer of Edward Snowden). This should remind us of how the CIA-Booz team in Switzerland boozed up bankers and arranged DUI car crashes for blackmail purposes, felonious crimes that convinced Snowden to blow the whistle.

It gets worse due to transfers of sensitive technology to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) via Technion, or the Israel Institute of Technology, by Broadcom’s Zionist founder and current CTO (chief technology officer) Henry Samueli. The IDF Cyber-command, by its own boast, “is 15 years ahead of every other military”, thanks to the stolen tech flown in from American labs, which have never been investigated or prosecuted by FBI counter-intelligence.

Avaco’s Bobbsey twin Broadcom was founded in 1992 by the “Two Henrys” out of UCLA engineering school, Samueli and Nicholas, who back then sported mustaches and Yeltsin-era power suits while producing the staple of SoCal suburban homes in that primordial era, set top boxes fed by co-ax. Then-CEO Henry Nicholas was notorious as a corporate slave driver, not only of his engineering staff but also (as Orange County residents recall) for his late-night“hanky spanky”with young prostitutes in his basement. In 2008 Nicholas was cited by local police on drug charges, while the sexual allegations were hushed up, thanks to Orange police bag man. In that same year, Nicholas and his accountant were charged by the SEC with investment fraud for backdating corporate reports.

Samueli did his crocodile-tears public repentance by buying the local sports team. No, not the Angels. Guess again. Things that waddle and quack on ice, as in hockey, the Anaheim Ducks, formerly known as Disney’s Mighty Ducks. (There’s a copyright infringement, if ever, since the original looney is Daffy Duck, who belonged at rival Warner Brothers. As I recall from childhood, Daffy did once try to ice-skate, causing consternation for Bugs.)

A point to note in passing, the neighbors in the wealthy Crystal Cove shoreline community of Orange County have been outraged by the hostility of his security guards at the Samueli house, who accost passersby on public beach-access paths and conduct electronic surveillance against nearby homes (whose predominantly American Jewish owners are often millionaire CEOs themselves). His corps of thugs, which include military-type divers on jetboats circling the public beach and rocky cape, are referred to in the area as “The Mossad”. (At the end of the video, look for the yellow pin on the shoreline to spot the SoCal base of Israeli military intel.)

If on the next time you’re driving to Laguna or Huntington Beach, and your mobile phone starts acting up, just say “Shalom, Henry! It’s Donald. Quack!”

Israeli middlemen are the security risk

As noted by a high-level trade adviser to the government of China, “It’s an open secret that America’s latest technology is offered for sale to India, Vietnam and China by the Israeli middlemen, and you can be sure that the top brass at the Pentagon are making a killing from that trade. Nobody in Washington D.C. wants to change that lucrative black-market arrangement.”

In other words, corruption among American defense officials is the actual reason for the trade ban on high-tech exports to China, where its companies and consumers have to pay inflated prices for the newest technology. A market-driven direct-sales approach, by contrast, would be competitive, transparent and therefor more secure, while eliminating the kickbacks for the crooked generals and admirals, and their neocon civilian employees, that corrode America’s military leadership. Fair terms of access to technology would also reduce the consumer demand of cheap, poor-quality copycat electronic goods. (Let’s hope that due diligence and fair trade practices are the underlying aim of trade rep Lighthizer’s copyright negotiations.)

National security and peace worldwide would be far better served and protected if American defense contractors were to directly engage with Chinese companies (and even its armed forces) under clear marketing rules rather than treacherous back-door deals done through the Israeli front company, for example, the creepy Sino-Israel committee headed by a former Mossad chief. As things now stand, the illicit Israeli arms trade is making Asia a more dangerous region, which is terrible for American national security.

The brains behind MAGA

The FBI hue and cry against Chinese researchers, and its dubious case against Hao Zhang, Sun Wei and their non-involved colleagues at Tianjin University, are parts of a crude propaganda campaign to protect the bloated federal bureaucracy from populist demands to downsize government. The anti-Chinese rhetoric is also fueling an irrational “trade war” of national egos at a time when bilateral trade (along with the entire system of world commerce) needs to be pruned back drastically under a methodical strategy to avert a global depression. Aimed at the reallocation of production around the world, globalization theory over past decades also promoted trade for its own sake, resulting in unsustainable imbalances, sovereign debt crises, household bankruptcies and a surplus of goods of shoddy quality. Cutting trade levels is now the only way to prevent a wave of defaults, total collapse of banks and another worldwide great depression.

Meanwhile, innocent Chinese professors and students in the U.S., along with Asian American academics are being scapegoated for these macroeconomic problems and hammered with unfair demotion and firings at American universities amid threats of legal prosecution. The unfairly tarnished researchers include Xiaoxing Xi, a naturalized citizen who’s been demoted from his position as the physics department head at Temple University and hydrologist Sherry Chen with the U.S. Weather Service in 2014.

It should be expected of researchers to share their findings and academic papers in an open exchange with peers in the U.S. and overseas. A nation like the USA that espouses freedom of expression and openness to new ideas must demonstrate the courage to set an example for more timid societies. The risks are minimal, considering the extent of American power and its light-year technological lead.

The ultimate losers from unequal treatment are native-born American college students and U.S. companies that depend on ideas and inspiration from the best minds of China and the rest of Asia. Without their presence in teaching positions, U.S. students would be relegated to a second-best education, a situation that will never make America great again. At the Winter Olympics, the USA turned in a third-rate performance. That sort of underachievement must not happen to its world-leading university system. To ensure national greatness into the future, students in the USA should enjoy the privilege of learning from the world’s best professors. Persecuting Chinese mathematicians and scientists is the academic equivalent of rejecting ski instructors from Norway and Germany. It is self-defeating folly.

Hopefully, in its overhaul of the federal government and in reasoned trade negotiations with China, the Trump team will put an end to the blatant anti-Asian bias from the Obama-Holder-Comey dominated FBI-DOJ and restore the principle of justice for all. If the obviously innocent Hao Zhang is alone at the top of the suspect list, then it means the FBI really has nothing to go on and is just chasing after ghosts of its own imagining. Let him go home or, even better, encourage him, after an official apology, to conduct research in the U.S. and contribute his ideas to MAGA. And to be helpful, that in-bred liar Davy Hogg should open his mouth only for a taste of pizza.

Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based science writer, founding faculty member of two journalism schools, and former editor with The Japan Times group.