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Brett and Mark Data

Exclusive To

Full Video Of Mark Collapsing To Ground After (ET?)
Stranger Asks 'What-You Filming There?'

Stunning Audio-Video Clip Of Mark
Being Knocked Out And Down By?


Stranger with a strange voice asks: "...Excuse me....what-you FILMING there...?"

Mark replies: "...I've got something a lil...(little)...kind of wei...(weird)..."

Mark then slowly slumps to the ground...and then you hear him moan "...oooh..."

The video cam recording is seen to go out of control as Mark falls to the ground.
The cam comes to rest on the asphalt parking lot...still recording...

Then a strange voice at the end of clip says: "...leave..him..."  

AUDIO of this remarkable event!

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Are These The Handprints Of An ET Visitor?


The ET seems to be holding up his three fingered hand towards the camera with part of his head and black eye area are visible just behind.
The incident that produced this image is mysterious and will be discussed during the program.

Brett and Mark Photos


The image below is one that Brett and Mark believe to be of an ET which appeared on a couple of
frames of an October 6th, 1998 ufo sighting videotape.