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Breathing The Rarified Air

By Jim Kirwan


To sum up the global situation, this week, it looks much like this disjointed view of some of the capitals around the planet as each ‘nation’ tries to breathe the now rarified air that’s becoming more prohibitive as the world moves ever deeper into sanctions and barely concealed open warfare on the East, by the clearly dying Western leadership in which the imposters still refuse to concede that they no longer run the world.

The planet is in the process of being hijacked by “The Freedom from those specific Choices that differentiate nation-states from serfdoms around the world. Because of this glaring example, worldwide, we are seeing the failing leadership try to maintain their lies as they insist on “Ruling by the Denial of Choices” everywhere around the planet.

This hard shell of the denial of opportunity cannot be sustained which means that the ‘Disunited States of Fascism’ is now backing itself into the coming global-collapse financially. But they’ve chosen not to see what they’re doing to themselves; by trying to control the enevitable global financial collapse that will by its own weight destroy the USI-Israeli war machine forever…

Sanctions On, Sanctions Off’. Replacing Cuba with Crimea

What is profoundly amazing is that the fake-global-leadership, at this moment, remains wedded to this deaf, dumb and blind dictate of Ruling by Denial, with only their rank amateurs “in-charge”, at every juncture where the survival of the entire planet is “at Stake”.

For any Oligarchy to rule effectively they need to have qualified and experienced people at every key position if they plan on succeeding with whatever takeover they have planned: But USI has no one with even minimum qualifications to take out the trash; much less to run the world. From banking to the military through to the entire disaster that was the economy and the former society of this broken place that’s currently being staffed by failures at each and every position where expertise is called for.

What continues to happen now is an ever hardening of theoretical global-positions that look more and more like bankrupt and inert tar-babies everywhere they’ve been used to try to block the vitality of the engines of this planet. Here’s the Lie they’re still trying to sell the world: Don’t buy it!

Sanctions” are the coward’s path to all-out war. This has become the recent preference of USI since they can no longer “just send in the troops” and since our threadbare tactics are becoming increasingly less hidden all the time: The world is demanding real changes between the lie above that was meant to cover the truth that shows in the lower half of the same image on page 2.

What is becoming massively clear is that USI & Israel are running out of options while they’re continuing to lose their grip upon the farce of their fake control over the populations of the planet that have already begun to fight back in place after place, as the crime, the debts and the horror of it all comes home to roost in nation after nation around the world.

Today’s Ukraine gives the world a perfect picture of the lies and the losses that were inflicted upon the world from Washington and Tel Aviv in the name of maintaining this one-world disorder that’s trying to replace the broken fantasy of the ‘Old’ New World Disorder that has already failed.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is having a horrendous impact on as many as 1.7 million children, and hundreds of schools have been damaged or destroyed, according to the latest report by the UN Children’s Fund.

Of 1 million people displaced due to the ongoing violence, at least 130,000 are children. Also, tens of thousands of kids are in the conflict zone

The highest price’: Over 1.7mn children affected by Ukrainian conflict, UN says:

The creatures who are running this global collapse believe:

The world is just a business.”

But they’ve forgotten that without customers that have jobs or any kind or any kind of future: Then their pathetic “businesses” will all go the way of the horse and buggy. A world without real growth and actual profits for those that create what billions used to buy, will become nothing but more ruin on the scorched earth polices that are on their way unless real people step in and arrest these thieves and outlaws where they live.

Business” is NOT real, it just another conn. Life is the reality and it’s “business” that’s the passing folly!

If the world does not act then it’s clear that without real options, actual growth and real freedoms—the current censorship will have to finish digging their own graves, because that will be all that’s left of their grand design once reality blows away the monsters along with their shredded myth of global power that cannot maintain itself any longer...


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