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A Breath of Fresh Air


By Jim Kirwan


The United States has been living in an invisible prison for over 50 years. It's way past time that the American people stopped and looked around, for a change, and stopped feeding into the perpetual farce of 'NATIONAL-SHAME' which thanks to Trump we finally seem to have a chance to change.

This nation has been hijacked by its faux politician-political-class. The same class that has tried to bury everything this nation once thought it stood for. This attack was not direct, it crept in through the back door in the dead of night by trying to force the public to cease to have any opinions other than what the criminally-directed main-stream was told to say by the illegally formulated 'Political Correctness' which has never been voted on ­ ever.

Everything that this outrageous communist movement stands for has simply been forced down the throats of ordinary people, under the rubric of the supposed “need” to never speak ill about anyone or anything that happens in this country: In order not to make anyone, including our blood-enemies, uncomfortable in any way. But when this fascist and undemocratic “ideal” began to be cited; when it came to keeping the bulk of Americans alive—it became clear that Americans needed to do some serious thinking about all the illegal CENSORSHIP being committed in the name of changing everything about the society, men and women and the time honored institutions of marriage, plus the sanctity of heterosexual families, not to mention the control over every interaction that takes place throughout this society.

When this tyranny reached the public schools and the now sacrosanct “religions” that the public is no longer allowed to criticize: Then in the case of Islam and the Koran, that quagmire has proven to be a bridge too far.

From that breakpoint, people began to seriously question 'Just What is Jihad' and how is that connected to Islam. Here's an in-depth look at the massive lies

that are being peddled as 'unassailable truth' which cannot even be questioned.

Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil

It's a 1hour VIDEO that will answer the real questions

It's documented and can be checked by anyone with the time to look.

Ironically of course, once the enormity of the deceptions become clear to the public, then the next question is: Just who is it that has been formulating all these global-lies since the year 700? The answer to that question is that it's always been the official party-lines of the major political parties in the US and around the world, that are seeking a return to the blood-bath of Jihad that seeks to end the entire human race.

This brings us all back to the latest political-circus that's masquerading as the primary elections for 2016 in United States Inc. and to the dogma of the dictated party-lines that haven't been seriously challenged for at least the last fifty years.

When real questions are never asked, then nothing can ever change. That happens when the public is not part of any of the real questions or discussions that are screaming for answers—precisely because those 'answers' have been denied to the public for such a long time: People have forgotten that they are supposed to be consulted before laws are passed and the entire society is dragged down into the sewers of history that we've been creating with a broken Empire that hasn't won anything in all the illegal wars we've been waging over the entire planet—which have all been illegally declared in the first instance, until we've come to this place where USI has become the primary enemy of the people on this planet, along with the outlaw nation of Israel.

We have silently created a totally lawless universe in which only 'our artificial rules' are the only “rules” that must ever be obeyed.

But day by day, all of our continuing lies

Are finally being challenged by nation after nation in the name of

International laws and charges for International Crimes.

Russia is being joined by Iraq, Iran, China and others that are one by one

refusing to “go-along” with this global treason worldwide.

Thanks largely to the outspoken questions

Being posed by Donald Trump

of the same people who created all these war-crimes in the first place.

That continuing fact is what's providing this global

'Breath of Fresh Air'

Today “In The NOW” did a related story on RT that's exposing yet another massive crime that's been going on for the last forty years, involving the American Psychiatric Association, the Roman Catholic Church, the CIA, MK-Ultra, USI and virtually all the supposedly powerful bodies in the Universe that have been capturing and torturing children worldwide for centuries. In that process innocent children are being tortured, raped and sold via complicit governments, using the Catholic Church, through the Vatican, to enhance the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent children of North America, and no doubt elsewhere as well.

And when we add in what's still being done to Native American Children in Canada by yet another religious band of sexual deviates, as a way to wipe out the remaining tribes of natives, this time in the West of Canada and the US, by exterminating the children—we can easily see that the war upon the native population did not end with the 600 year long racial extermination that gave the West its 'superiority' which became our “Manifest Destiny” in spades.

Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children Uncovered by UK Queen and Canada

Both of these crimes against children can be seen in tandem, working to exterminate an entire race of people in the above case, and in the latest instance that just came to light thanks to RT. Taken together with the assistance of the illegal overstepping of the offensive grasp of Social Services on the North American continent, protected by illegally administered Political Correctness, we can see the point behind the aggressive dominance that US Social Services has gone to: In their illegal interference between parents and their natural children, which is now spreading worldwide.

People have the right to question and demand reparations and criminal charges against all those who made this global-crime even easier in North America. But since the most powerful, of the powerful, are in these crimes up to their eyes to date, virtually none of these crimes has ever been clearly prosecuted or settled: Because the same politicians that are protecting the theft of the United States are behind the theft of the rights of millions of innocent children worldwide.

With this in mind it's easy to see why substantive questions are never asked of any of these criminals, in any venue, much less as these questions can be applied to supposedly 'responsible' political candidates.

It's all been covered-up and kept that way to shield the filthy-rich and the religiously powerful, that have always been able to just buy the politicians, in any country to keep these crimes from ever seeing the brutal light of day.

But a new day is finally beginning to dawn. Who knows perhaps the public might actually begin to demand an end to “Country-Club Prisons” for the super-wealthy? Why not send the guilty into the general population at Rikers or even into the super-max prisons they've created to house the poor and politically disadvantaged? If those prisons are good enough for their victims they should have no objection to living out the rest of their lives in one of their creations.

No more presidential-pardons for the rich and the deceitfully connected ­ life in prison, in an American-Gulag on bread and water rations for the remainder of their disgusting lives for every politician, traitor and supposed candidate for office, instead of just being allowed to lose an election without ever paying any price for all that they continue to steal from the public?

Real Questions could end the farce that Americans have become so accustomed to and the sooner the better.

Instead of just being allowed to lose elections, these global-criminals

should go from their fake-podiums straight to federal prison.

This could change a great many of the massive crimes that the public

has been burdened with for the last 50 years.

But if this is not done, then the invisible bars will soon become clear

and it will be the public that will be incarcerated

just for asking the questions that must be answered everywhere now.

This is part of the firestorm which real changes in American-politics could quite easily create, once the public finally discovers how much they've been lied to and about, for half a century...


Remember what George H. W. Bush said in 1992:

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts,"


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