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Breast Cancer Now & Tamoifen

From Dr. Betty Martini D.Hum
Extracted from The Cancer Business   &  Breast Cancer ­ an industry out-of-control .
Patrick Rattigan N.D.


BCN -  UK , funded by AstraZeneca, Lilly, Novartis, Roche, Fizer and Myriad Genetics ­ of  “ hereditary breast cancer ”   fame.

One non-mushroom woman ( not happy being kept in the dark and fed manure ) - a professor of geochemistry, took charge of her own health and reversed her breast cancer through the elimination of dairy produce : standard holistic advice.

BCN - component , Breakthrough  , called this " worrying ". Understandably, non-drug approaches to cancer and prevention are not part of BCN's ideas on the disease. Nutritional cures are definitely " worrying " : the main concern being that women might discover that the basic difference between the rural Chinese woman with a very low cancer rate and the UK/US woman , with a very high rate, is dairy produce and other animal foods in the diet .

The AstraZeneca drug Tamoxifen, with its multitude of dangerous effects, death-included ­ is the way forward : none of this natural nonsense .
Tamoxifen is related, structurally, to the infamous DES and is used in the treatment of breast cancer. It is promoted as a breast cancer preventative , despite serious reservations on both sides of the Atlantic. When the tamoxifen-push first started , women were asked to take a tablet of the drug every day for five years with regular X-rays throughout the period. Professor Samuel S. Epstein of the School of Public Health, University of Illinois, remarked “ As relatively few breast cancer patients have taken the drug for more than five years tamoxifen may be a much more potent human carcinogen than is currently recognised. “

Studies have suggested an increased risk of uterine cancer, 6.4 times higher for those women taking tamoxifen. Gusberg SB Cancer 65 1990
The literature, sent out by the promoters stated: “Liver tumours develop in rats given large doses of tamoxifen, but not in mice so it is difficult to be sure about the effects in humans. “ This not deter some ladies from signing up; presumably, having reasoned that they are more like mice than rats.

“ Drug maker may quit cancer trial - Healthy women taking part in a clinical trial to prevent breast cancer might have been put at a risk of developing other tumours...the drug may increase the risk of tumours in the womb, liver and bowel. The disclosure, on the eve of the launch...has led to the manufacturer threatening to pull out. ” Times 12 Oct 1995

Hamish Cameron, head of medical affairs at Zeneca, the drug's makers, stated: “Should the benefit/risk balance shift adversely, we reserve the right to withdraw that drug supply. If the evidence is quite clear I would hope the trialists themselves would realise that the game is up ”.

Dr.Richard Bulbrook, one of the original proposers of the tamoxifen enterprise, voiced his concerns: “ Things have changed. There are now so many side-effects reported - there were 41 at the last count - and some of these are fatal. ” : all in sharp contrast to Gordon McVie , then , ' scientific director ' of the 'Cancer Research Campaign': “ What we want to know is can we get more mileage out of tamoxifen, possibly by giving it for life. ” BCN controls The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer.

The APPG is, currently, " investigating " ie rubber-stamping the BCN/AZ agenda on " breast cancer risk, early detection : access to gold standard treatments and to information and support ” .

Not only is the APGBC unable to see through BCN or any of the other pharma-dominated cancer groups, the APG has made BCN the APG " secretariat " : ".. responsible for the secretarial, clerical, and administrative affairs.." : no doubt, an impartial filter for those trying to contact the  APG ... all highly amusing, except for the pain , mutilation, deaths of the ,annual, 12,000 UK women who take the lethal advice of the fraudsters who make up the cancer industry.