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Breaking Taboos

By Jim Kirwan

Once Upon a Time we just “Forgot about the Children”

Now Germany has gone to the next step

Making Children into playthings

For family members to “legally” have sex with.

That’s the official end of childhood for millions of kids today.

Beginning @ 16min 50 sec:

The German Ethics Council has touched on one of societies last great taboos by calling on the government to de-criminalize incest, saying it violates people’s ‘freedom’…

Peter Oliver: “It’s one of the most taboo subjects in the world. Illegal in most countries, frowned on in almost every society: But a German Ethics committee has said that incest should be made legal in the country. Now this follows a court case in which a brother and sister gave birth to four children. Now the brother in that relationship has been sentenced to more than three years in prison, a sentence that’s been upheld by a European Court of Human Rights.

However the Ethics Committee say that having laws against incest is an unacceptable intrusion into the right of sexual self-determination. But critics of that determination say “that’s it’s just crazy what they’re asking for.”

Erik Lernhert “In Germany they want to destroy the traditional family unit. They’re talking about siblings being in a relationship; but what comes next, parents with their own children?

The German government say there’s very little chance that this will ever go before parliament here and perhaps even come into law. They say that it’s not legislating for morality. That there’s a duty of care that has to be provided for the children that can come of such relationships.”

Stephan Mayor: “This has nothing to do with Morality it’s about protecting people. Fifty percent of children born out of incest suffer some form of mental illness. I consider this a sin against children.”

Almost all countries in Europe apart from France have laws prohibiting incest and it seems for now at least, Germany is going to keep it on the statute books.” Ends @ 18min 53sec.

Another country in Europe has legalized having sex with animals. What this is really about is the self-destruction of societies across the Western world. The entire project had its beginnings in Germany in the 1930’s which became “Political Correctness” ­ it is a movement which advocated creating laws to undermine civilized societies. Those early efforts have come full circle in the United States where we have raised Zero Tolerance to a massive height, while we have almost criminalized any behavior which takes issue with any of the “PC” communities’ dictates. Their influence in Amerika today has almost completed their takeover of every area of life here, just as they planned for so very long ago.

Everyone seems to forget that every culture which has embraced the idea of using one’s children as sex-toys has gone down to a rather rapid collapse soon after such taboos are upended. The reasons are many but the damage done to the children by these morally offensive acts leave huge scars upon the victims of these actions—which seek to excuse the behavior of adults that are addicted to having sex with children.

What happens to the lives of children that are raped and mistreated by their own parents—simply because the children have no rights and no one to speak for them: To be able to resist whatever the parents might want to inflict upon the lives of the children they have given life to. Incest in these cases is merely the tip of a huge Iceberg that caters to the lusts and addictions of perverted adults at the expense of children that are too small to ever be able to resist whatever these

creatures choose to do to them.

The same kind of “intervention” is also being used to pervert the education of students now, by deciding to leave out, or change, the parts of national history’s that might reflect negatively upon nations or individuals who need to be protected from both the sins of the nation’s past as well as what some have participated in, that could still be punished if the public ever finds out what they have done with their lives. NOTE: This is not being called “CENSORSHIP”

It takes very little imagination to understand how the current attack on history and politics, now under way, can be considered to be under the influence of the “Politically Correct” monitors that are hiding in plain sight throughout this society…

The Right to Read and the Teacher of English

For many years, American schools have been pressured to restrict or deny students access to books or periodicals deemed objectionable by some individual or group on moral, political, religious, ethnic, racial, or philosophical grounds. These pressures have mounted in recent years, and English teachers have no reason to believe they will diminish. The fight against censorship is a continuing series of skirmishes, not a pitched battle leading to a final victory over censorship.

We can safely make two statements about censorship: first, any work is potentially open to attack by someone, somewhere, sometime, for some reason; second, censorship is often arbitrary and irrational. For example, classics traditionally used in English classrooms have been accused of containing obscene, heretical, or subversive elements. What English teacher could anticipate judgments such as the following--judgments characteristic of those made by many would-be censors:

  • Plato's Republic: "This book is un-Christian."

  • George Eliot's Silas Marner; "You can't prove what that dirty old man is doing with that child between chapters."

  • Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days: "Very unfavorable to Mormons."

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter: "A filthy book."

  • Shakespeare's Macbeth: "Too violent for children today."

  • Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment: "Serves as a poor model for young people."

  • Herman Melville's Moby Dick: "Contains homosexuality."

Modern works, even more than the classics, are criticized as "filthy," "un-American," "overly realistic," and "anti-war." Some books have been attacked merely for being "controversial," suggesting that for some people the purpose of education is not the investigation of ideas but rather the indoctrination of certain set beliefs and standards. The following statements represent complaints typical of those made against modern works of literature:

  • J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye: "A dreadful, dreary recital of sickness, sordidness, and sadism." (Without much question, Salinger's book has been for some time the most widely censored book in the United States.)

  • Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five: "Its repetitious obscenity and immorality merely degrade and defile, teaching nothing."

  • Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird: "The word rape is used several times. Children should not see this in any literature book."

Some groups and individuals have also raised objections to literature written specifically for young people. As long as novels intended for young people stayed at the intellectual and emotional level of A Date for Marcy or A Touchdown for Thunderbird High, censors could forego criticism. But many contemporary novels for adolescents focus on the real world of young people--drugs, premarital sex, alcoholism, divorce, high school gangs, school dropouts, racism, violence, and sensuality. English teachers willing to defend the classics and modern literature must be prepared to give equally spirited defense to serious and worthwhile adolescent novels.

Literature about ethnic or racial minorities remains "controversial" or "objectionable" to many adults. As long as groups such as African Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Latinos* "kept their proper place"--awarded them by an Anglo society--censors rarely raised their voices. But attacks have increased in frequency as minority groups have refused to observe their assigned "place." Though nominally, the criticisms of racial or ethnic literature have usually been directed at "bad language," "suggestive situations," "questionable literary merit," or "ungrammatical English" (usually oblique complaints about the different dialect or culture of a group), the underlying motive for some attacks has unquestionably been racial. Typical of censors' criticisms of ethnic works are the following comments:

  • Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man: "The book is biased on the black question."

  • Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl: "Obscene and blasphemous."

  • Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice: "Totally objectionable and without any literary value."

Books are not alone in being subject to censorship. Magazines or newspapers used, recommended, or referred to in English classes have increasingly drawn the censor's fire. Few libraries would regard their periodical collection as worthwhile or representative without some or all of the following publications, but all of them have been the target of censors on occasion:”

This battle has also become a front-line issue and many students as well as teachers are rebelling because it diminishes the value of their supposed education. The point here and now is to force the belief that there can be no resistance to whatever the state deems as “ACCEPTABLE”, because everything else is being criminalized…

Denver Students accuse School Board of Censoring U.S. History:

The Supreme Court has five LGBT members on the nine member court and the so-called president is homosexual, his “wife” is transsexual, and there is no record of their children having been born anywhere. Congress favors Israel over the USA by three to one now, and basically this nation no longer have any laws to rule the nation with. We have a dictator who is PC to the nine’s in public, but totally outside the norm in private. This is just part of what being “politically correct” has brought to the slaves in US Incorporated in 2014!

All of this is about the basic FREEDOM to live and to investigate your life and the life of the planet in your own way.

Whether you should be free to grow up unmolested by parents that have an innate duty to protect children of all ages, or whether you have a right to learn about the history of the nation or the world, in your own preferred ways: All of this comes down to the freedom to be curious and creative without any interference from PC monitors, political or religious zealots or any of the government’s spies…

Most Americans have already lost most of their “rights” to just be themselves, so long as they do no harm to others.

We’ve been far too busy with gazing into the mirrors of self-worship to ever worry about what happens to anyone else ­ which is WHY we’re stuck in the quicksand that has shattered the lives that once had the benefit of interaction with others in the human society.



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