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Russia's Breakthroughs


By Jim Kirwan


Above is one of the latest Russian Bombers that were flown from inside Russia to contribute to today's joint Russian and French attacks' on Raqqa.

Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced. Vladimir Putin has ordered a cruiser to coordinate operations with French naval forces in the Mediterranean.

TrendsRussian anti-terror op in Syria

We are conducting a mass airstrike campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria. We have now doubled the number of sorties, which is allowing us to conduct operations throughout the length and breadth of the country,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said during a Security Council meeting in Moscow chaired by the Russian president.

Shoigu said that Russia’s Tu-95, Tu-22 and Tu-160 strategic bombers have been brought into the operation, while the Air Force command added that the strike group has been bolstered with 37 new planes, including Su-34 bombers and Su-27 fighter jets.

The head of the General Staff reported that the new phase of the anti-ISIS campaign will involve 25 long-range bombers flying out of airfields in Russia.

By conducting military missions in Syria, you are protecting Russia and her citizens,” Putin told his military chiefs. “Our air campaign in Syria must not only be continued, it must be boosted, in such a way that the criminals are made aware that retribution is inevitable.””

Meanwhile Putin gave a news conference to answer to the current global situation, across Europe, the Middle East and the world ­ no teleprompter just straight and open answers to all questions from the floor at the G-20. This is a masterfull response to everything that's been happening on virtually all fronts. This is also a must see for anyone that cares about the current global-threats as to the many 'questions' that have been created to frustrate or diminish Russia and their positions on everything that's been 'at issue' until this moment in time.

ISIS financed from 40 countries, incl G20 members ­ Putin (FULL SPEECH)

22min 21 sec Speech from Putin

The openness and positive attitude that prevails throughout the news conference contains the long overdue and positive response that so rarely comes from any “world leader” of today. With these kinds of open and frank response to so many of the thorny questions; many of which arose because of the ongoing investigation of the downing of the Russian passenger plane in Egypt and the latest conflicted Paris Bombings.

Yet these issues too, Putin seemed to handle directly and with the ease befitting of a global leader in this more than troubled world...

His attitudes toward other leaders, within this potentially troubling series of problems—Putin seemed to be able to reverse the fields a full 180 degrees: Turning potential 'enemies into possible semi-partners, as the world struggles to find real meaning in the new global directions that are required, if the planet is to survive the latest sham from NATO, US Inc and Israel. And for that task, it seems that Putin was the near perfect answer to the current attempt to throw the world off-balance yet again ­ only to have Putin take the stage and recast the questions into real possibilities for every nation involved...

I began the day looking for real problems about 4am until I listened to the president of Russia, for twenty minutes, who seemed to have everything either 'in-hand' or at least on the way to some unique solution to many of these age-old-problems...

So today has offered at least some very positive-possibilities all round; which I'd like to pass on to the rest of us that are too tired and too haunted most of the time to have the chance to share some different news for a change...



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