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Branson's BS Stunt For Climate Change Theory
Climate 'Hero' Celebrated Irma In His Necker Island
Wine Cellar In The British Virgin Islands

Storm Tropes
By Yoichi Shimatsu



Hunkered down in a wine cellar in the Irma-hit eastern Caribbean, the climate-change 'hero' who owns an airline and made his fortune from plastic (discs for music LP records) Richard Branson reports that his vacation home on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, is totally devastated.

Well, his wooden structures roofed with palm fronds, built in the open-air Balinese style, sit on a low-lying promontory surrounded on three sides by the Caribbean Sea.  How eco-smart is that?  Or, was the flimsy construction deliberately made to be vulnerable as 'storm bait'?

Why did he put the resort structures so close to the surrounding surf? For the convenience of beach access of his $4000 per nite resort guests?  Or, to 'prove' that global warming is causing the sea to rise? Well, instead of high water, the resort burned to the ground a few years ago, and now the waterlogged toy buildings are blown away like beach umbrellas.

Why did Branson decide to stay on the island? For a PR stunt promoting climate change at the upcoming Nov. 6 UN COP climate change  conference in Bonn? To push the global climate tax initiative sponsored by the NM Rothschild Bank, which is being charge in UK court for fraud at its Virgin Islands branch? To promote his son Sam as his successor with all the free media from Irma and soon at Bonn?

How powerful is Irma really? The biggest hurricane ever? Or is the data tweaked?  (Another factor enabling data-cheating: In the past, open-propeller wind gauges underestimated storms of higher speeds and there were far fewer weather monitoring stations.)

The climate change crowd needs any kind of proof after their hockey stick prediction of more and stronger hurricanes failed to play out over the past 10 years. COP Bonn is where they circle the wagons against real science and weather reality.

For global businessman Branson to be the hero at COP 23 Bonn (former capital of EU power Germany) will give momentum to his opposition to Brexit.

What photos show is that newer flimsy structures and sheet-metal shacks in the Caribbean colonies of the Western powers, is that the weakening of building codes at resort island meant that weak buildings were shredded, as could be expected...whereas older buildings built of ferroconcrete and properly roofed are intact. Never trust buildings, unless you built it yourself with bricks and mortar and rebar steel.

Branson pledged 3 billion USD for development of a biofuel to power his Virgin group jetliners and welched on that pledge, but now Irma puts his massive ego back in the spotlight.

Branson joins the list of 'Mr. Greens'…including David Rothschild and George Soros, as just another billion-dollar climate faker.