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Is Bourbon Virus Tied To
Plum Island Moving To Kansas?

From Patricia Doyle PhD


Hello Jeff - I would be remiss if I did not forward this article to you for posting.  It is just theory but I must admit when I first heard of this non-endemic tick and the brand new disease it carried I, too, thought about our "friends" in Manhattan Ks.  It reminded me of the Lyme Disease story and how it appeared extremely, suspiciously close to Plum Island.

This article might be furthest from the truth or it could be quite accurate.  In any event, I feel people have a right to read it and make their own decisions.

As for me, at this point in time I am open to all possibilities.  I am still investigating.


Two New "Tick-Borne" Viruses Hit Kansas Causing Death (After US Germ Lab Moved to Kansas?)


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