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Living On Borrowed Time

By Jim KIrwan



Every minute we continue to live from now on is all going to happen on borrowed time ­ literally. This is so because “the plan” for us was to have commenced, between the first of September and today. Thanks to Nero’s screw-up that wasn’t possible but they aren’t though with us by a long-shot. Hence the caution above…

There is a massively important video which clearly shows what our real problems stem from and what we must do about it ­ globally: But especially here and especially now that Americans have finally seen through the massive-lies coming from the money-junkies behind the global-curtains. (1)

A lot of people do not believe that there is anything that ordinary people can ever do to interrupt what the filthy creatures in this world continually try to do to the rest of us. That is just not true.

In my own case I have fought with Dianne Feinstein on several occasions, in the past. I didn’t win all the time, but three times I did end up costing her some things that she did not expect. The first time was back when I was just another artist competing for a public sculpture in the City of San Francisco, when she was the mayor. The issue was Isadora Duncan:

Feinstein blocked the project telling me that I would have to wait for a commission that would only meet two years after she left office ­ so I volunteered to work on a ballot proposition called Prop M ­ which passed and cost she & her husband Richard Blum millions and millions of dollars, over the height limits that Prop M imposed in San Francisco. The Slogan was “Don’t Buy the Developer’s Bull” and the voters didn’t!

The second time we crossed political paths was less personal, but the effect was the same. Feinstein’s gun-grab was intended to steal every gun in America, but when the on-line reaction to her and to it was finished that illegal violation of the 2nd Amendment had still not quite succeeded—largely because of the awakened response of the millions of gun-owning citizens of the United States.

The most recent contest was between Feinstein & the corrupted money-junkies that were trying to steal 390 plus acres of land that was illegally being sold to private corporate interests. The National Veterans Home for disabled and homeless vets in Los Angeles was at risk of being evicted. A number of Vets and some citizens challenged the court ruling in the South Central District Court that was to be held before a judge who had been totally supportive of the land grab ­ before the rest of us weighed in. When he ruled he overruled his former benefactors and upheld the rights of the Veterans that had sued to take back the use of their legally granted land… (2)

None of this is earthshaking. What it means is that when and if enough people that give-a-damn come together around any subject ­ often it is possible for the little people to win against some of the most corrupt in this society.

That is exactly what must happen in the current situation while there is still time. No one knows how long a time is still available. But if we begin now then who can say whether or not we could win what we need to succeed at; to take back our lives from the Money-Junkies.

In the current situation we have a semi-frozen congress that is uncertain of what to do under the circumstances—regarding Nero in Syria, and indeed the entire course this nation has seemingly been locked into, at this moment.

Impeachment” as a solution seems to be politically out-of-the-question. There is one public-avenue which Americans have not yet explored. The Congress violated the law when they gave Bush his 2002 License to Kill. Since then this nation has been rolling around in that self-created hell of our own making.

This congress apparently can’t or won’t undo that crime. But there is one totally legal way for the congress to attempt to remedy this time-sensitive situation.

Congress could, once they fully understand the magnitude of the problems their screw-up in 2002 caused: Might choose to cut off all funding to the US Military. Congress supposedly has total control over the money in the public-purse. If Congress ended all military expenditures - an immediate end to the Syrian problem, and the ongoing wars we are illegally fighting all over the planet might be possible!

Watch the 44minute video and think about the extent to which this nation has been captured.

Send this article or just the video to every member of Congress ­ and ask them to invest 44 minutes before they consider what can be done about this problem which affects every American. Not just now—but because what “we” do now will affect every one of those borrowed minutes that any of us might still have, before insanity prevails…

If this congress is determined to risk going down in history, as the key part of this government that destroyed what remains of the USA ­ then there isn’t much that can be done. But if there is a chance that given the 95% of the public that has now seen the truth—then should we not at least try to get the Congress to ACT inside where they refused to ever go before? (3)

1) FLASHBACK: All Wars Are Bankers Wars ­ 44minute VIDEO

Mike Rivero

2) Carpetbaggers!

3) Insanity Defines the Congress



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