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...On Borrowed Time!

By Jim Kirwan


The United States of America finds itself in a political position we have never before faced—ever! In the last 72 hours we have gone from a terror state supposedly in control of our position of dominance in the world—to an isolated gangster state with only Israel and Saudi Arabia in our current “supposed-coalition of the willing”.

The only entities willing to support their aggression on Syria is Saudi Arabia and Israel. So, how’s that for credibility? The only support Washington can muster is from a feudal, sword-wielding, head-chopping regime and a criminal pariah genocidal state. Coalition of the Willing? More like Coalition of the Killing.

The United States of America stands exposed in the eyes of the entire world as the number-one terrorist threat to the future of humanity. Many have known this fact already, but now it is universally clear.

As the US prepares to launch an overt war on Syria (the covert war has been raging for 30 months), the vast majority of humanity can finally see through all its decades of pretense and conceit as the world’s model of democracy and international law. And what they see is the ugly opposite. The US is a terrorist state that holds international law, democracy and human rights in utter contempt. It is ready, as it always has been, to kill countless civilians for its selfish political ambitions. That is the conventional definition of “terrorism”.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad made a profound point recently when he said that his country has faced aggression for more than two years, but only now is the real enemy revealing itself ­ the US and its minions. But the US terrorist state is not just being called out over Syria. It is being revealed as the enemy to the entire world.

From past wars in the Caribbean, Central America, Philippines, Vietnam and Indochina, through coups and covert ops in Iran, Iraq, Africa, to recent killing fields in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia, the historical picture is now complete. All these conflicts and many more ­ too many to mention here ­ integrate into one indisputable truth. The US is the world’s biggest terror state. If it is not dealt with definitely, then the future of the world is in peril more than ever.

In previous crimes of aggression, the US ruling elite could invoke the spurious cover of “a coalition of the willing”, or the abused authority of the United Nations or NATO. It was able to do that through deployment of lies, fabrications and a supine mass media that would lend credibility to the mendacity. Now, thanks to alternative, critical media and instant global communications, the American lies don’t work any longer. In an instant, they are exposed; just like the attempt in the last few hours of US Secretary of State John Kerry to frame up Syria over alleged chemical weapons use.” (1)

At this late hour Obama plans to listen to congress beginning Tuesday, but he is reserving his “right” to make his own decision without paying any attention to the UN, NATO, or Congress: Just because he is the president and can decide to begin WWIII all by himself—thanks to the License to Kill that the Congress gave to all American President’s beginning with Bush in 2002.

September 1, 2013 was to have been the day when Obama sent Tomahawk missiles to “Teach a Lesson” to President Assad in Syria.

That Day Was Today!

That was before the British parliament sent a message around the world by voting NO to joining in an invasion of a nation that has not attacked any other nation. Assad has been under attack by our former partners, the US, the Traitors-of-Zion in America and Israel throughout these last 30 months of atrocities and slaughter that was meant to turn Syria into another Libya.

So far over 100,000 Syrians have died in this illegal war bought and paid for primarily by the CIA & Mossad, with a sprinkling of international mercenaries under rotating names and with varied uniforms ­ but the world knows now, who has been prosecuting this war that is masquerading as a civil-war inside Syria, for over two and half years. It’s time to withdraw these forces and end the military-attacks on Syria. Instead Barack-Insane-Obama is insisting on firing missiles into Syria ­ as “a gesture” that will enflame the entire world and send us all into World War III.

How can Obama Dare to do the Unthinkable?

That’s easy. This creature has no past, and no future. He was a drug-dealer in college. His educational past is sketchy, filled with empty statements and schools not attended, honors not confirmed. His “law career” is under a cloud; his wife had her law license pulled from the Illinois Bar Association. He slept his way to the top with help from the Communist Party and others that blatantly hate Americans. He’s a congenital liar, a criminal with 27 different social security numbers—yet the pubic refused to get to the bottom of the mysteries behind this man with three names and no clear nation of birth. He loves Israel. His parents both worked for the CIA. His father was not an American by birth, thus he was not qualified to run for president either time—yet he did and we still have not had a formal investigation.

Beyond all that he has mental problems. He’s psychotically pathetic and probably criminally insane, yet he still holds the nuclear triggers in his despicable hands. This is why we’re in this crap-shoot where sometime in the next 72 hours the world will either be able to breathe easier or we shall all be running for our lives—just because this unknown creature is the out-of-control-Nero of our time. This is WHY we are facing possible certain death, along with billions of other people around the world tonight…

The New York Times, BBC and the usual Western media mouthpieces for imperialist propaganda dutifully facilitated Kerry and his US state terrorism with bombastic, important-sounding headlines: “Kerry lays out evidence against Syria”. There was hardly a critical question raised, even though there are grounds for dozens such questions. Years ago, that kind of herd-think might have been enough to buy the US warmongers enough time to launch a war ­ but not any more. Within minutes of Kerry’s supposedly definitive condemnation, statements, articles, tweets and blogs were pulling the charade asunder, showing that apart from Western-media-amplified bombast, Kerry was not saying anything of value. It was just another risible repetition of earlier hyperbole and empty rhetoric. Or in short, lies.

The people of the world have reached a critical mass of intolerance towards the rogue terror states of the US, Britain, France, Israel and a few other accomplices. We have watched their relentless mass murder and exploitation of fellow humans in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. We have witnessed how this tiny group of state terrorists imposes on the vast majority of humanity their vile criminality and in the process then insult us with grotesque lies and justifications. We have seen how these rogue states have stolen land, poisoned people’s water, burnt their crops, dispossessed their homes, assassinated families with aerial drones and ground drones in the form of death squads. They have committed all these shocking crimes with lies and impunity to the point where now these state terrorists are operating in more than one country simultaneously in a permanent state of relentless war, pushing the very future of humanity to the brink.

However, despite this lawlessness and gangsterism, the people of the world are fighting back.

The people of the world have had it with elite Western rulers acting as terrorists who are holding humanity to ransom. The rulers are presiding not only over military terrorism. They are inflicting economic, social and ecological terrorism with their bankrupt capitalist smash-and-grab system. That system has reached the point of meltdown and that is why we are being pushed into relentless wars ­ in order for the rulers and their politician puppets to corner the remaining resources. The ultimate solution to end the wars is for the people to overthrow the economic system that US and Western elite rulers preside over. The insane criminality of the US rulers over Syria is exposing this historic challenge facing humanity.

After the British parliamentary setback the US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said: “Our approach is to continue to find an international coalition that will act together. It is the goal of President Obama and our government… whatever decision is taken, that it be an international collaboration and effort.”

Can you believe how ridiculous these American puppets sound? What the deluded Americans do not seem to realize is that they are on their own. The only entities willing to support their aggression on Syria is Saudi Arabia and Israel.” (1)

If Obama goes it alone now - he will be betting that if he goes ahead, it will be the same for him as when Bush went ahead - but the two situations are not even remotely similar. Bush had a blackmailed coalition of “The Willing”, which was a lie, but they were forced to go along. This time there are no allies for Obama, except Israel & Saudi Arabia ~ and most important if Obama fires any-missiles into Syria, under whatever pretext, there will be an automatic and deadly full-force reply that will end any chance for a peaceful end to any of this.

The congress is on the written record swearing to defend Israel over all other oaths. And because they have over 300 of those votes, of the 535 members in congress, there is no question about what congress will do, unless some of them actually grow a pair. This is why it was vital that Americans had a clear idea of who they were voting for, before Insane-Obama broke into the presidency illegally…

Obama will listen to the congress but he will go his own way because that’s what he is there to do ­

To end both the dollar and the United States!

He can do this in a single act by pulling the trigger that gives the “GO” order; and from there we will begin a slaughter that will alter the world forever… unless he’s stopped!

These Facts make necessary the need to remove all power,

Political and military from Obama

Before he can issue his order to start World War Three!

1) The United States of America stands exposed in the eyes of the world



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