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'The Book Thief'

By Jim Kirwan



What is valuable in the world today is not just about money, it’s about the adventure of living your own life and the discoveries that give meaning to what we do as individuals. The title of this is the title of a film that’s available free on the website above. It’s 131 minutes long, and should be something that everyone might want to think about.

The story is being told by ‘death” and it takes place during the Second World War, in Germany, on the screen: But it lives in the mind and hearts of anyone that has ever challenged the evils in our daily lives. (1)

I’m sharing because of what it shows us about our pre-packaged existence today and just how empty the world has become since that time. Many of the same things can be said of most of the films that were made before the Millennium took over. Whenever you see anything on film that took place before Chemtrails, before we decided to allow the world to sterilize the planet: We have to ‘know’ just how much we’ve lost because only when we realize what we’ve done, can we begin to bring back the balance needed for our existence and the entire planet, regardless of the contrived-false-powers that want to rid the world of individual states and anyone that might remember what the world was “really-like” not so very long ago!

The entire natural world where the water found in most places could be tasted and it was good. Where the food had real nutrients and was rich in benefits. The different tastes exploded in your mouth with joy! In a world where the sun was not your enemy and the rain would not poison your skin, nor would the snow contaminate your life. There were real seasons on this earth that had not yet been artificially contaminated by global-savages that seek total-domination of all that once was here. The ultimate irony is that to create this artificially-sterile place which used to be the world ~ most of those creatures in the world today know that everything they supposedly want is being totally destroyed: But they don’t care!

So whenever you see a breathtaking shot of nature,

Of a forest or a desert,

The cities the mountains the waters or the seas:

In the totality of the past

We must remember

That none of that is here any longer!

It’s all been murdered because we stopped paying attention to what matters in the interconnectivity of the entire universe, which we were all once a major part of, just by being actually alive. This was confirmed for everyone as “Just What People Do” ~ as part of the grand adventure of everyday life in the film that was made to focus on the meanings behind the shadows of our lives.

The story of ‘The Book Thief’ is about the importance of words and the need to “write” those words, based upon the realities beneath the ideas which can free us from those prisons that so many have chosen to embrace. The very idea of this-suppression has trapped billions of us and prevented the rest of us from the real-lives we were each meant to live: Before we let the global-darkness come to change so much of human-life forever.

The changes we must make are about far more than just political-movements or words on paper that mean nothing without the people to protect and insure their real meaning. What we need now is a rededication to life itself! We must create the kind of world that we abandoned all too easily, not so very long ago.

If we will not do that then everything really is finished because what lies ahead is not life. Humanity cannot live in a global-dungeon, because that’s never worked before for long: And it won’t work now because in that direction there is no future: For anyone, anywhere, who tires to live their life in chains!

Every Empire has gone through this. And every Empire, before now, has always failed and died away in the direct degree to which they once sought to thrive. The higher they reached, the deeper was their failure. But never-before did any Empire actually seek to “OWN” the entire planet, all its people and everything thing else upon this world.

This Empire will fail ­ BIGTIME! The only question this time is:

What will be left of this world IF that happens?


After WWII the world was able to rebuild again, to supposedly try to have a world that was beautiful and free: Open to everyone that chose to work play and live their lives as fully as they could. But as we’ve seen from history, during the first ten years after WWII we let the same psychopathic creatures back into the wider-world to start the nightmares all over again.

Today” is the result of that failure of the human-race to stop the 0.03% of the planet that is still absolutely determined to enslave 500 million while slaughtering the rest of what would have been survivors.

Watch this film and ask yourself how much of what the character’s do can still be done today. How much of our lives, under the boots of the Fascist Police State, will be allowed to have even as much as did the people in Nazi-occupied Germany, during the Second World War?

Amerikans today are so far past the lives of the occupied-people of WWII Germany, as to make the hardships in the film pale by comparison to the entrapment of every man, woman and child in America or Palestine today: The difference is that “Amerikans” still REFUSE to see or understand exactly how restricted all of us have become; because we still refuse to see or hear what has already been done to billions of people worldwide.

When I was young I could climb into my van and drive anywhere as long as I could pay for the gas and find enough to eat. There was no Gestapo on the roads or check-points that stopped anyone that might “look-different”. Had the cops then done any of what is routine today they would have ended up in jail and those they had illegally-arrested: Would have won major lawsuits against everyone involved.

The places I visited then were mostly different, each place having its’ own shops and its own ways of doing almost everything. People were not homogenized! Those who lived in the mountains were different from those in the desert communities and the back-country was really back-country. Even cities were not all the same. At that time we still had “a free-country”. People could own their own homes and businesses and licensing was rare and very carefully spelled out. There were no seat-belts, because the insurance-industry had not illegally-forced people to buy them—yet!

Hell, actual Americans could still demonstrate against the government as they did during the Vietnam War, without being treated like common-criminals and either shot or tasered, tortured raped or murdered in police-custody: As millions are today. And perhaps of greater interest to a huge number of people; the nation was not in debt—yet—because the nightmare of Ronald Reagan had not yet been selected.

Anyone that lived in that world and time knows how false the world has become in virtually every aspect of “so-called-life” today.

The Book Thief” has that magical quality of being able to let us explore an entirely different time, through the lens of a global-tragedy that far too many alive today could never have experienced. That war was ungodly at the time and unimaginable for anyone that had to deal with it. But with hindsight we can see just how much worse these global nightmares have become: Which is why we KNOW this must be resisted now, to our last breath, or the life of this planet will go up in smoke and flames that cannot be rebuilt: Because the land itself, this time, will be beyond-deadly for thousands of years, unless we come together and end our common-problems almost immediately…

  1. The Book Thief” - 2 hr 13min film



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