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'Bonfire Of The Vanities'

By Jim Kirwan


In literature it was “Book Burning” that first got the attention of the world, but in the graphic and performing arts what we’re witnessing throughout the U.S. is filth and obscenity on a scale never before seen: Now it’s trying to masquerade as the hip new way to live & die.

I’m a graphic artist, illustrator and designer. The field of endeavor these vultures have come to desecrate was once part of my life and the professional skills which made that possible for everyone in this field. Today the arts are CLOSED to anyone who does not subscribe to this political-dagger in the back, of everything to do with real entertainment or what used to be called ‘culture’.

JEWRY’S MUSIC ELITE united together in their slavish promotion of “marriage equality” for this year’s Grammy Awards.

kirwan: Christianity used the graphic arts of sculpture & painting early and often as their own private promotional agenda, to spread their particular brand of belief systems over what had been the pagan world of ‘gods’ & ‘goddesses’ of the ancient world. The papacy and the Vatican played a massive role in the forced labor of the artists of those early days. Michelangelo & Da Vinci were rumored at the time to have been homosexuals, but their work spoke for them down through the centuries, because their sex-lives were not “the most important” part of anyone’s life.

As the Holy Roman-Church, a major and current-day advocate for homosexuality began to drive the world into the claws of the Spanish Inquisition; Francisco Goya, the Court painter to the King of Spain began to do etchings depicting what was really going on. Murder, torture, rape and war ruled the Inquisition and Goya sold his etchings worldwide to an astonished public. The sale of his work publicized the crimes which the formerly sanctimonious Church had thought were being kept secret. Since that time, every political movement has tried to use the arts for their own ends: This is only the latest series of those crimes. This time it’s being done-to-death by the Jews of Hollywood Inc. in Amerika, for Zionists throughout the world…

Marriage equality” is Jew-run Hollywood’s new term for pushing homosexual sex.

Grammy’s Jew producer, Ken Ehrlich, hyped this year’s depravity fest with “All things are possible on the Grammys. It’s what we do, one of the trademarks of this show.”

All things are indeed possible when it comes to promoting degenerate lifestyles and occult sorcery in the name of ‘entertainment’ when amoral Jews like Ehrlich are at the helm.”

kirwan: Once degeneration, depravity and sexual-perversions become ‘the most important”, then absolute requirements to participate in all of it will soon follow. We’re already seeing that in public schools that are now teaching children as young as five about the need to have sex with adults. This was sponsored by those who “cannot help having the desire for sex with children” and the now completely compromised world of shrink dome that has ruled in favor of what the Grammy Awards are promoting this year, by years of their official-pronouncements that have created a place for homosexuality that was never there before—except during the Nazi-era in WWII Germany.

Perversion and demon worship is good business for Jews!

Last Sunday’s jewbilee was highlighted by homosexual couples exchanging ‘marriage’ vows before millions of viewers.

The stage was set neon church style while Macklemore & Lewis belched out “Same Love” which is known as the ‘gay rights anthem.’

Jew producer Ehrlich, noted by the Jew York Times for orchestrating every detail of the Grammys, also barfed up an occult performance for singer Katy Perry.

Jews control all sides of these parades of degenerate filth which they promote. It’s a ‘Judaica Carney Show’ designed to defile Christianity and promote Jewry’s father (as Christ affirmed) the devil. And THAT’S why Jews PUSH homosexual depravity.”

kirwan: These same “rites of passage” have been used for years at the Bohemian Grove, by Amerika’s political traitors that have sworn their allegiance to Israel over the USA. All that’s still missing from this current fad are the human-blood-sacrifices, from Bohemian Grove, that were not televised to the nation, as this crime against everyone who is not gay will be: When the Grammy Awards this year are televised.

How Long Will It Be?

kirwan ­ How long will it be before there will be live-executions of those who will by then be outlawed as heterosexual-criminals; along with people of every faith other than this fake Jewry. That will be the obvious result of our failure to stop this crime before another month passes!

DO YOU THINK Jews will be content to tone down their nation-wrecking agenda?

With each passing day they dig deeper into new depths of evil. They’ve been allowed to come way too far to stop now. It’s not in a Jew’s obsessive nature to be able to stop.

Productions of ritual sacrifice, bizarre sex acts, bestiality, and pederasty are on Jewry’s agenda. Even now, Jew-owned NBC is about to launch a follow-up to its homosexual “The New Normal” with Jew-writer Liz Feldman’s lesbian show, “One Big Happy.”

Once God’s law is scorned to embrace homosexuality, all devilish options are on the table. But Christ will not be mocked and judgment comes to any country that sells out their last shreds of morality and decency at the altar of Jew-produced filth.

If the JEWS are NOT STOPPED NOW then America is toast.” (1)

kirwan: “The Arts” in the world was once an honored profession that had to be earned through apprenticeships and years of professional-preparation before artists could be taken seriously. But here and now anyone can call him or herself an artist and “make it so” just by saying the words: Nothing else is required. The profession of the arts has been overrun by the alphabet-soup of gay and twisted definitions that are meant to associate ‘artists’ with ‘shock’ ‘outrage’ and graphic obscenities that are meant to destroy the society: Not to move anyone forward to anything but more depravity.

In case anyone might think that it would be enough to just “ignore” this trend: I would remind you that the art world in California has been dominated by gay people, for most of the 57 years that I’ve involved in these professions. It was over 85% but today that percentage has obviously grown larger. The money goes to them, the galleries, the films, and the commissions and as the Grammy’s will show, the major events are run by them and largely always have been!

Most artists that aren’t gay did not choose to make this an issue, myself included. But it is now crystal-clear that the Gay-revolution will no longer tolerate anyone that does not subscribe to their view of what the slavery in Amerikan life must look like going forward…

1) Why Jews push Homosexual Depravity



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