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Bombs In The Air ­ Then Boots On The Ground


By J. Speer-Williams


Forget diplomacy. Where’s the destruction, misery, and death in that?

Shock and awe is where it’s at. Ask practically any US senator or representative.

The United States of America has more aggressive chickenhawk warmongers in their government than any nation on earth.

Oddly enough, few of these crazed militarists have ever served in the military, much less ever engaged in combat.

The millions of human beings we have dislocated, severely injured, or killed since 9/11 seem to have made little impact on the general American public.

What would impinge on these poor benighted Americans is knowing what our unprovoked wars have done to US financial viability.

America’s unilateral invasions of countries that pose no threat to our homeland are all financed by the International Banking/Monetary Cartel. This means trillions of new dollars are created out of thin air, which causes massive inflation. This costs every American to have to spend many more dollars to maintain their ever-declining lifestyle.

Before we began our monstrous and unjustified bombardment of Iraq, the Bush administration promised us that the cost would be no more than $70 billion, and that it would be absorbed by the additional oil revenues from a defeated Iraq.

Stealing Iraq’s oil did not seem to bother many Americans; after all, we are America bringing democracy to a suppressed people by bombing their country into the Stone Age.

But as is usually the case, our leaders not only lied about Iraq having many weapons of mass destruction, they lied about the cost to Americans of such an insane war.

The Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says in his new book that America went into hock for not $70 billion, but $3,000 billion for the Iraqi war ­ a figure that Stiglitz says is likely to balloon to $5,000 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, while our own US infrastructure and economy has gone to hell, Iraq has not been our only cruel waste of expensively borrowed trillions of dollars. There has been Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Gaza, just to name a few.

Worse yet, the lunatics in Washington and Jerusalem have been clamoring for yet another war ­ a war on Iran, while promoting the false claim that Iran is building an atomic weapon to bomb Israel.

What kind of joke is this?

Israel has so many nuclear bombs (200-300) they are the third or fourth largest nuclear power on earth.

Would Iran attack Israel with one atomic bomb, when Israel would surely then send fifty nuclear bombs to Iran?

Absolutely,” say the governments of psychopaths in Washington and Jerusalem, who campaign for death at any cost. And that death may be our own if we bomb Iran, which initiates World War III with Russia and/or China.

And oh, yes! Then there is the maniacal cost of maintaining an unheard of number of US military bases.

The Pentagon’s Base Structure Report, Fiscal 2010 Baseline tells us we are funding 662 overseas bases in 38 foreign countries ­ which is a smaller figure than the 900 bases former Congressman Ron Paul has reported.

Since Ron Paul has never been known to tell a lie, and the Pentagon has never been known to tell the truth, I’d believe Ron Paul.

I hope you can see the onslaught of hyperinflation that is coming our way, all brought to us by the bankers by way of our own federal government.

To help you understand the difference between a million, a billion, and a trillion, read the three examples below.

A million seconds make up twelve days.

A billion seconds make up thirty-one years.

A trillion seconds make up 31,688 years.

America is fast heading toward a hyperinflationary induced depression.

What happens to America when our irresponsible government cannot pay the interest accrued on its financial debt to the foreign bankers of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel?

Greece will give us the answer; and that answer is austerity. Greece has been told by the banking cartel to vastly increase personal income taxes to its citizens, while simultaneously ceasing governmental services. No more social welfare programs. No more social security. No more repairs to vital infrastructure.

All money, except for that to control angry mobs, is to go to the bankers … or else.

Or else what? Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other countries tried to defy the bankers and they had their countries bombed into rubble. Will American planes soon be bringing democracy to Greece by way of thousands of bombs?

I fear for my country, for we have surely become possessed by Satan. I fear for my country and countrymen when I ponder the truism ­what goes around, comes around.

J. Speer-Williams



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