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From Jim Scott

This is the strongest evidence yet that they are injecting micro-microchips via the Covid injections. (4 min 17 sec)

This one was injected via the Russian Sputnik jab program. The Russians appear to be playing along with the new world order agenda enough to get the nwo technology and strategies for their elite to use on their citizenry but it is looking more and more clear they are not going to go with the great reset nonsense internationally (same with the Chinese).

Here is the processor and its specs identified by the researcher in the video:

processor : 0 vendor_id : E2K MACHINE cpu family : 4 model : 20255552 model name : Elbrus-e2k-e2c+ revision : 1 cpu MHz : 496.580 L1 cache size : 64 KB

Here is the video...

MODeRNA is working with Russia's vaccines.

The Whole world is in on this....
MF unveils $50 BN plan to ‘END' Covid-19 crisis as Pfizer, Moderna and J&J

promise 3.5 BN doses for poorer nations

The IMF proposal is to vaccinate 40% of the world’s population by the end of

2021 and 60% by 2022 – in a bid to eradicate Covid. (Sic)