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We've Been Blown Apart
From the Inside Out

By Jim Kiran


Europe has been massively betrayed, but

They're finally beginning to grasp the real depth of this betrayal.

A Word to the Criminal Migrant

10min 04 sec VIDEO

America too has been betrayed, except that our flirtation with our

criminal parasites, has been going on since 1948

Almost 80 years of traitors mascaraing as

loyal patriots; but with the death

of American Politics

There must-be no where left for these hyphenated-traitors to hide.

Immigration Law used to require a loyalty oath from every immigrant coming to our shores, so that what is happening now, could never happen.

But all of the constitutional laws that were in place were shattered by Reagan in 1980, when he granted special privileges to his friends to have cheap-labor in the fields which expanded to the point that there are now over 80 million of these freeloaders' whose ranks are now being expanded on by Obama-Trump, who are adding millions more to bankrupt the nation.

What these two 'presidential-traitors' brought to this national homicide was not only illegal entry, but total financial support, to anyone that they've imported to completely end this nation's financial viability to survive.

And finally the Constitution prohibited the mixing of church & state ­ but since Obama we have allowed religious dictims from the illegal Muslims to overrule the rights and protections for women & children by Sharia Law, and Female Genital Manipulations to torture and enslave every woman they can, for life ­ in total contradiction to the rights of all American women from the savages of the primordial past.

With America's political realm long since dead, the time has come to examine and eliminate every hyphenated-creature from any office at any level of this government anywhere in the United States. No one with a dual nationality should ever be allowed to become part of the U.S. government on any level. And every Israeli-affiliated organization must be charged as a foreign agency and treated as such, with prison time for AIPAC, and all of the other traitorous organizations that have been doing business as if they were legitimate American-businesses, when their actions have been treasonous from their beginnings in this place.

The parasitic relationship with Israel has long-since gone way too far, and must be prosecuted for the traitors to this nation which they have always been, under cover of the fake terms of the creation of their fake-state inside Palestine, which was stolen from the Palestinians, by global blackmail and extortion, that has only grown since 1948.

Israel has been nothing but a curse upon humanity since Dirty-Harry Truman brought them and the UN into being along with Truman's Police Action that we still call the Korean War, which never ended, because according to congress, Truman's Dirty-War was never legal because the congress refused to declare war in 1950.

Israel began by stealing nuclear weapons, from us, and then refused to sign up with the IAEA. Kennedy notified Israel that we would inspect their nuclear arsenal, whereupon Kennedy was soon murdered—without having been able to carry out his inspection of Dimona.

Since that time Israel has controlled the global telephone cable traffic worldwide and global-blackmail has been the result. Their files make what J. Edgar Hoover once had, look like child's play, as Israel has blackmailed every US president since they became the phony state they claim to be today. Israel quietly told the world about their planted nuclear weapons in every major nation, as part of their “Sampson Project”, where they will bring down the entire world if any nation should ever dare to attack Israel, for their criminal-activities against every other nation on the earth.

This is why Israel and the cowardly US Inc have chosen to label themselves as the only “exceptional people” in the world: Despite the fact that the US has been at war with the people of the world, non-stop, for over 200 years.

Without Israel, the planet would be free to heal itself, but until that criminal cesspool is pulverized they will never stop until the entire planet will be nothing but one giant ruin—look at Libya and modern day Iraq, Syria and Ukraine for the types of ”Victory” that not prosecuting both Israel and the criminal leadership of USI will curse the world with ­ until the end of time. There is simply no-way that criminal Israel or the traitorous USI can be allowed to exist, if anyone will ever have a future anywhere, any longer.

Details about ADBUSTERS May/June 2004 Vol. 12 NO.3 Hope And Memory

Google this to buy the magazine, the UN-remembered history is all there.

Israel and USI are the GLOBAL LIE incarnate, and we must return to requiring facts before any actions are taken anywhere. To do that effectively we must erase the UN, NATO and all the phony “humanitarian NGO's” that have kept the world in the new Dark ages now for the last hundred years.

There is simply no room on this planet for Hollywood, the global censorship of the dark net, or pedophiles, the extremist perverts, the sexual deviants, not to mention the cannibals, the murderers, the rapists or any of the continuing wars upon women and children, along with the eunuchs that were once men - the blatant fear across the planet for being labeled as 'racist' will doom the entire human race as it can now be seen in the ten minute video at the top of this article.

There is no substitute for the individuals that will stand up for

what we have allowed to fail, just because too many of us failed to care about anything but our own petty fantasies of greed and perversions unending.

The one thing that has become clear

is that there are millions of traitors

at virtually every level of American society ­ and the primitive savages must be targeted and held for removal ­ or we'll all be going down with them.