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Blood In Oil & Gas

By Jim Kirwan

In Palestine & Crimea

The image above is from the current war on Palestine, but the actual target of the current Israeli War-Crime is total ownership of a field of oil and gas reserves, below, which actually belongs to Palestine! This entire “false-flag-war” is nothing but a charade to hide what Tony Blair dreamed up, to give Israel (stolen) oil & gas reserves without being dependent on any more outside supplies.

It’s easy to forget that at the time of Israel’s previous invasion of Gaza ­ Operation Cast Lead ­ gas fields in Palestine were outright confiscated by Israel. This “operation”was already an energy war, as Nafeez Ahmed analyzed here.

Then there is the Bigger Picture - the 122 trillion cubic feet of gas plus the potential 1.6 billion barrels of oil in the Levant Basin spread over the territorial waters of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and ­ of course ­ Gaza. These waters are as incandescently disputed as rocks and shoals in the South China Sea. Needless to say, Tel Aviv wants it all.

And to complement the picture, Israel faces an upcoming energy security nightmare, detailed here.

Even Tony Blair, the Phantom of the Opera, is involved. As the (failed) Quartet Middle East envoy, Blair came up with the brilliant plan of “developing” the Gaza gas fields via an agreement between British Gas and the Palestinian Authority, totally excluding Hamas and the people of Gaza.

The way Gaza is kept as a concentration camp, subjected to non-stop collective punishment, may be revolting enough. But then it must be added the key economic component: by all available means Gazans must be prevented from accessing the Marine-1 and Marine-2 gas fields. These will be gobbled up by Israel. From every angle, and for all practical purposes, Israel lords over all Palestinian natural resources ­ land, water and energy.

So here’s the “secret” of Operation Protect the Zionists, sorry, Protective Edge: without smashing Hamas, which controls Gaza, Israel cannot drill off the Gaza coast. For Bibi as well as the Knesset, the possibility that the Palestinians could have access to their own gas-generated wealth is an absolute red line.

What’s really at stake is the energy independence of Palestine and enough profits to be able to defend themselves militarily from Israel while finally having clean water and dependable power to run their country, without Israel: With unending real-profits in the bargain.

The reason why the EU and the global-bankers have been totally silent about the truth behind this is obvious: But the facts contained in the article link above will change everything about Palestine and the wars in the Middle East—almost immediately.

This would also mean the end of Israeli “power” in the region. These facts are what links this Israeli crime with what US Inc has planned for itself and Israel in The Black Sea: Over the rights to the same kind of huge oil and gas fields, as those being fought over now in the Mediterranean. Anyone can see why USI & Israel are so determined to do the coming no-knock attack on Russia to drag her into a third world war. It’s all about the BLOOD and whose gets spilled.








Without Crimea, and their legal rights to this oil and gas, Ukraine is worthless to the EU, Israel and USI.


The legal right to the potential in the Black Sea changes everything about the current war over pipelines to the EU. But instead of trying to stop the war in Ukraine and coming to a negotiated settlement; Washington has ordered Kiev to refuse any and all attempts to reach a negotiated settlement—while Washington tries to figure out how to blame Russia for the war in Ukraine, so they can steal another huge oil and gas field, which is what everything in Ukraine has always been about.

Does anyone think that this potential crime and Palestine together are worth 3 million more deaths of innocent civilians—just to maintain the illegal status-quo? This cannot remain “unmentioned” much longer: Just as the world cannot tolerate the criminal-war-policies of Israel and US Inc, forever…

What will happen in London when news of Tony Blair’s treachery gets out? Not to mention what will happen to Poroshenko, once the real reasons behind his belligerence gets out to the wider world? Add to these Israeli-lies the attempt to slaughter Three Million civilians, and maybe, just maybe the world might finally just wake-up!

The Lies must stop and the actual criminals, Israel & US Inc. must be charged for their crimes against humanity. The world needs to get involved in this since they are already up to their eyes in illegal blood and oil, with their sights fixed on feeding their addiction with more and more blood that will never succeed in slaking their criminal thirst for everything on this planet…

The citizens in Israel need to feel exactly, what the people of Gaza have been living through for the last 66 years: Because only then will this war on Gaza ever end. The facts behind this on-going crime were mentioned by Solon 635-558 B.C. And it’s clear that nothing will change until the world forces his solution to these wars to actually happen…


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