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Black December 2017

By Jim Kiran


When we look at everything from the inside or the outside, or even from the Parallax point of view: It's clear at least to me, that the coming Black December is unavoidable.

Of course none of what I'm about to say is 'set-in-stone' ­ but this cautionary view attempts to lay out just some of what has obviously been planned for a very long time; in much the same way that the creation of the illegal Federal Reserve System was created to explode on Christmas Eve in1913.

RT gives us an overview today of just some of what has already begun just ten days from December.

RT News - November 21, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

Frosty Wooldridge

Shut Down All Muslim Immigration now!

Meanwhile “women” the world over have not resisted the loss of all their freedoms at the hands of the Muslim's, the Saudi's and even in the United States where huge numbers of women still refuse to protest against illegal-Sharia Law, or the Muslim invader's demands: As well as the loss of their own sexual and human rights across the board ­ having accepted the loss of their sexual pleasures in the primitive and barbaric “operation” (female genital manipulation), along with everything else that once made them full partners in the human race.

Nationally, the ADL and Israel still refuse to register as Foreign Agents, which is the law in the U.S., while at the same time these two foreign enemies of the U.S. are now demanding that Russia must do what they have steadfastly refused to do since Israel stole Palestine from the Palestinian people. In the RT story above you can also hear the truth about how USI took themselves out of the International Criminal Courts, to avoid having US death squads being tried for war crimes ­ which was introduced in the UN by another criminal the former US Ambassador John Bolton ­ which is why Americans cannot be tried for the war crimes they continue to commit in so many nations around the planet.

And Israel still refuses to sign the IAEA, or to allow nuclear inspections of the over 500 nukes in their arsenal—while Israel is demanding that Iran and everyone else that might ever threaten them or be attacked for imagined aggressions that they have yet to do. There is no greater enemy of the world than Netanyahu's “Israel', unless it might be the USI, if anyone ever dares to directly challenge us.

But since the Deep State has announced that they will NOT leave Syria, perhaps that day may soon be included in Black December.

That story is also in the RT link above.

Israel has done nothing “for” the world, except to attack every neighbor they have ever had and a great many nations like the US which they did when they teamed up with Saudi Arabia and the criminal Deep State, to commit 911, which opened the global Pandora's Box that must now be dealt with, if the world is to survive at all.

Chaos is about to rule the world, from Merkel and the collapse of that used-up Communist that is spearheading the invasion of Europe and that has nearly murdered what remains of the cradle of civilization: All the way to the global-financial collapse that's slated to begin just one week before Christmas. Now throw into this bizarre mix, the impending revolt of parts of the US military against the Dark State's diabolical takedown of the remaining freedoms of all Americans and anyone can see how dangerous this December has potentially become.

UPDATE: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley!

The last update clarifies what did happen, for anyone that wants to know.
The helicopters were there for about thirty minutes but DID NOT land.

There is another potential global-reset coming to the fading US Military, along with the potential collapse of NATO, as the world has decided that these fake-organizations have been a total failure, along with the UN that together were supposed to have prevented virtually everything that happened after 911.

Instead all the criminals are still running FREE

For virtually the first time since the end of WWII, the US is being challenged in their hubris, in most of the theaters of our illegal-war-operations around the world: As the lessons learned from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, where the US is demanding the breakup of the nation-state of Syria ­ after having blatantly failed to win the 6 year war we started to break up that state and replace Assad with one of our own illicit puppets.

On the home front The Clinton Cash machine is finally heading for their own version of the Sinking of the Current-Titanic, along with scandals in abundance and criminals of the pedophile-cabal including congressional traitors in numbers, that have been failing since Hillary lost her star-crossed bid to take over the USA.

One other colossal screw up is also about to be disclosed. Since 1913 “the West” has been operating like common-outlaws that behave like “smash & grab thugs”, with no thoughts about any concerns beyond whatever criminal racket they have chosen to pursue ­ leaving the public to pay all the bills and to be denied any and all services that might keep the public from total ruination. These are the people being ruled by the followers of “the Grand Chessboard” - a failed symbol that has been a lie almost from the founding of this nation.

If Sun Tsu had been around in 1913 he would have added a “spy” to the back row of the chess board. I did that for him in my version of chess for two or four players. Spies have always played a major role in politics and war ­ yet they were not included in the neat little square that attempted to give politicians and generals the illusion of being able to control the planet. In this 'game” almost from the beginning the back row can now be surrounded from behind ­ just like life - and the board is round like the earth, which enables a much more complex field of play that more accurately mirrors this real world in which we have always lived.

This 'game' allows the players to mirror the Parallax view so common in all the uses of spies both military and political. This is what is happening now as the old-world thugs are about to fall forever. This will happen because Russia has paid off her debt, completely rebuilt her military and revitalized her political reach. and most of her allies are making policies that so far exceed our own meager efforts that have always failed to consider anything, like life or the global-future for real success, beyond the limitations of “next week”

On top of all the pathetic efforts of the Muslim-madmen and the Crypo-Jews to steal and crush the current-civilization that was built over thousands of years ­ the real crimes these primitive creatures seek are finally being seen for what they are. But what to do about these invaders?

The snowflakes might want to jail them all, but they'd just come back again. These creatures must be eliminated from the gene-pool and from the world ­ we cannot afford to support them but we could confiscate everything that any of them have, including all those that were paid to bring them here in the first place. While we're at it we must deport every hyphenated Israeli in any government office first ­ then we can send the worthless invaders back to where they came from.

Once we get to December there will no doubt be many changes intermixed with the fires, the bogus attacks, the constant rumors of wars and treachery on every side ­ those of us who choose to remain awake might yet survive, but none of the rest will make it through the first real week of sheer Hell incarnate...


Change, Real Change is coming to Amerika,

Are You Ready?