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The Black Army Infestation in Europe
Who Will Prevail

By Jim Kirwan


This is about the Invasion of Europe, by the Black Army and the floating cities of tourists from the international cruise lines. These multinational corporations are providing the Black Army Soldiers with targets. It's inevitable that the rapes, robbery's and murder's throughout the seaside nations of Europe will end escalate.

From Venice and Greece to Barcelona and Italy, these unwanted hordes of both the Black Army and the Unwanted Tourists are overrunning the port cities of Europe from their city-size Cruise Ships—that are about to reach a violent unreversable crescendo.

Tourist go home! Europe’s Dream Destinations at Risk

This excellent documentary omits one thing: That the infestation of the Black Army will accelerate the decline of tourism in the historical port cities; which ironically the citizens of these cities want to end anyway.

Some people may have saved for these global trips over a lifetime. However many of these lobotomized tourists can afford to book space on any of these floating cities are the same filth that have stolen the money and the lives of millions of us around the world. The conflict shown between the professional tourists and and the people that live in these historically captivating port cities, are showing the world the “soft-power-destruction” which the global imbalance has created. Here's another example:

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