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What Do Black African 'Refugees'
Have To Do With Syria? (Nothing)

By Patricia Doyle

They are referred to as 'Syrian Refugees'…a monumental lie if ever there was one.  The FACT is we are being forced to feed and house more Somalians and other African blacks...than Syrians and others from the Mideast.  Why?  Why is Obama injecting the most uncivilized savages of all into the bloodstream of American life?  A program Hillary Clinton has pledged to increase by over 700 PERCENT.

The Somali - with an average IQ of only 65 - are among the truest of all black savages from Africa.  They are NOT 'political refugees'.  They are foot soldiers in the paid for, globalist invasion and destruction of America…and Europe…of all Western Caucasian Christian civilization.  Want to finish off America?  Vote Clinton.  Want these red-eyed devils killing, raping, robbing and terrorizing your neighborhood?  Vote Clinton.    Want them and their diseases in your schools with your children?  Vote Clinton.  Want to continue to let our insane MWO 'government' continue to use YOUR money to give them and their Middle East counterparts FREE food, housing, education, full health care, new cars and monthly cash?  Vote Clinton.  That is NOT an exaggeration by ANY MEASURE.  

If you want to preserve our country and our heritage for which so many have died (right or wrong), there is only one possible vote to cast.  We have all just watched Crooked Hillary doing what she had done for decades…CHEAT and LIE and defraud the American people…this time in the so-called 'Debate'.  Of ALL Americans in political life, she is the MOST deserving of life without parole.  Speaking of 'life', hers appears to be rapidly fading away.  Not rapidly enough.  The globe-masters are trying with every medical and pharmaceutical trick and concoction to keep her 'functional' while the FOREVER-disgraced 'news' media continues to rape the trust and confidence of the American people by lying about Donald Trump so egregiously, if defies words.

Vote Clinton and you WILL SEE Somalis and other black savages in your cities and towns.  You WILL SEE Middle Easterners from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and so forth being flown in here in the war on Christianity.  They will be given, for free, the best we have created and built in over 200 years of blood, sweat and tears.  

FACTS are FACTS - The Somalis and other African blacks are barely civilized and of all the races on earth is the only one still living essentially as they did thousands of years ago.   As a general group, they will NEVER become MENTALLY civilized because they do not have the brain power.  They will never live a civilized life no matter how many generations are born here and in Europe.  Most will never work as they lack the work ethic of the people of Europe and America.  There is a cultural and massive generational bias against creativity and self-discipline, against vision and achievement.  The overriding preoccupation of most of the sex.  Just ask the people of Germany or Sweden or the UK.  In truth of fact, the African blacks are the WORST of the so-called 'refugees' - one of the biggest lies in modern history.  

Do you REALLY want this burden placed on Americans of ALL races and ethnicities?  If so, vote for the criminal megalomaniacal bitch who is slated to be forced on this once magnificent country; this satanic priestess whose pays-off and shuts-up her sexual psychopath husband's victims and launders billions through her 'Clinton Foundation'.  Ask the people of Haiti where billions in earthquake relief really went. Ask the desecrated people of Libya.  Ask the Iraqis of whom the Clintons killed over half a MILLION.  Ask the ravaged people of Afghanistan.  Ask the destroyed people of Syria.  Ask the parents of Benghazi.  I could write for pages about this monster.

Yes, watch these black African savages - excuse me, 'refugees' - continue to annihilate European culture and achievement.  Their pea-brains are preoccupied with sex and brutality.  HIV-AIDS was designed to remove most of them from the planet.  Instead, it mutated into a 'survivable' form, enabling them to spread it far longer that they otherwise could.  20% of the young teen girls have AIDS in many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa now. READ the history of Africa.  The only modern achievements ever visited upon that dark continent were done so under the mantle and direction of colonial Europeans.  As African-American Pastor James David Manning points out: black Africans had never even constructed a two story building on their own prior to European Colonialism.  They are the genesis of the timeless Kissinger term 'useless eaters'…and now Obama (who hates blacks) and Clinton (a racist) plan to drown America in them along with their female-mutilating, Christian-killing, Mosque-building 'cousins' from the north.

  You are not supposed to know it but most black Africans (over a billion now) usually sit around all day in dirt and chew khat or whatever their drug is called.  And have sex, sex and more sex.  That constitutes the MAJORITY of their lives.  Work, self-discipline and education are not in their vocabulary.  They do not belong in a civilized country.  Look at the videos…LOOK at them.   By the time many of the males are 6 years of age, their eyes are already darting and have a distinctly 'wild' look.  Many of them appear brain-damaged but that's not it.  It is simply the manifestation of an IQ which, again, averages only 65.   We should never have allowed them in.  They exist and are at home in Africa, not here.

Oh, you also aren't supposed to know that African women are not allowed to sleep in the bed with the husband.  They must sleep on the floor like dogs.  They only get called into the bed for sex then must go back to the floor.

This mentality, this 'way of life', is what Soros, Hillary and Obama are injecting into America. We are taking in generations of permanent, career welfare recipients, rapists, perverts, robbers, murderers and thugs.  They must go.  Send them all back.  We should never have tolerated them being forced into our lives.  In case you missed it, here is yet another small example of what I am hoping you will understand while there is still time...

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