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Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD



Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness, an international initiative creating 1) a worldwide network of Exoconscious ET Experiencer groups, 2) international online education, training, and certification and 3) Exoconscious gatherings opening portals between Exoconscious humans and ETs.

Rebecca’s signature is exploring what it means to be an Exoconscious Human, developing human ET consciousness through contact, communication, and collaboration with ET. In 2008, Rebecca authored Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. She teaches Exoconsciousness at International Metaphysical University.

Rebecca was a member of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantrek international science team, researching zero-point energy, consciousness, and the ET Presence.

Her graduate degrees include an MDiv in Philosophical Theology from Boston University School of Theology and a PhD in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her undergraduate degree is from Otterbein University. She is certified as a hypnotherapist and coach from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts.








Introduction to Exoconsciousness:

I will be discussing Exoconsciousness as the innate ability of humans to connect and communicate with extraterrestrials. Within Ufology, Exoconsciousness is the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness. My personal ET experience began in early childhood and continues today with ongoing telepathic connection and communication. My experience includes both outer space and inner earth.

Exoconsciousness examines the formation of ET Identity from the inner consciousness aspects of contact vs. the “unidentified” other-oriented UFO research. My 2008 book, Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind examines major themes of exoconsciousness via science, narrative and exercises.

For 5 years, I was a member of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantrek zero-point energy team of international scientists as a consciousness science researcher. My Quantrek affiliation encouraged my relocation from Phoenix, AZ, to Washington, DC. In DC, my relationships and experiences refine my Exoconscious insights into government-military-intelligence-religious framing of the ET experience. I am currently writing a second book, The Exoconscious Human meets the Transhuman, which examines psychic intelligence and technology at the cross roads of what it means to be human.



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