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Bill Gates' Slaughter Of Innocents Linked
To Tainted Vaccines In China

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

In a predominantly one-child per couple society, Chinese parents and grandparents have been alarmed and distressed since mid-July by a malpracticde scandal involving falsification of data on rabies vaccines, following a string of alarming online reports of toxic vaccines. The culprit is privately owned Changsheng Life Sciences based in Changchun in Northeast China, owned by a mysterious female tycoon. Just last summer, the same producer was raided by local police and fined 3.4 million yuan ($500,000) for tainted DPT vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) dosed to children in Shantung Province.

The public outcry over a WeChat post that disclosed the defective vaccine scandal (and then was quickly removed) interrupted President Xi Jinping’s visit to Rwanda’s genocide memorial, prompting him to make a hot call to Beijing with a promise action to address the homegrown killing fields. His gesture led to local police arresting 15 Changsheng executives and managers, including the board chairwoman Junfang Gao (net worth $1 billion). Then came the official claim that no affected children were exposed to the rabies vaccine before its recall.

The revelation of the Changsheng vaccine scandal was a scoop by the online media, originating with an online WeChat post. Insrtead of allaying public fears with a transparent investigation and regular press conferences, Beijing’s predictable evasion tactic was to bring down the Great Firewall of official censorship banning press coverage and silencing the online media.

One reason for the cover-up is Changsheng’s distribution of questionable low-cost vaccines for WHO and UNICEF inoculation campaigsn in Africa, the host continent for the presidential tour to be capped with a China-Africa forum in Beijing this September. The other source of official discomfort is the role of two U.S. foundations in the growth of China’s vaccine industry: the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the latter being widely accused of deploying vaccines as a biological weapon to sterilize girls throughout the developing regions for the purpose of race-based population reduction.

Fast Money

The official response is strikingly similar to the pattern of cover-up and disinformation during the SARS outbreak, and then the melamine-contaminated millk crisis when waste liquid from production of Melmac plastic dishes, classified by the Agriculture Ministry as a “green fodder additive” used to feed dairy cows, was found in plastic-laced infant formula. So now comes strike three and game over for China’s “get rich quick” pharamaceutical sector and its hidden appendages inside regulatory agencies and health authorities. The present scandal follows upon a 2013 crisis in which 8 children were killed by a Hepatitis B vaccine from the then-largest vaccine producer.

It’s not just the Chinese who should be worrying about the truth blackout, but all the foreign countries supplied by offender Changcheng group, which provides low-cost vaccines for WHO and UNICEF inoculation campaigns in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America as well as India, Russia and Egypt. Its array of vaccines and viral/bacterial agents include “live attenuated varicella (chicken pox); lyophilized human rabies; absorption cell-free DPT (diphteria, pertussis or whooping cough, tetanus); influenza virus split; flu virus splitting; (meningitis bacteria) ACYW135 meningococcal polysaccharide; group A Group C meningococcal polysaccharide; and lyophilized human rabies vaccines.”

There’s a fine line beteen medicine and toxic agent, easily crossed, and therefore data from the vaccine industry should be openly available to the medical community, insurers and the public, especially parents and school teachers. The offical cover-up of public health issues is simply unacceptable in a modern science-based society.

Profiting from Pandemics

What’s striking about the Gao family’s private ownership of Changsheng’s production facility in Jilin is that the holding company Changsheng HighTechonology Group is publicly listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Investors are putting their funds into an industry that has shielded itself from public disclosure, which accounts for the secrecy surrounding its quality-control data. This arms-length set-up also serves to hide any insider relationship with officials in regulatory agencies who also might be shareholders. In fact, the present owner is not the founder of Changsheng but took over the vaccine maker as the head of Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., a manufacturer of oil-drilling rigs with 11 employers. After her takeover of the vaccine company, she staged a “back-door” listing on the Shenzhen exchange in 2016, obviously to bilk gullible investors, financial fraud and medical malpractice much like the pharma scandals in the USA.

Vaccine production in socialist China is all about money and not about patient care ever since the mid-1990s when the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) lobbied Beijing health authorities toward market-driven mass production (aka cheap) drugs. The WHO fast-tracked Chinese vaccine makers by “pre-qualifying” approval prior to licensing, starting with a Japanese encephilitis vac released in 2013. This unethical shortcut coincided with a major hepatisis B vaccine scandal that killed 8 children produced by Shenzhen Kangji, which was officially cleared of charges with the determination that the deaths were caused by unrelated causes.

The emergence of the Chinese vaccine industry on the world stage coincided with entry of the Gates foundation into China in 2000 in search of immunization on the cheap. Gates’ s generosity to public-health bureaucrats and medical -pharmacy schools greased the way to setting up its China office in Beijing’s plush Ping An building (owned by an insurance company since accused of serious fraud). Within a decade, the nation’s role as a leading vaccine producer got a boost from then WHO director Margarent Chan, who as the chief of Hong Kong’s Hospital authority had bungled the SARS crisis doubling the death rate but managed to woo the pharmaceutical industry with lavish funding for a vaccine (which has never been delivered).

Weapons of Mass Inoculation

The list of countries and regions that receive Changsheng vaccincs indicates its role as a major producer of cheap vaccines for the Gates front group knoan as GAVI, which supplies the UN children’s fund UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medicine Sans Frontieres. GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) aka the Vaccine Alliance receives 30 percent of its funding from Gates, or about $2 billion since 2000, with the remainder from governments and the Rockefellers. The other major producer of cheap vaccines for GAVI since 2002 is India. The Chinese and Indian role as in Western weapons of mass inoculation is a item worthy of discussion at the next BRICS summit.

There are several troubling issues about the Gates vision of vaccines as a panacea for the world’s health problems: Aside from the fact that vaccination is often an “overdose” for the undernourhed children in poor countries, where no attention is given to health threats from the lack of sanitation, contaminated water, malnutrition and incessant war. In situations of chronic poverty due to foreign resource extraction vaccination is somewhat akin to putting a band-aid on a gaping bullet wound. In many cases a faulty vaccine is the lethal bullet.

Reports of vaccines causing bleeding in the reproductive organs of girls and young women are by now a familiarr complaint. While vaccines may cause nothing more than a mild fever in adults, the developing ovaries of girls with their lifetime supply of tiny human eggs has no defense against an attack by viral coatings, which can harm an egg’s thin cell wall and micro blood vessels. These harmful effects can be multiplied by the contaminants in vaccines, which are produced in chicken eggs, along with additives like squalene oil and surfactants (soapy compounds) used to stimulate (irritate) the immune system, causing serious fever, which can “cook” eggs in the ovaries.

Vaccine sterilization raises the prospect of whether powerful vaccines, some possibly deliberately tainted, are being used in stealth biological warfare aimed at involuntary population reduction (call it genocide) against defenseless agrarian communities, which often are located on top of vast mineral resources or oil reserves.

This is not some paranoiac secnario from a horror movie. In fact, villagers in separate regions, including India, Chad and Kenya, have protested in response to deaths and illnesses among their children following vaccination campaigns that led to involuntary sterilization of patients. GAVI along with Bill Gates is by now Public Enemy No.1 across vast swathes of the Indian countryside.

A point to note: Despite the term “killed viruses”, these strands of RNA are never actually alive. Pieces of a virus can be as virulent as a whole, which explains why the polio vaccine campaign across India resulted in an astounding rebound of polio, thanks to viral fragments that attack the human cells sometimes with equal vigor as the whole virus. Therefore, vaccination is a deceptive method of introducing pathogens into targeted human populations, or “smart genocide”. (See my articles on vaccine campaigns behind the ebola outbreak at

Micro Genocide

The sterilization of millions of females, as a penalty for poverty, cannot be deemed a mere mistake since coercive intervention against human reproducton is a basic doctrine of attorney William Henry Gates II and Mary Maxwell Gates, the father and mother of Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, both fanatic supporters of Planned Parenthood. Following his U.S. Army service against his ancestral Germany in World War II, Gates Sr. became a long-time supporter of pseudo-scientific race-based eugenics. The deliberate destruction of fetuses and incapacitation of ovaries are something of a taboo topic for the Gates family, which focuses on getting the job done rather than discuss the gory details.

Vast wealth has enabled the Microsoft founder to encourage a blanket of self-censorship to smother any investigative journalism by the self-proclaimed “free press” in Western countries and suppress any urge among the anti-abortion religious right to address the vaccine scandal’s connections with the Gates family foundation. The agenda is obviously for a sneak genocide using vaccines as bad medicine.

Legacy of Unit 731

The location of the Changsheng production faciity in Changchun, Jilin, is no mere accident, since that city is the former capital of the Japanese militarist puppet state of Manchukuo. Headquartered there, Manchukuo’s finacial chief Nobusuke Kishi (grandfather of Prime Minister Shnzo Abe) funded Unit 731, the anti-epidemic brigade that used public health as a cover for biological warfare.

While its relaases of rat-borne bubonic plague are well documented, Unit 731’s advanced human experiments and warfare with viruses was covered up by the U.S. Army subsequent to its postwar recruitment of the Japanese military virologists. Despite the lack of electron microscopes, Unit 731 managed to isolate both live and dry samples of Hantavirus, which is the more probable cause of the rapid deaths of thousands of Japanese soldiers rather than the plague (and it killed 3,000 American soldiers during the Korean War). Both Nazi Germany and militarist Japan were far in advance of the US and England in virus research.

Many of those Unit 731 medical workers were ethnic Koreans, and those who survived the war were recruited into the postwar health system in China, a topic like all others deemed too “sensitive” for public discussion. Whether the Gao family is working as a front for a neighboring little country is yet to be thoroughly researched even if weapons of mass inoculation would certainly fit that profile.