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Biden-Obama-Rice NSC team funded
COVID biosynthesis - Part 28

By Yoichi Shimatsu

Allow me, for starters, to confess my admiration for Selene, heroine of the "Underworld" movie series about conflicted vampires-and-werewolves. Even though her twin-pistol barrages were directly lifted from tomb-raider Lara Croft, Kate Beckinsale's character study reveals the glimmer of a little girl's innocence beneath her ice-cold steely stare, whereas Angela Jolie remains ever the haughty adolescent narcissist.

The heroine who topples the iron code of clan loyalty rooted in false memories turns against her coven of demented bloodthirsty psychopaths who chillingly resemble the corrupt Democrat leadership, which not only connived to stuff the ballot boxes but has grotesquely been surviving on blood serum drained out of bled-to-death COVID patients, while their ethical Republican foes have been falling ill in this not-so-secret war of biological weaponry.

The antibody-conveying serum from "convalescent" patients, including murdered youths in China and homeless men in Cuomo-Blasio's New York, drained corpses laid in wooden coffins along a trench on Hart Island, was one of the horrific topics of my 27-part coronavirus series. Now, making a Dracula-like return from the political coffin, Joseph Robinette Biden has emerged out of the shade after months hiding in his crypt. His new ruddy complexion reveals a vampiric addiction to infusions of human blood into his corrupted body. Foreign proteins in that blood, however, are disruptive to the brain, which cause his memory lapses and ghoulish utterances.

Twilight Battle

Stephanie Meyer, the Marrowbone-based author of "Twilight", stated this sort of situation with clarity: "I decided as long as I'm going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly." That explains the midnight express of mail bags packed with fake pro-Dem ballots in Erie, Pennsylvania, a lakeside area resembling an eerie Transylvania. Beware creatures that go bump in the night because it could be your mailman delivering the pro-Trump write-in votes into the reactors at the Enrico Fermi nuclear plant.

Selene woke up to the realization that her toothy tribe had to be wiped out in its entirely, along with most of the Lycan kinsmen of her werewolf lover Michael Corvin to save humanity from total destruction. The only way they could consummate their romance was in human form, impelling the couple to alternatives to blood-sucking, thereby getting on to the path of love and family values.

Now that the veins of the once over-confident Trumpsters are being drained dry with every passing hour, the shadows are converging over America with the less-than charitable subhuman beasts howling in victory over their prey, thanks to their brain-dead zombie followers indoctrinated in political creepiness at the best universities. No, this is not some dark comedy; it's just a measure of moral failure.

Further along in this 28th part of my coronavirus-biowar series, I briefly discuss a gathering of the covens on the ridge way overlooking the spooked Biltmore mansion at Asheville, Tennessee. If you are cringing in fear over what I've just mentioned, then you could a brain-addled member of the coven, and therefore doomed. These vampires are certainly not immortal, not when a wooden stake through the heart or the utterances of a conjurer can cast away their withered life energy to the winds. Ah, Selene's ultraviolet bullets are so much more amusing. She bangs, she bangs!


After a span of silent meditation during travels, I've just toiled on this Part 28 of the coronavirus series, focused on then Vice President Joe Biden's secret biological warfare project run out of the National Security Council (NSC). The most secretive operation began with the Gain of Function (GOF), with controversy erupted after the 2012 discovery of University of Wisconsin Madison veterinary school's unapproved nighttime and weekend lab work of gene-splicing viruses to enhance their virulence.

My COVID series showed how UW researcher Gary Splitter, in league with the infamous Yoshihiro Kawaoka. spliced HIV proteins into coronavirus and, when their more secretive experiments were discovered, had to relocate the illicit bio-warfare project to Frank Plummer's National Microbiology Laboratory in Manitoba, Canada.

As the GOF scandal widened a research ban was imposed, becoming more embittered as Kawaoka and Plummer threatened to reveal highest-level federal support for their gene-altered COVID synthesis. By 2016, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who has Canadian and British connections through her husband (whose mother is a top-level executive with the Canadian Broadcasting service with also an intelligence role).

To prevent further disclosures of the COVID research, which was reaching its final stage, the Council's leadership decided to move the lab work kit and caboodle to the UK, where Joe Biden had close contacts with Windsor Palace. Biden accompanied Mike Bloomberg for his knighting by the Queen in April 2016, in the very same time-frame of start-up of bovine TB-enhanced COVID testing on English badgers at the University of Bristol in Southwest England.

During those final three years of the Obama administration, funding for foreign-based lab work on bats and badgers was funneled to the USAID, Fauci's NIH and Jeh Johnson's Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which had inherited the Plum Island veterinary microbiology lab from the Army's controversial AMRIID bio-defense program, which had suffered leaks of bio-toxins and escapes of weird chimeric beasts.

The year 2016 also is when President Barack Obama had the NSC incorporate the Directorate of Global Health Security and Biodefense. The GHSB integrated the research at the U.S. Navy's NAMRU labs with various universities and civilian-run research institutes. The NAMRU (Naval Medical Research Units), with labs in Africa, Latin America and Asia to collect, study and research biological agents worldwide, for possible upgrading as novel types of bio-weapons, whick explains why Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer was appointed as Obama's chief of the Directorate,

A point to remember is that all offensive biological warfare projects are sheltered under the official cover of "bio-defense"due to USA being a signatory of the 1970s Biological Weapons Treaty, which bans large-scale production and deployment of lethal bio-agents, while allowing the loophole of toxic samples for testing defensive countermeasures.

Since the President is often away at state functions, on foreign tour or idling on a golf course with corporate cronies, the National Security Council Staff has been overseen on the day-to-day basis by the Vice President and National Security Adviser, at the time Biden and Susan Rice. Uncle Joe, therefore, is up to his eyeballs in official deception, cover-ups and outright lies about the offensive biological warfare operations,which have included deliberate releases of GOF bio-agents including ebola, Zika and, of course, COVID.

In short, President Barack Obama is ultimately responsible for the enhanced virulence of COVID, while VP Biden was more directly involved on a daily basis in dispensing funding, covering the researcher payrolls, warding off potential critics and whistle-blowers and involving the British MI-6 and Porton Down in order to complete the weaponization of coronavirus.

Biden continues to be the patron and protector of the bio-warriors, recently re-appointing several to his Cabinet in waiting. The biological war criminals promoted and harbored by Biden include

Jake Sullivan, Rhodes Scholar invited to London and Yale Law School grad (the CIA hatchery), foreign policy adviser to State Secretary Hillary Clinton (Remember Benghazi), tapped to be President Biden's National Security Adviser. My opinion: This is another Jesuit-run skunk on the pavement.

Beth Cameron, biologist with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, the cockpit of biological warfare guised as global population studies and monitor of emerging diseases, served on the Obama-Biden-Rice NSC "bio-security" team that sponsored weaponization of coronavirus in Canada and Bristiol U, England. My opinion: the Lady MacBeth of globalized mass murder.

Avril Haines, another typical Yale war criminal, former deputy director of the CIA during the drone killings, a Susan Rice crony and friend of Gina Haspel (the Murderess Club), slated to be Biden's Director of National Intelligence. My opinion: Semira, an egotistical cold-blooded killer as opposed to the righteous Selene.

Lisa Oudens Monaco, prosecutor and Obama's Homeland Security adviser at the time of the Gain of Function (GOF) controversy, which was followed by DHS direct sponsorship of COVID weaponization in Wisconsin, Canada and Britain. My opinion: Dial M for Mass Murder.

The Blood-feasting Coven

Even a fearsome Vlad the Impaler, aka Count Dracula, failed to mass murder as many civilians as the Obama-Biden-Rice death squad have down worldwide. Impaling is over with quickly as opposed to the Pandora's box of agony and economic disaster from ebola, Zika and now COVID-19, which these monsters have released on a vulnerable civilian population worldwide. So, basically after four years of draw-down of militarism and decreasing violence during Donald Trump's presidency, we will soon be back to another mass murder spree and therefore having to take on the Democrat death squads once again.

This time it will be different for the lambs. I can say this based on recent experience, which is still too fresh to disclose, proving vampires can also die. Despite being pumped up with blood plasma infusions from the bodies of murdered COVID victims, these nightshade brutes will face their moment of ultraviolet impact and sent back down to the Hell from whence they emerged.

The term "vampire" here is not used in any derogatory or fantastical sense but is used in its literal meaning as definiedin the Free Dictionary's "In popular folklore, an undead being in human form that survives by sucking the blood of living people, especially at night; or a person, such as an extortionist, who takes advantage of others, especially for personal gain.".

So both definitions make for an exact fit with the Democratic Party leadership, as I witnessed at their secret coven summit in Cashiers on the state line between North Carolina and Georgia, where not a single well-dressed man or woman had donned a face mask. The Dem elite are sheltered from coronavirus by blood transfusions from so-called "convalescent patients", those innocent victims of organized medical murder in the time of pandemic. There at a resort and shopping mall in mid-September during a 4-day hurricane (hardly a time for a mountain hike), they gathered to bend the knee to their occult demigods.

That was just a couple of days before the casket lid was slammed shut on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Then they fell like flies in a wintry fog, withering away like worms hung up to dry. Security men came rushing in on brand new self-driving trucks, but too late and causing several roadway collisions in the confusion. Round 1 won by Selene.

In opposition to the coven's treason and grotesque immorality. the traditional Christian moral values and upright conduct of this American people will triumph against the dominant evil of our time, for as writ on paper inside everyone's wallet or purse, but more importantly in our hearts and souls: "In God we trust." In addition to an unshakable faith, it is to arms we go, marching alongside Selene, the fierce renegade in this titanic battle of the Underworld Universe to defeat the regrouping forces of evil.

"Our war has been waged for centuries, unseen by human eyes, but all that is about to change, for I am a Death Dealer."