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Biden Is A Brutal Enforcer Of The
Jesuit-Illuminati Globalist Warmongers

By Yoichi Shimatsu

After being "encouraged" to leave several countries of Asia due to my attempts at instilling truthful journalism among their youth and resistance to censorship, I have since been traveling throughout the USA. Sniffing around much like an old wolf out of its cage and reintroduced to nature, I feel that it's good to be lean and hungry, even though I am surprised at how the deer cannot figure road kill and the sheep remain content behind electric wire.

During the many decades of my absence, other than to the West Coast and New York, which have hardly any resemblance to the rest of the country other than the criminality of politicians. The vast middle stretches of the not-so New World is different from my college days in Indiana, enjoying now with trappings of prosperity thanks to Dollar stores while families suffer the same old financial insecurity. The more things change, as the saying goes. Today's nemesis is the repressive COVID overkill of distancing and business closures, not much different from the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s.

The heavy hand of bureaucracy is heavier depending on the state, Pennsylvania's green new deal killing off agriculture and animal husbandry as opposed to Wyoming, which buffalo and cowboys still roam. It is depressing to realized the near-total disappearance of the horse-and-cowboy culture, with pastures rolling with hay for Angus herds now that filling the belly has become more of a priority than riding high in the saddle. Despite the sadness in the air and decline in rules of the road, there are still glimmers of America's former greatness of spirit, which hopefully can be revived in an uphill battle against sloth, gluttony, medication and mindless greed.

Jacksonian Values

Just a few days ago my appreciation for American courage was refreshed on a visit to the Hermitage, the historic home of President Andrew Jackson, that youthful hero of the Revolutionary War and undaunted victor at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. The frugal Tennessee general and grassroots politician was able to use the cheap local lumber, beams and boards of poplar ash, to create the appearance of classical Grecian grandeur for his mansion, as it were built with stone, his objective being to connect the rugged values of populist democracy on the frontier with distant ancient roots, freedom of thought and action being characteristics of a sovereign people. I was surprised to learn that an elderly Marquis de Lafayette had a similar admiration of the homespun simplicity behind the elegant facade on his visit to Nashville in 1825.

The Marquis and Old Hickory are heroes of yore and for ages to come, although ignored in the present era of craven self-interest, hypocritical political correctness and unabashed fraud as a lifestyle. And worse, not snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays our nation's postal workers from the swift completion of their appointed ballot stuffing. Say it ain't so, Joe! Even Amazon and DoorDash do not limit their delivery service to Democrats. I hate to admit it, it's proof that the USPS should be privatized, to be rid of Tammany Hall influence.

Old Faithful

My other gripe about this once great democracy has to do with the public's utter loss of faith from sea to radioactivity-poisoned sea. Along every byway that I've traveled, from the two-lane Tina Turner Highway in Georgia to Bear Tooth Pass between Wyoming and Montana, all the churches are locked up, parking lots empty and curtains drawn, with neither pastor nor deacon willing to risk offering a prayer or dispensing a chalice of wine in this year of coronavirus and electoral fraud. A silent crisis of state and religion is obliterating this nation's traditional values.

American values are being killed off not just by the infection rate or digital sloth or mindless arson but more from the unrelenting intent by our worst sworn enemy, as astutely predicted by the Marquis de Lafayette. "It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country, the United States of America, are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe." So what's it have to do with Joe Biden, a member in good standing in the Knights of Malta, servant of the Illuminati Order of the British Empire and Jesuit CIA spy? Nothing to a mind-controlled clone, everything if one happens to be a patriot.

Crimes of Uncle Joe

Briefly, the objective of the Biden vote-buying operation is World War III, starting with a NATO assault against Russia, in short a revival of the Eastward Expansion policy of the Clinton era. The effectiveness of drones against battle tanks is seen by Agency tacticians as enabling at last the technical means to defeat Russian armored forces.

The deeper motive involves the historical drive of the Jesuits, as led by Jesuit-trained intel execs like Bill Donovan, Casey, Angleton and Dulles to exterminate the Orthodox Church of Russia, which has lasting ties with the churches of the East, including those ancient faith communities in the Aramaic-speaking region of Jesus of Galilee. The Vatican's sectarian vendetta that began with the Great Schism has since morphed into unholy alliances with the Hapsburg empire, its Frankist Jewish spies, the Rothschild Illuminati, and institutionalized by the Society of Jesus IHS, the Jesuits.

For agnostics and non-Christian, it is sufficient to realize that the concentration of secular and military power by manipulative pseudo-religious fanatics perverting the mass media, AI and chipping tech is completely unacceptable and the Biden cabal must be stopped by the appropriate means in every situation.

In this geopolitical perspective, the Bidens' intrigues in Ukraine figure massively in the Jesuit-NATO preparations for a coming invasion of Russia, Belarus and Central Asia, and when that bloody work is done, Iran and China before victory in WWIII is declared by whoever is left standing. For Christians, only one word is needed to describe this looming Age of Evil, that being "Antichrist", which translates to the secularists as a big Bad Apple.

Biden's Foreign Intrigues

Here are other points that should encourage a serious and thorough investigation into election fraud by the Jesuit-controlled Biden-Pelosi criminal cabal.

Young Joseph Robinette Biden cut his teeth as a CIA recuit during the late 1960s on a secret mission to the Red Guards base on the Tianshan mountains of Xinjiang, China, to monitor Soviet nuclear blasts at the nearby Semipalatinsk test site. During the Sino-Soviet split, the CIA links with PLA chief Lin Piao were conducted through a Jesuit-created "Maoist" cult called the Progressive Labor Party (PL), comprised of brain-damaged victims of the MK-ULTRA program.

Biden soon thereafter returned to China as a freshman senator fronting for the CIA. As it turns out the airplane escape of the infamous leftist Lin Piao to evade arrest in Beijing was not toward the Soviet Union as in the official claim, but as revealed to me recently by a military intelligence officer actually destined for Alaska. The CIA and the Red Guards were partners in war crimes by then, involved in looting and sabotaging Chinese cargo trains loaded with war materiel destined for North Vietnam. The Sino-CIA relationship survived Lin Piao as the Soviet split continued to widen, culminating in their joint support for the Vatican's warlord Joseph Savimbi in the Angola wars, which killed more than 2 million civilians. Thus, the China link goes much deeper than bag-man Hunter Biden's lobbying for Beijing on Capitol Hill, which was just a small part of the funding flow from Beijing to Langley, Virginia, as an IOU to the CIA.

The Jesuit connections with China began in the 18th century mission of priest Matteo Ricci, as a papal emissary to the court of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, and have since never relented, with the continuing presence of Jesuits in Macau, a base for liaison and cooperation on the mainland. Much of the anti-American tilt of late across Asia and Europe is a coordinated policy of the Jesuit order aimed at quelling the conservative American Catholic faction over Taiwan and Hong Kong policy, and suppressing any other points of resistance. Francis, the gray pontiff, being both white and black popes, must feel a kindred spirit with the ambiguous Bidens.

The HIV Blood Factor

During the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton admins, Joe Biden took a point-man role in fomenting and sponsoring the CIA operations against Yugoslavia. As a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden was the Jesuit point-man for NATO interventions against Yugoslavia, especially Croatia where pro-Mussolini fascist-era death squads were revived by the CIA and British-led Special Air Service against the predominantly Orthodox Christian Serbs. NATO eastward expansion was actually a latter-day crusade.

The Balkans intervention took a horrendous turn when the Jesuit-linked "charity" Americares flew pallets of Factor IV (Four) blood tainted with HIV into the Balkans war zone. The HIV-infected serum was collected at Arkansas state prisons while Bill Clinton was governor of that state and running cocaine shipments from war-torn Central America into Mena Airfield in western Arkansas. The Factor IV flights left from Connecticut to Shannon Airport, a CIA-Provo IRA safe haven for drugs and weapons (like the CIA bomb used by its Provo IRA agents to assassinate Lord Montbatten); then onto a cargo terminal in Frankfurt, Germany, where it was met by Jesuit priests involved in Balkans covert weapons shipment; and then to Zagreb, Croatia, for distribution by a CIA-funded local hospital administrator-physician to unknowing war-wound victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The purpose of deliberate infection of warring communities was to find an ethnic group with inherent HIV resistance in the biologically diverse and physically isolated Balkans communities. The Obama appointee Jim Yong Kim as the World Bank chief resulted in absurdly low infection estimatess with rigged data to hide the extent of this war crime of medical abuse in Balkans, of which Joe Biden and his fellow Jesuit spooks were and are guilty to the brink of damnation. Faith is sometimes just a fig leaf to cover over evil.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is simmering and remains under-reported in the State Department's CIA-complicit media. Hunter Biden's absurdly generous payments from Burisma, according to one of my sources, was not simply to bribe his father and the Obama cronies, but had everything to do with payment for secret weapons shipments in the conflict with Russian-backed militias in the eastern Donetsk region. The CIA executives are profiting as middleman in that trade with international arms dealers.

The Bidens are brutal murderers whose toes properly should be stretched on the same gallows as that other Jesuit stooge Benito Mussolini. Tony Fauci, another Jesuit agent, is responsible for using NIH funds for the bioweapon engineering of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, Manitoba and Bristol, England, as tracked in my 27-part series. Mass murder is a capital offense, which the Supreme Court has managed to ignore.

Jesuit-Illuminati Linkages

Let me conclude with the connection of the Jesuits and the Illuminati with Joe Biden's nomination and personal accompaniment of Mike Bloomberg to his knighting by the Queen of England into the royal order of the Knights of the British Empire (KBE), as discussed in my in-depth article on Bloomie, which apparently has been censored by the CIA, British intel and the Rothschilds.

The Jesuit-Illuminati link is based on Adam Weiskopf's personal evolution as a Jesuit novice to found the Illuminism. Any doubters among the PC academics should read Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Travels in Italy, which includes his praise of the papal-banned Jesuits at the ruins of their former college in Brera, northern Italy. Goethe was the leading light of the Illuminati in the late 18th century.

Assuredly, it all goes deeper and wider, and religion and political correctness are being used as cover for mass murder on a global scale. The Marquis de Lafayette and Andrew Jackson were the saviors of this country, but in contrast the Bidens, Clintons, Obamas and Pelosi et al are damning a once-fine nation to the lower depths of hell. So stand with what's right to break their evil spell.

To quote Andrew Jackson: "The Bible is the rock upon which this Republic rests." It's high time to reopen the church doors to break the demonic spell that grips this great land.