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Beware The Ides of March


By Jim Kirwan


For those who do not know: “The Ides of March” is the ancient Roman Reference to March 15, of every year. Historically the reference was to the murder of Caesar, on March 15, 44 B.C. by the Roman Senate. For most Americans it used to be Income Tax Day, until that was moved to April 15, possibly to avoid putting ideas into the angry minds of those opposed to IRS.

During the rise & fall of Caesar and his estrangement from the populace, as well as from the criminal ways of the Senate, there were many things then, that are still with us today. The 'criers' that read out the orders of Caesar and the Senate to the public, was indeed the CNN of 44 B.C., and those words were feared at least as much as are the daily global lies that flood the airwaves of the world today.

But the problems of the Roman Empire were also in keeping with what we still react to now. The Roman Legions became suffused with foreign-blood and foreign tastes, to the point that the Roman Legions themselves could not be trusted by Rome. And when the Senators began to see the threat to their mini-empires, there was no choice—Caesar had to go. This was the Roman version of 'REGIME CHANGE' inside an ancient empire that seemingly had no other enemies ­ It appears that we are on the verge of repeating that history, both with the rise of Trump and the impending death of Obamanation.

The wreckage of the dying United States is presenting us with this version of 'The Ides of March', in which global-collapse is hovering at the edges of global-disaster, while world-financial mayhem lingers amid political chaos that has never been more conflicted: Yet through it all there's a whole new strain of outrageous criminality that refuses to be bound by any laws, anywhere else in the universe. This has to stop, because it cannot survive the onslaught that these policies are creating virtually everywhere upon the planet.

Consequently, the fabled warning this year represents a confluence of ideas that has come together for whatever is to transpire - from this coming Tuesday and beyond...

When I was just starting out, I worked in Pastels. In 1964 I did this image of something which is still at the core of what we all will soon have to face again, The image is weak but the words described the many problems then, that are perhaps more urgent now...

When you add the volume of massive-weapons that are everywhere throughout this land, to the barely-contained anger that describes the kind of poverty that rules the millions upon millions of us that have fallen by the wayside, or disappeared into the global slums of everyday life ­ then it's possible to imagine what will happen if we do not rein-in the three-headed ancient-dog Cerberus, that's always been the illusory guardian of the Gates of Hell, that has always ruled over so many billions of failed lives...

When you add to this dangerous circumstance the violence, sexual-perversion, forced changes of the languages, religions, food and habits that are being dictated out of existence around the world. by this tsunami of Muslims, that are flooding the planet with their hatred of women, Sharia Law, and their blood-cult that values beheadings, theft and barbaric destruction over anything that came after the 7th Century A.D.

That group of self-professed pretenders will soon feel the wrath of the millions when they will be savagely attacked, because the civilization's they have targeted, are just beginning to fight: When this third Jihad is over the Muslim's will have succeeded in forcing the removal of themselves from history and from this the world - forever!

There are lies and deceptions on every front now, so much so, that it would seem to require a miracle to reverse the nightmare ­ and thanks to the gross excesses of the corporate-government's ­ they and we, may yet be surprised to discover that even this 'government' is not immune from “Those lean & hungry lions... when their thoughts are heightened, by a stomach clawing at the backbone ­ where the vibrations of the mind are more susceptible to truth.”

Especially true when the vets and the forgotten of yesterday take up the arms they'll soon be taking back from those that are coming to slaughter them - to free themselves from the entrapment that abounds everywhere today.

The differences between our world and the downtrodden past, are far closer together now - than many can see. Because of the pure EVIL that's replaced everything that once composed our public and our private lives: This imbalance is something nature will correct, because life can't continue in that environment ­ it's not a question. Circumstances forced the murder of Caesar in 44 B.C. And similar-forces are about to rearrange the world again because we have shattered all the laws that once made living possible.

This March 15 is just another fake 'election day' marking a clear reminder that this place is not only, not a nation any longer, we are officially a lawless place where ambush, torture, rape and public assassination's are all permissible now: For anyone or any government to use, according to which part of the evil-Empire you work for?

Forget the fairy-tale world where there were supposedly any actual-rules: Those days are as dead and gone as Christians or Muslim's soon will be, once the gravity of the new reality hits home to stay.

Death & Slavery are the new ways of “BEING”. They are now the only things that matter anymore. What's being sought and even worshiped in far too many places, where life no longer has any value whatsoever 'we' made this all possible from the beginning - when we embraced the end of everything.

This is just trite until you begin to list exactly how much we've already lost: No one can believe anything that anyone else ever says, any longer. No lawyer, doctor, or teacher can any longer be believed. No corporation, politician, or media parrot can ever be taken seriously again - as everything that anyone gives voice to, is just part of someone else's plot ­ and you and I are just the common-schmucks that make it all so very possible, just as long as we actually listen to whatever is written, said or thought about

It's OVER people!

Every game comes to an end, once the targets figure it out. That's part of what this March fifteenth is really all about. Because politicians, elections and policies are nothing but sideline-variations on the fraud and duplicity wherever there's a filthy buck left to steal. Congratulations Amerilka ­ welcome to the end of times.

We once had laws that everyone had to observe, in theory, whether as a member of the government or as a common citizen—but with the publicly staged Ambush & Assassination of LaVoy Finicum, on top of Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas - it's crystal clear that there are no longer any limits on this government and citizens here are now fair game, no different at all, from everyone else on the planet.

If you want proof, note that the murder in Oregon that occurred on January 26, 2016 ­ and now some 24 days later, even though the assassination was shown to the world a few days after the murder, no one's been named for having fired the bullets that killed him. A small group of people have been 'detained' but only a few have been charged after weeks of solitary confinement at the hands of the same illegal courts that commissioned the murder: The same outlaws sponsored the official coverup, of the crimes they committed in Nevada almost two years ago. Once this government conspiracy was able to entrap some peaceful 'Constitutionalists' in Oregon ­ then these supposed-god-like-powers, linked their murder of Finicum to the legal standoff in Nevada, which they very publicly 'lost'...

Yesterday it was announced that “this has become a complex case” that now won't be able to come to trial until 2017 ­ but the accused will remain in jail until their totally rigged trials' finally get illegally underway ­ years from now.

Nothing was mentioned about the nine bullets that killed LaVoy Finicum, or the hundreds of shots fired in a failed effort to kill the rest of the people in the convoy ­ who were all unarmed—but nonetheless they came under intense fire from still unidentified 'police'.

Either it is illegal to kill unarmed people in public, or it is not. And regardless of who pulls the triggers, all of those involved must be publicly named and photographed—since that's now done to every potential suspect, regardless of their innocence or guilt. This is especially relevant today since the police routinely murder over a hundred people every month ­ that works out to 1,200 murders of ordinary Americans by thugs in uniform each and every year.

It's things like that imbalance in the soaring murder rates, between the armed-to-the-teeth cops and the public: That is what this Ides of March could probably soon begin to alter. The public has clearly been told: First in the confrontation in Nevada, where the public was treated like cattle and some of their cattle were burned and others were killed, their water pumping stations were destroyed, their fencing torn down, and the people there were treated like something from the Ghetto in WWII Poland ­ heading toward an American version of Stalin's Gulag's.

That trick was short circuited by volunteer marksmen that materialized to protect the public from the BLM & the FBI. After being forced to abandon their brutalization of the Bundy Ranch and its defenders, the so-called government left with their tails between their legs.

NO CHARGES were filed against anyone, in 2014 in Nevada, but the government moved on into Oregon and seized on Dwight Hammond and his ranch. Recharging him and his son for a bogus crime they had already served time, and paid a $400,000 fine for, illegally. When members of the Bundy family came to Oregon in an attempt to help their friends, the two cases, as far as the federal-assassin's were concerned, became joined at the hip—yet no one's been named in the murder of Finicum or the wounding of a passenger in the convoy that was peacefully going to meet with the constitutional-sheriff of John Day, in another county, when the fatal attack cut short that trip.

All of this is about to reach center-stage very soon, so you need to think about it because when the store shelves begin to empty, uniforms will no longer matter. On the other hand why should we wait until we're starving, why take down your weapons and clean them, in preparation for fixing what we can, before we lose everything we still have to date?

That's part of what “Remembering the Ides of March” is and was always about! Flawed selections, massively criminal governments in a world made totally from DECEPTIONS & LIES which they seek to pass off as Double-Speak for “TRUTH”.

Ironically this coming Tuesday is the also the third Tuesday of the Month, which means that you'll probably be listening to the voting while I'll be talking to Jeff sometime next Tuesday night, listen if you can...


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