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Between The Lines


By Jim Kirwan



NATO defense ministers ... [will] make a decision to further increase the strength and capacity of the 13,000-strong NATO Response Force (NRF) to 30,000 or 40,000 troops,” Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday.

The decision is to be officially announced during NATO’s defense ministers meeting on June 24-25 in Brussels.

The troops will be under the command of 6 HQs to be stationed in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. The Spearhead Force will include Special Forces and rapid response teams, enforced with marine and air components.

A new rapid reaction force ready to be deployed within 48 hours was initially intended to consist of 4,000 troops…

Here’s the way the people in Europe will soon be seeing US troops in Europe. The Question for Americans is:


Americans in America?

When you read ‘Between the Lines’ everything becomes much clearer.

For instance NATO began their currently belligerent attacks on the borders of Russia with a trifling 4,000 troops and some armaments, accompanied by some pathetically named “practice actions”. Now four months later NATO’s back in the EU with a ten-fold increase in their weapons and their belligerence, seemingly just begging for any chance to invade Russia and start WWIII—to attempt to justify their pointless existence.

If you look “Between the Lines” for JADE HELMS, ostensibly the practice-program designed to “Master the Human Domain” ­ the similarities are ominously familiar. Three months ago Jade Helm was announced: At the time giving Americans 4 months to prepare. Last month the mercenary Corporation (USI) that runs this place moved the time line up. In between announcements huge amounts of military equipment convoys began to appear, in vast numbers, all around the U.S. and not just in the ten states where this “exercise” will supposedly be held.

The amount of troops involved here, given the amount of weaponry, appears to have increased by at least ten-fold: Making what will soon begin here in JADE HELM a carbon copy of what the US is about to do to Europe via NATO, under the false-flag of “Russia Did It” for everything that the US now says “Is Russia’s international aggression”.

The only problem with the entire disinformation campaign is that U.S.I. has never provided any proof of Russian culpability in any of the “crimes” which USI continues to scream about all around the planet.

Meanwhile in America, more and more videos continue to surface, about the now highly visible military hardware, but so far there’s been no mention about where the troops will come from to use all these blatantly displayed weapons: Or for that matter who will be pulling the triggers that will be needed to use the tens of billions of hollow-point bullets that the so-called government already has in stock­ enough to kill every man woman and child in this country several times over?

Nothing from the war-criminals in government here ­ about any of that, just more leaking of so called “tactics” and piles of government double-speak to attempt to scare more and more Americans into “preparing” for the tanks and troops in the streets (for the exercise of course).

The true irony is that U.S.I. is showing the world exactly what they are about to do to Europe and inside the USA, to the peoples in both Europe and in America - in broad daylight, yet still the global-public has not risen to their own defense.

Will we ever finally figure it out and open fire on these traitors before they decide to make targets out of every person still alive in this country?

Meanwhile Europe is finally beginning to figure out that the IMF and the Global-Bankers are nothing but international-conn-artists, financial-thugs and global-extortionists: The fact that paying evermore for bailout funding to pay even more extortion to bankers that only increase the taxes while they raise interest on the fraudulent loans they already created: Meanwhile the global-populations continue to be raped, and financially tortured in the name of an Austerity that only deepens all the pain while it kills growth in every country that it touches ­ and they’ve been running this international-racket since the end of WWII.

It’s time for the world to lynch the leaders, confiscate the money and jail everyone else that had anything to do with creating this global con-game ­ preferably before they get another chance to steal even more of the global gold, or the privately held money that belongs to ordinary people worldwide…

Hey ­ it’s time to stop waiting for someone else to do what must begin to happen ­ Do your homework: Find out where your local banker’s live, and the local cops ­ after all they know EVERYTHING about you from your childhood all the way down to what you had for breakfast ­ is it not time for you to begin to make files on those creatures who have made it their business to destroy your life from the inside out?

You need to REMEMBER they have been targeting you and yours for decades and they still have targeted you and those you love with their obsessive desire to exercise Extreme Prejudice, to end your life ­ so what’s keeping you from opening files on anyone with a title; anyone that has forced himself or herself into your life, without an invitation?

At the very least you need to familiarize yourself with the word “NO” and use it, in some way, every time you speak to anyone in authority…

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