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Better Schools…Or A New (Communist)
Form Of Government (1956)

From Charlotte Iserbyt


The reader will find a fascinating, very early (1956) report written by Parents of New York (PONY), starting on page 206 of Written Submissions, included as part of Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education (EGRTRTE) disc set.

Please click on link below and scroll down to PONY report at page 206:

New Form of Government relates to later Community Education, and now President Obama's Dept. of Justice Community Oriented Policing System (COPS).

Goal is institutionalization of communist form of government (regionalism) using  unelected public/private partnerships.  Only those with the "correct" attitudes and values will be selected  to participate in new unelected/appointed form of government and education, etc.

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The following report  is taken from Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education (EGRTRTE) Written Submissions, page 206:

“Better Schools” or a New Form of Government? was written in 1956.

"PONY-U said the report is the result of extensive research and inquiry on the part of the members of the Council on Educational Needs into the
policy of the New York State Education Department
It is the belief of the Council that the information disclosed and the questions raised by the disclosures herein, are of the most vital importance to the welfare of all the People of the State of New York.” PONY-U reprinted this report “because it provides the background for what is happening in our schools today.  (1956, ed)

Redesign is the vehicle Mr. Nyquist has mandated to bring about the intermediate school district and BOCES is the intermediate school district.

Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS) is the means for establishing State and Federal control over the school system."

CHARLOTTE:  Excerpt from PONY report, page 210, but please read report in its entirety.

Page 210
This is but a partial list of the techniques employed to implant the idea our traditional units of government are unsatisfactory and we need new methods to satisfy our “desires.” In the school itself the use of the so-called “continuous prog- ress theory” of education which commands parents not to concern themselves with what their children are learning and is responsible for parents being told, when they persist in worrying about their children’s achievement,” the child wasn’t wanted, “the child isn’t loved enough at home” or “there is something wrong in the home” is a part—and the most reprehensible part—of preparing for the “new” democracy. The unbelievable tragedy of this political movement or plan to change our traditional representative form of government through public schools under the magic of the word “education,” is the fact this diabolical plan or scheme is implemented more securely every year through the generosity and subservience of the very people who will be the first to be destroyed by the thing — the politicians or party leaders in the Legislature and state government (Follett’s “political bosses”). Follett in her “Creative Experience” is quite explicit in the idea that in the “new democracy” practically all law will have to be administrative and more or less made on the spot by “experts” so it will be “relevant” or “circular response."

Available at
The New State: Group Organization, The Solution Of Popular Government (1918)

The disciples and theory of this “new democracy” are sup- ported and promoted by thousands of well-meaning parents and public spirited citizens who have never realized they are the victims of a deliberate, long range political movement designed to take advantage of their respect for education and their devotion to their children and aspirations for better things for them through education. It is not difficult to deceive and mislead people who are acting in good faith and are trusting and respectful. It does not require intelligence, ability, diligence, skill, knowledge or good will. It does require misrepresentation and deliberate ill will.

The Council on Educational Needs does not dispute the right of Follett or anyone else to formulate such theories nor the right of any individual to subscribe to them, but it does pro- test and condemn their implementation through deceit and misrepresentation and the use of tax funds and legal authority in the name of the children and public education.

The Council on Educational Needs urges that all who are op- posed to this sneak attack on our traditional form of govern- ment, immediately contact their local and state political lead- ers on all levels and demand a thorough investigation of this situation by duly constituted and unbiased representatives of the People of the State of New York and the appropriate agencies of the Congress of the United States since there is evidence to indicate the use of Federal funds in the promo- tion of this movement to change our form of Government. Psychological Services for Schools, edited by W.D. Wall (New York University for UNESCO Institute for Education [1956], $2.75) “Here complete with the usual verbiage about the fullest pos- sible development of each child’s personality in consonance with the needs of his society,” is a report on the extent to which “educational psychologists” have succeeded in pen- etrating the school systems of Europe. This leads, of course, to a vision of the glorious future in which every school and every family in the world will be run by a “child guidance clinic team of psychologist, psychiatrist, and psychiatric social worker.”

Three such experts should be able unassisted to break any child’s spirit and reduce him to a well- adjusted little moron incapable of serious thought or moral integrity. In this way the happy world of the future will be assured of a population uniformly composed of carefree little rabbits who will contentedly sit in their cages and nibble the lettuce so generously provided by their Keepers. R.P.O. [Emphasis added, ed.] .

This report by the Council on Educational Needs — originally published in Bulletin, Vol. 1, Issue 3, Council on Educational Needs (New York) 1957 — was reprinted by Parents of New York United (PONY-U, INC.), no date. The following is from a document posted at:
“Better Schools” or a New Form of Government?

P.S. Interesting that new social studies text book for elementary school which I found in early 1970s, in Camden, Maine, which I discussed in what I call my Green Dress 2001 You Tube interview, was:


Mainely Unspoken "Dumbing Down of Schools" with Charlotte Iserbyt


the deliberate dumbing down of america, 1999,  Appendix I:  Excerpt from Community-Centered Schools Community-Centered Schools: The Blueprint, Montgomery County, Maryland Schools, as proposed by Dr. Nicholaus L. Englehardt and Associates, Consultants, and written by Dr. Walter D. Cocking (New York City: April 1, 1946). This was probably the most important blueprint for the nation, although The Hawaii Master Plan [see 1969] certainly follows in its footsteps. Dr. Paul Mort’s statement below is right on target. It took exactly fifty years to implement “The Blueprint” in every school of the nation. Letter of transmittal states: [The] program should be put into operation gradually… and Dr. Paul Mort and others have accumulated evidence which shows a period of almost fifty years between the establishment of need (need assessment, etc.) and the school programs geared to meet it.

If the school as an agency of society is to justify itself for the period ahead of us, it must be accepted that its fundamental function is to serve the people of the entire community, the very young children, the children of middle years, early adolescent youth, older youth and the adults as well.

The task of the teacher of the future is a greatly different task than that which teachers usually performed in the past. The fundamental equipment expected of the teacher of yesterday was knowledge of the subject he taught. Modern education demands teachers who are acquainted by experience as well as by study with our democratic society and who participate actively in the life of the community.

They have a broad cultural background and an understanding of world conditions. Teacher educational institutions have not prepared teachers to do these things. Prior emphasis has been upon subject matter and method.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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