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The Betrayal
of America

By Jim Kirwan


For the last fifty years the United States has been lying to the public about how the ordinary people are supposedly “represented” by congress & the entire government. Politicians talk about “talking to the people” about everything they continue to do to us, yet that has never happened.


Consequently the government continues to use the burned-out-shell of dead-government to hide what really happens in every instance where laws are changed and votes are taken against the public’s interests.

Currently over 91% of Americans’ do NOT want war in Syria. There is a promised “VOTE” on going-to-war in Syria that is “pending” before the congress. If the nation goes to war in Syria that will be yet another war-crime, unless we have the approval of the United Nations Security Council—which will not be forthcoming. Without the approval of the UN, a military attack on Syria is an act of war: According to the International Rules of War.

The U.S. has not chosen to observe either International or the national-laws of other nations when it comes to who we decide to attack, anywhere in the world. This time the survival of the planet literally hangs in the balance over the explosive-situation in Syria. This could be stopped if the public forces the congress to hold a joint session of Congress ­ to vote in person, on whether or not the US will listen to the 91% of the public or to the global-treason inherent in the criminal-voice of Israel. (1)

For decades the government has hidden its decisions behind rigged votes and deceptive tactics to bloc or reverse the will of the people of the United States. This time there will be no clauses, no special-conditions, nothing else but to determine whether or not the US wants to jump into another illegal war (a war we started two and half years ago).

The public has tried demonstrations, letters, complaints, lawsuits and threats: None of that worked. It is time to challenge the government, face to face, to show the world exactly how this supposed Democratic-Republic was suppose to operate—in the open and on national-international television.

DEMAND that this government take a few commercial-free-hours to hold the promised vote in the open where everyone can see exactly who will vote to uphold the 91% of the constituents’ views—and who will NOT!

Take just a few moments

Send “Demystify the Syrian Vote” to every news organization

Politician or appointee that supposedly represents you.

Call if you like but phone banks in Washington

Will likely be flooded.



Tape the session and act against

Any member that votes against your preference.

For decades the congress and the government have hidden behind fake laws and bogus-procedures of the congress to block the will of the majority on every major issue which they continue to force down our throats. This time why not use their tactics against them, put the congress on trial in this vote and use this issue to stop this “WAR” before Nero can move to get it started!

Those who say that “nothing will work” should buy their coffins today, because the rest of us are going to nail these bastards to the nearest tree, unless they finally do what they said they would ­ which is to have an UP or DOWN vote on The War in Syria.

This coming vote will end any further confusion. It will not be revisited, and it will not be amended, it is what it will be. The members of the government that choose to go against the results of this vote will be summarily dealt with.

Over 300 members of congress have signed loyalty oaths that swear allegiance to Israel over the oaths they took when they were elected to congress, or to any U.S. government office. If they vote for Israel and against the USA, by honoring their bribes over the public interest, then they will still get their “thirty-pieces of silver” but they will not survive any future elections in this country. Once people know who did what on this vote, we will know definitively who the proven enemies of this nation are and who they have always been, by selling out the country, time after time after time…

If these traitors reject their former backers and vote for America, then they must take the next step and publicly ban AIPAC and all Jewish organizations here, unless they register as the agents of a foreign nation, which they have always refused to do.

Prosecutions will probably follow no matter what the traitors do, once the public knows who is “American” and who has created the nightmare of the slave-state that we’re living in now.

The rest of the country has long known that things are a bit different “inside the beltway.” But a new and most unusual wrinkle has emerged from the Obama Administration’s rush to war. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobby, is now being seen as caught between a rock and a hard place.

AIPAC officially backs the Obama Administration’s campaign to strike Syria. But now that Congress has awaken to the fact that the American people are sick and tired of being lied into wars, AIPAC’s efforts to sell Obama’s war plans may fall on ears of elected men and women who, for once, might actually vote in accordance with the wishes of their constituencies — imagine that!

Ha’aretz, considered by many to be “the New York Times of Israel,” reported today, “…now that the American Jewish establishment has come off the fence to loudly endorse the president’s policy, the fallout from an Administration failure to convince Congress could claim two additional victims: Israel and the influential lobby that supports it.” The entire article is worth reading. Click here to access the story.” (2)

Tell the people you know about what might be coming in the next 72 hours: Because that’s the most likely day when the new wars (Or the next false-flag attack on the US) will break out. Nine-Eleven-Thirteen is the twelfth anniversary of 911 - which just happens to be the birthday of Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria.

Let’s make sure that 9-11-13 is not the beginning of the end for all of us! Contact anyone who might help this “VOTE” succeed ­ and do whatever follow-up may be required…

1) Demystify the Syrian Vote!

2) American Israel Public Affairs Committee Faces Defeat?



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