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By Jim Kirwan


When this ‘betrayal’ went into high gear it began with naming the largest agency in US history, something called “Homeland Security”. That ‘something’ was borrowed from the Nazi’s, several years before Hitler became prominent: And there was not even been a murmur of public discontent.

The reason this system is a total failure is because those who wrote the Constitution failed to conceive of a time when the entire government of the United States could ever have been totally taken over from within. But that is exactly what has happened.

The constitution put great faith in ballot boxes. Knowing this, the government promptly put an end to free and fair elections throughout the system which began to corrupt the American ballot system back in the 1960’s. By the 1990’s we no longer had any real elections that could not easily be thrown to any candidate that the owners decided to select. Add to that the fact that all real choices had been totally eliminated between the supposed candidates. This made the entire practice a total fraud, yet despite knowing this, the public keeps right on voting as if, as criminal as it is, “voting” makes any difference at all. It only adds gasoline to the fire and intensifies every problem that we have had since Ronald Reagan began to blindside Amerikans with DEBT financing, death-squads, and arms for hostages that began even before he was sworn in, in 1980.

This government changes the laws about once a week, sometimes even more often, but all of it is criminal and yet the public supposedly can’t do anything about anything that is routinely done until another election cycle comes around: Once every 104 weeks. That’s no way to run a Republic or even a massively corrupt democracy.

Just look at us now! Things have never been worse, yet the government never offers any solutions, never alters any of the criminal laws they routinely pass, without ever reading any of them, or any of the garbage that Obamanation writes as legislation—no matter how outrageous any of all-that has become…

Any society that would expect any solutions to come from such a total-conspiracy has to be far beyond stupid—hell we’re brain dead!

We have no voice, no representation and yet we still pay all the bills they lay upon us each and every minute of every day.

We continue with our lives even though we have no health-care, no real jobs, no wage increases since 1973 for the people that keep the filthy-CEO’s afloat, in billions upon billions of unearned money. We are tracked and spied on, harassed and violated routinely each and every day by a Mossad-trained army of masked thugs that have intensified their tactics with us, as if they were stationed in the heart of Iraq during the primary battles in that war. Now we’ve about to experience the Amerikan version of Abu Ghraib, right here in the good old USA. (1)

We hold elections and people still supposedly care about which asshole is running for what, when they are all identical. The only difference is a name-tag, but they all play for the same team. The media holds national political festivals and they amp these events as if these gathering were about appointing a god over all the rest of us—despite the FACT that we know that these creatures are all criminals: The reason has to be that a majority of those voting seem to believe that they will somehow directly benefit from these criminal-corporate-grabs or from any of the other “possibilities” which have been made possible by the Fascist Police State Inc.

This has been going on for Thirteen Years now people. Nothing has changed, except it continues to get much worse each and every month. I cannot understand how so many people could have failed to notice anything that’s continuing to happen here—to all of us!

When Bush announced that they were going to disable our existing television-sets with a whole new concept: So that if you wanted a TV you had to have one that can spy on you. I threw out the $3,500.00 set that I had, and never looked back. I still can’t understand why anyone would still own a TV set, knowing what it can and does do, to anyone that watches it, whether it’s on or not. But moreover why would anyone believe anything that’s being broadcast when you KNOW that the same handful of people control all the news: And they have since the end of the Vietnam War?

As we get deeper and deeper into the quicksand of this quagmire there are so many more questions that are uncovered almost every day—that it literally boggles the mind, and yet no one seems to care.

For instance it has recently come to light that Israel is nothing but a bunch of petty-thugs acting on behalf of the Vatican. The Vatican and the Jesuits are what is truly in control of all the land and all the people of this planet, including both the Zionists and the Jews of Israel. One might think that such a finding might at least make headlines somewhere? Yet there is so much more that hasn’t been covered either; so that after while if begins to feel like the rest of us live on an alien-planet already: And that universal-clock just keeps on ticking while this government has decided that Californians will now be denied 90% of our own water—in the middle of this HAARP created drought.

We are past the point of protests. It’s time to take out the government beginning with the FED, The UN, and the entire congress that should all be sent to Jerusalem, after we relieve them of every cent they have ever made from all their treasons. Of course that would assume that they would live long enough to leave this place.

If these creatures were in business they wouldn’t last even a few months, because you can’t run a successful business by stealing from your customers 24-7 each and every day. But these creatures continue to blackmail, steal, loot and murder those that they supposedly need to keep up the pretense that they actually own something of any real value—but that too is all nothing but another pack of lies. Here’s how this scam is about to fall completely apart.

The domino of retail CRE will not fall in isolation; it will topple the domino of debt next to it. That the retail trade is stagnating has been well-established: for example, The Retail Death Rattle (The Burning Platform).

Equally well-established is the vulnerability of the bricks-n-mortar commercial real estate sector to this downturn: yesterday's analysis by Mark G. makes the case: After Seven Lean Years, Part 2: US Commercial Real Estate: The Present Position and Future Prospects.

I'd like to extend Mark's excellent analysis a bit because it suggests that the retail CRE (commercial real estate) sector will likely be the first domino to fall in the next financial crisis--the one we all know is brewing.

Let's start with two charts of retail that I have marked up:
the first is a chart of retail traffic from The Burning Platform story above. Note the phenomenal building boom in retail space from 2000 to 2008: nine straight years of adding about 300 million square feet of retail space each year. read more (2)

We are becoming a 4th world nation, of that there can be no more doubt. So why, given all of the above is anyone still listening to anyone in any part of this criminal-enterprise? Better yet, why have none of them been publicly hung!

BETRAYAL” is a huge crime. When it involves an entire nation it has to be answered for. And when it’s gone on for over a hundred years then the effects of the BACKLASH will be horrendous ­ but then we all intrinsically KNOW that PAYBACK will always be a bitch!

1) Emergency Alert: Obama Has Begun the Round-Ups 11min 27sec VIDEO

2) The First Domino to Fall: Retail-CRE (Commercial Real Estate)

HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent



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