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By Jim Kirwan


What happened today caps the last sixteen years of blatant criminality

by every department of the Feral Government ­ it's all been UNCONSITUTIONAL


apparently the public doesn't give a damn about anything that's happened.


The much awaited announcement by the FBI amounts to a thunderous dud. It is clear that the “FBI” is still lying about everything they have investigated since they reviewed the theft of the presidency by Bush Jr. back on 12-12-2000. That was followed by the Israeli-Rothschild attack on 911, and they have continued to “support” the outlaws in USI, at every step, from those early crimes all the way to today's obscenity.

FBI's Comey: Clinton 'extremely careless about e-mails, but bureau will not advise criminal charges

Apparently everyone has forgotten that it was the congress that was responsible for, holding open hearings, and then asking Federal Marshall's to arrest the guilty, pending a public trial for the crimes committed. Yet this has not happened even once in the last 16 years, during which time two administrations have lied to the public repeatedly about every major activity that this government has engaged in. Millions upon millions of people all over the world have been murdered, damaged, raped or tortured—yet this government has not thought it “advisable” to question anything that anyone has done under orders.--which includes the murder of the US AMBASSADOR & three others, IN LIBYA.

The responsibility for allowing that to happen rested on Hillary Clinton, yet she was not questioned by the servile and slovenly FBI, instead their focus was on her mishandling of State Department communications, much of which was classified: And now we see the whole bureaucratic

collusion coming together to protect one of their own ­ again ­ instead of having her arrested and being held for trial.

What is clear is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is totally corrupt, from top to bottom: That's proven by the fact that we have no whistle-blowers willing to risk their lives to tell the public the truth. And that's backed up by the totally complicit congress that refuses to get involved, or to carry out their own sworn duties to protect and defend the Constitution & the people of the United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic...

We have literally tens of millions of officer's of the courts in this country (lawyers) none of which have dared to come forward to charge the government with any of the tens of thousands of crimes that we've been committing against Americans and the world ­ especially since the New Millennium.

But it is their duty to raise the alarm in the face of treason, war-crimes, crimes-against-humanity or genocide ­ all of which is now routine among the functions and duties of the armed forces of the USSA and their multitudes of mercenaries as well as “our” uniformed troops ­ worldwide.

And on top of everything else - the public doesn't give a damn about anything that continues to happen in the wider-world, so why would they care about a little more criminality in the creatures “running for president?

Comey & all his benefactors ought to be arrested and charged with attempting to steal the election by allowing a clear but un-indicted felon to run for the presidency as though she had done nothing wrong: When the truth is she has never done anything right in the entire 40 plus years of here filthy-public-life.

It of course remains to be seen what effect this blatant “FIX” will have on the farce of the national selection process, but if the public has any spine then Hillary should never be allowed to get anywhere near the office. Both she and all her twisted outlaw friends need to be behind bars while they await sentencing, before the presidential election is held!


If this or something very like it is not done SOON, then it is quite possible that the public might well take things into their own hands so that nothing like this will ever happen again...

The other side of this outrage:

Giuliani: FBI decision 'special exception for the Clintons'


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