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Now Bernie Drags Out The 'Holocaust' Trash

By Patricia Doyle

"I’m Jewish. My father’s family died in concentration camps.  
I will do everything I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism.

-- Bernie Sanders

Hello Jeff - This is the full statement Bernie made.  He does not mention that racism goes both ways  How about black racism against whites?  We never hear the socio-communist talk about reverse racism.  How come we do not hear the Irish descendants in Iceland demand reparations for slavery? Iceland has a large population of Irish, also Irish were there from the beginning. The Irish and Scots were used as slaves.  Only the blacks, specifically Black Lives Matter are demanding reparations for slavery.

First of all, how many alive today were actually descendants of slaves?  It is impossible to get information on the fathers and grandfathers of the current generation, so how are you going to prove slave ancestry?  

Another fact is that a majority of the blacks in the US were immigrants and they CHOSE TO COME HERE.  There are many illegal blacks from Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, etc, etc.  There was a massive immigration from West Africa to the US starting in the 1920's.

So many black families are single parent families.  The children do not know their fathers and that entire side of a family.  Many times the mother has no idea who the father was.  How are they going to prove slave ancestry?  They are not, they will just take billions of dollars from white taxpayers who had nothing whatsoever to do with slaves and give it to whoever is black.  Hillary is totally FOR reparations.

Well, I am Irish and I want reparations.  The Irish indentured servants built the Eerie Canal, as wel as many of the roads and highways.

As for Bernie's rather disgusting pandering quote about the 'holocaust'…

Practically everyone who is Jewish (or claims to be) always seems to say their family was killed in the concentration camps.  Think about it.  How many times have we had to listen to that?  Well, Bernie is no different.  

Of course, he was ranting about Trump and those muslim illegals whose son died in the military.  (He was in the military to get his family legal status.)  That is why there are so many Mexicans and other foreigners in our military.  They get automatic citizenship!

Back to Bernie   Why is it the Jews tote out the 'holocaust' at every turn?  It is always "I lost my entire family in concentration camps" and it was either in Poland or that horrible country with White people known as Germany.

I have seen  people claim to have been in concentration camps but they were born AFTER 1946 or 48.  Funny how that happens.  To be a survivor one would have to be at least 72 now.  We seem to be getting more and more 'holocaust survivors' as the years go by!  By 2020, I can imagine there will be millions more 'concentration camp survivors.'   By the year 3000 aka y3K, there will still be 'holocaust survivors' around to collect money from the idiot non-jews willing to pay it.  'Guilt' has long arms.   I am surprised that Bernie doesn't mention any Jew relatives lost in Stalin purges and pogroms…but, alas, there is no money to be paid for that.  

What especially infuriates me is how Obama gave billions to Israel in the annual shake-down, and Bibi the Blackmailer is still asking for more.  Pure greed…endless greed…Jewish he knows the US will go down when Hillary  gets in or steals the election.  The US will be a Third World sewer and all of the money will go to blacks and muslims...and the Jews feel they won't get theirs.  The ones who won't get anything will be the remnants of the poor old middle class…the ones who pay the taxes for this free-for-all. I can see BLM and other groups driving around in their Mercedes and wearing Rolex watches. They will have a tootsie time (my Grandmother's expression) taxing and SPENDING...and I do mean spending.  



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