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The Beginning Has Begun

By Jim Kirwan


The United Nations Trojan House has been dealt a Death Blow,

With the Death of TPP, the U.S. will escape

from the crimes of Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. & Obama.

This is finally being brought to us by Trump!

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the illegal tool of the UN was used by the last four presidents to make end runs' around the U.S. Constitution, to surrender our arms, steal our land, and soon to attack our citizens among other things: While the UN would have continued to hold the entire world hostage over every violation of the international-rules of war and the massive violations against dozen upon dozens of nations that had appealed without effect to the UN - to save millions of people around the world from torture, rape and the outright slavery that has led us all into global privation with the near total lack of food, water or survival. All of this has been constantly protected from global-prosecution by the Fake-United-Nations that has always made everything they were called on to fix ­ much, much worse.

Most Americans don't know that the traitor Joe Biden, under instructions from Obama, had ordered the UN to take away the arms of all American citizens ­ in direct violation of the Second Amendment under the UN Charter and against the U.S. Constitution.

The illegal and criminal vaccinations are also based on UN enforcement's along with many other twisted laws that have strangled the basic rights of all Americans ­ under the fake-laws of P.C. dictatorship and the leadership of LBGTQ ­ whenever possible, which was all made possible because no American Citizen could possibly protest against the tyranny of the UN ­ which is of course why their supposed-authority was being used against the US Constitution: Having already classified the Americans that wanted to maintain their own nation as nothing but racist and sexist bigots ­ who supposedly hate anyone who is not white. The above is just the bare minimum of why the so-called United Nations must be removed from the United States, and the world, that has never needed what they have supposedly “contributed to anything” - To anything that is now so desperate and world-wide”.

The peace-talks being held on Syria, right now. This is a perfect example of just how impotent the UN has always been, from Bosnia, through Africa, Ukraine and the entire Middle East ­ all of those wars were first appealed to the UN to absolutely no relief at all ­ in addition to making the global sex-trade and the illegal trade in body parts, the illegal-arms and drug-trade worldwide skyrocket: Whenever the supposedly neutral U.N. was called in.

Not to mention the current and continuing global obsession with snuff-films and pedophilia, sodomy, rape and sexually transmitted diseases that have become a world-wide curse that continues to explode from the Vatican, London, and Washington to the entire upper-crust of every country in the West ­ most of which has been protected and spread by the criminal-immigration-policies that are still being encouraged everywhere by the damned U.N. - in direct violation of everything normal that has kept humanity and civilization alive for five thousand years...

Of course George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush & Obama all played their massive parts in keeping this criminal organization alive and profiting - wherever that damned blue flag with the captured world enshrined within that 'flag' is shown ­ this was a brilliant stroke by the Trump administration to begin with, to take back America from the tentacles of international-terror and global-crime along with what the public can now follow up with here in Domestic America ­ without any of these tentacles below.

With the kind of start that Trump has now begun, it will now be far easier

to not just Drain the Swamp, but to free the people of the United States from these parasites that have been killing us all from within,

since Israel was illegally created in 1948.

The one thing that this new beginning is making clear is that we cannot let this new government walk away from the crimes of the past ­ we must quickly put an end to those outlaws ­ permanently ­ and then move on.

In the meantime ­ this fourth day marks a massive breakthrough from everything that's happened since these same bastards murdered John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

THANKS Donald Trump, for this start that you're making to honor your word about Draining the American Swamp.

Now it's up to the rest of us to do our part to make sure this happens!

US exit from United Nations could become reality with fresh bill



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