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The Beginning of the End

By Jim Kirwan


The Beginning of the End of us began in the 1960's when we began to end literature, in favor of marketing, graffiti instead of art, noise over music, sex over personal-commitments and the beginnings of the end-game of computers over typewriter's telephones and ordinary conversation.

The literal beginning for all of it came with the rise of the Flower Children over the remnants of the Beat Generation, in San Francisco and New York. By June of 1969 the Stonewall Riots in N.Y. began P.C. in America. That event and San Francisco's rise in that movement marked the beginning of LGBTQ in the USA and the end of the American-spectrum that had been targeted for total obliteration.

The seventies marked the end of the possibilities for Americans to earn their way to the top: Salaries were frozen for working Americans by the Committee of 300, and we've been going backwards since 1973.

Know Your Enemy”The Committee of 300” Membership List

By the late 1980's all the American Publishing Houses had been purchased by Bertelsmann in Germany.

America retained the names of our legendary corporations, but all decisions about what could be printed, from newspapers and magazines to posters and prints; all decisions came directly from the New World Order, even then.

Their decisions about what could be printed or distributed was no longer based on viability, popularity or on market share, everything by then was totally political. Composers, writers and artists were rapidly informed about these changes in regard to the availability of topics that would be allowed to reach the global-public. It soon went without saying that television and media coverage was included in the clampdown on what the public could be allowed to consider ­ anywhere.

These 'sea-changes' in American-politics and society had become almost all-powerful by the late 1990's thanks to the massively criminal support of the Clinton Administration. Yet, even then the shadow-government of the all-powerful and international private corporations was still able to stay out of the spotlight.

By June of 1997 the War for control of the New San Francisco Public Library was in full swing. A handfull of activists and an outraged public took on the corporate monster's that were stealing the New Public Library for the computer industry and the Phone Company, in the guise of SBC. By that time LBGTQ had already taken over most of San Francisco, and their obscene attack by the corporations to steal city hall had not yet formerly begun.

High Tech Barbarians At the Gates

In the end the public and the activists 'lost' after five years of in-fighting., but the corrosion of city life in San Francisco had already been set and the evictions of tens of thousands proceeded. Life in this city has continued unabated to the point that life under the streets would be preferable to the filth that has taken over 'the quality of real life' in San Francisco.

Fast Forward to the present day and to: The West Wing

Inside the lives of staffers in the West Wing of the White House. Creator:Aaron Sorkin Stars: Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Allison Janney | See full cast & crew Television series 1999 ­ 2006.

This highly awarded 7 year long television series was running weekly throughout the beginning of everything that began with the theft of the White House by Bush Junior, on 12-12-2000, the attacks of 911, to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and on and on ­ with no reference in the series to any of the total treason that was being committed daily in the West Wing of the real White House.

This was a total Hollywood-psyop created by Israel to distract the public from the actual events of the days' and times' ­ that continued long after this popular series stopped in 2006. I've spent the last two weeks re-watching this series only to discover some amazing facts that have somehow escaped the public's notice.

In the series the public sees the existence of Christmas, New Year's and Thanksgiving at the White House, no mention of Halloween. But there is one glaring fact from the Pledge of Allegiance, that could end the problems we're having with the Muslim population that has invaded this nation.

One Nation Under God”

That phrase is part of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

In the United States Constitution

that must be sworn to by everyone entering the U.S., to be a U.S. citizen.

It is also noteworthy that since the end of the West Wing series we no longer celebrate Christmas. Last year there was no longer a Christmas Tree at the White House, it's been replaced on the White House lawn by a Jewish Menorah without any national comment about this stark change, or the fact that Christianity is under attack from LGBTQ and Israel together with the Muslim community that only arrived in numbers during the last twelve years—having been started by George Soros, when he began to build the tens of thousands of Mosques in the United States in 2004 (well within the scope of the West Wing series), but of which there is no mention.

Congressman: Obama Admin Withholding Info About 86,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants

86,000 criminal illegal immigrants have committed 231,000 crimes
in past two and a half years (k -that's only 10% of the number of migrants here)

In the White House today we have a pervert who is a homosexual Muslim-communist, married to a man that dresses like a woman. And for the last seven years Obama's been doing his damnedest to destroy this nation from the ground up: The exact opposite of Martin Sheen's portrayal of the fictional president in “The West Wing”.

Basically there's nothing left of this nation 'to protect'. The United States of America has clearly become the worst thing that could have ever happened to the world that we've been trying to exterminate, almost from the beginnings of this Republic, that barely lasted 20 years.

What we must all react to today is this:

Muslims are not a race. They are not a religion: They are an IDEOLOGY

They have no formal state because their ideology

is all about hate and the willful murder of anyone that is not a Muslim.

No one can build a life on the non-existent goals of Allah,

that leaves no room for anyone to live their own life,

much less to care about the lives of anyone else.

Anyone that enters the United States to live here, must swear an oath

to this nation and to the laws of this land.

In that arrangement there is no room for Sharia Law

or the so-called Muslim faith!

We don't need a god damned wall ­ all we must do is to enforce

the immigration laws that are still on the books

and lock up everyone that broke those laws for the last 36 years.

Until the presidential race, this time, agrees that we must deal with the past before we attempt to go forward,

this place can never get out of this sewer alive!

France, Germany and Sweden have all refused to deal with their

failures, and they're all about to be gutted from the inside out.

If 'America” can't get our act together now

Then we'll be among the first of the nations to be destroyed.

Media Blackout France witnesses Biggest Revolution in 200 years


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