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The Khazarian Supremacy


By Jim Kirwan


There was a 5,000 year old civilization in the ‘New World’

The ‘new world’ in the West was not a monolithic ‘civilization’. From Alaska through South America. Various tribal nations existed in a multiplicity of beliefs and practices, developed over the centuries that the Europeans called “savages” ­ regardless of their beliefs their practices or their success as individual peoples in the world before The Khazarian’s came into being.

Gold” was plentiful in some native nations, and it was the presence of that ‘wealth’ that drew the ‘savages’ of that day and time, typified by the Conquistadores and other treasure hunters that brought down huge swathes of native nations in Central and South America, even as the “Settlers” began their obscenity against their native populations, to steal their land and enslave the former owners, of this ‘nation’ that had been theirs for millennia: Long before these ignorant and savage European carpet-baggers began their concentrated theft of over five thousand native-nations, in their lust for ‘new land” and treasure in what had been the North America of that day and time.

While many of the tribes which the Spanish so savagely attacked were blood-cults and many did have human sacrifices, they weren’t attacked because of their “human-rights-violations” they were murdered for their gold and for the slave populations that could be stolen for plantation uses and sex slaves, while they continued to plunder the native tribes in the South of that “New World”.

In the North American experience, the “savages” had created lives that only required roughly 10% of their time devoted to hunting for and maintaining what was needed to survive ­ the rest of their time was spent in improving the lives they had, according to what each person wanted to do.

Among their other achievements was the success of their self-sustaining governments, one of which was used as the template for the US Constitution, which was derived from the five civilized tribes of the Iroquois Nation. We thanked them for that and then our forefathers murdered them, in the ongoing blood-lust that was what became the United States of America ­ and throughout we continued to call these people ‘savages’ despite their obvious accomplishments as successful people and nations on this earth.

See Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” the only book that sold more than this “history” was the Bible, until recently.

We have also broken every contract and promise that was made to all of those ‘people’ ­ in much the same ways as we are now breaking every contract and every promise we are making today; surrounding “negotiations with Iran”, not to mention what happened in Iraq (from 1991 until today), Libya, Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Ukraine and now Yemen. There are also re-runs scheduled for Egypt, Tunisia and dozens of nations in Africa, as well as Bosnia and Georgia. Now apparently they want the American Southwest for the same reasons? Virtually anywhere that the Khazarians have staked out their claims to own all the natural resources, as well as all the gold, is where their wars will be taking place, unless we stop them.

There has never been any consideration for the people of the countries that have been targeted, only the resources, both natural and man-made matter: Humanity has just become “road-kill” everywhere on earth, because the planet will not publicly CENSOR and SANCTION both Israel and the USI into oblivion.

In the world ‘today’ there is only the Supremacy vs. the Resurgents and despite all the weaponry and all the stolen loot, the Supremacy is losing

Because the massive mountains of lies is just too big to tolerate any more.

The Resurgents & 95% of the Planet One World Under privately sponsored Surveillance

Hezbollah Units Move into Saudi


Resurgent’s/Insurgents: Are the people of many nations who can be silent, but who are mostly fighters, that are physically and psychologically resisting the takeover of their own nations, towns and villages, as well as their homes worldwide.

In the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and now in the United States, ‘resurgents’ are becoming major targets of drones and air strikes, as well as boots on the ground and information-trolling across the planet that’s being asset-stripped, raped and butchered. The privatized media reports on the “resurgents”, as distinguished from the savages of the 11th century that are beheading their captives. Today the resurgent’s are the only forces depicted as the enemies of all mankind.

In reality, the Resurgents have been the enemies of Israhell & USI, continuously for the last fifteen years ­ and they’re unexpectedly winning in place after place. To counter this ‘threat’ from the Khazarian Supremacy, worldwide, the Supremacy has created a new weapon complete with commercial applications. It is being introduced as ‘The Skyship’. They say it’s bullet resistant, but they fail to mention that rockets or missiles will instantly blow them out of the sky; and of course they fail to mention that...

The Supremacy sends 600 Airships to surveil the countries of the world on demand…


There are forces that are moving against the Khazarians and the Supremacy, as the world continues to move in that direction,

There is also much more than just hope for an outcome that can sustain more than the mercenary-outlaws that are trying to capture the entire planet…

It’s still up to us to force an end to this ancient quest between bloodthirsty-savages hell-bent on GOLD and plunder in a world that is starving to death while whole populations die in devastated nations that are nothing but ruins. Road-Kill cannot rebuild anything, just as people without principles will never do what is needed to end this nightmare, it’s up to the rest of us!

None of us are here to change the past, but if there is to be a tomorrow,

Then we must change the future and pick up where those we slaughtered

Were stopped.

As it stands now our future

Has been conscripted

By these barbaric parasites hell bent on ending the world.

This world will not exist, unless we alter what can be done now,

So that what’s left of the world will have a future!



Dictatorship Has Now Begun: Welcome to the Surreal



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