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The Battle for Freedom

By Jim Kirwan


In Oregon & Nationwide

The original rebel flag wasn't big enough, it should have read


This war on us began on January second and it's just now coming down to the moments before crucial actions are taken between the outlaw-government and the constitutional citizen's of the Republic. This confrontation must come together to resolve the lawlessness in this unconstitutional place.

This can either be 'legal' or hostile

depending upon whether or not reason and

the laws of this land are recognized and can prevail.

A Brief Review:

The Constitution is the guiding settled law of the entire United States. There is only one guiding set of laws and all of those 'laws' are embodied in that document. The Constitution governs all officers of the military and the government and each person in the government must swear allegiance to that document: Yet today we've seen that most FBI and local police officers, in Burns have not even read the document ­ in fact one FBI officer, in Oregon, threw a copy of the Constitution in the mud, proclaiming

That's nothing but a fraud!”

Given there are now rumors about an FBI, BLM attack upon the Constitutional Defenders in the Wilderness Refuge, it is important to review some of what's happened in this clash over whether the USA is governed by the Constitution or the barbaric dominance of a pack of criminals that call themselves the government... with no proof whatsoever of any real authority for anything that they've done over the course of the last hundred years.

That's the past, but since January 2, 2016, the Feds have decided to crush whatever's left of even the idea of the U.S. Constitution—and that's what's at stake in Burns, Oregon.

The original flash-point for the current occupation of the Harney County resource center, was in protest to the illegal incarceration of Dwight and Steve Hammon for a second time: Regarding a bogus and illegal charge against them, for which they had already been tried and served the sentence which the illegal court handed down. When the state decided to put the Hammond's back in prison, for the same 'crime' and charged them $400,000.00 for their original offense ­ that was Double-Jeopardy and that has always been illegal everywhere in the USA.

But that's wasn't the end of this crime:The Hammond's were sent to Southern-California to serve out the remainder of their new five year sentence: This might be the excuse needed for the State of Oregon to claim that they now have no power over the Hammonds' since they are serving their time in a California prison?

This is important because one of the key points in this entire confrontation is to immediately 'free and repay the Hammonds' for their unjust and illegal treatment at the hands of the State ol Oregon.

Meanwhile the Sheriff, Dave Ward, who has the responsibility to enforce the laws in Harney County, Oregon, who has authority over all the federal officers, in this case—refused to do his Constitutionally assigned job. He deferred instead to the FBI and the BLM while washing his hands of the entire matter.

The people of Burns presented the Sheriff with a petition for the just grievances in this case. The Sheriff ignored the petition and the people of his county. So the people presented the petition to their local Judge, Steve Grasty. Grasty also refused to respond to the petition and instead tried to coerce the township into demanding that the public should encourage the public to demand that the occupation, by the protesters from the Refuge, be forcefully ended immediately: “As these armed people posed a threat to the people of Burns, Oregon.”

Several attempts were made to publicly meet with the townspeople, but as the meetings were controlled by “the Judge” - no progress was made. At this point the Oregon Attorney General. & the Governor were both queried:

Oregon Fails Her People

The Attorney General of Oregon
Has Victimized the Forgotten People in Burns Oregon

The Governor wrote the President and his A.G. Loretta Lynch, demanding:

'Federal Authorities must move quickly to end the occupation and hold all the wrongdoer's accountable.

This had the clear ring of what happened to the Branch Dividians in Waco

Which was not lost upon either the Governor or the protestors.

Ironically this is exactly what the 'occupier's have demanded from the start ­ except that the wrongdoer's in this case have always been the state and federal government that have been breaking all the laws of the U.S. Constitution, since the 1940's: Illegally-evicting hundreds of families and prosecuting ranchers, miners and farmers in order to remove them from their lands, mostly in the West but throughout the nation.

What's been happening of late, has really been moving at lightening speed. The evidence concerning the so-called first trial of the Hammonds' contained a video that shows BLM agents started the fires that the Hamnmond's were accused of starting—that information was withheld from the defense.- information that would have proven that the Hammond's were innocent.

In addition to that there are now numerous documents that clearly show Grasty in collusion with BLM. to deny the Hammonds any “redress of grievances” which Grasty and the State knew, would shown conclusively. to agree with the Hammond's original contentions. Basically what all the evidence is beginning to clearly prove is that the State of Oregon and it's “Sheriff in Harney, along with the County Judge, were in collusion to profit directly from the illegal actions of the BLM, the Forestry Service and the Feds, in order to remove the Hammond's from their ranch of many decades ­ illegally.

A sidebar has to do with Dave Ward, the Sheriff, who has only been in office a few months, having replaced Sheriff Glerup who resigned under a cloud of corruption.

Nasty-Grasty has been running the town like a dictator for decades. His performances as 'moderator' between the public and the 'protesters' were abominable. His latest stunt today was to create a very small place to hold a meeting to explain the situation ­ but only to people that had gone to city-hall in person to pick up tickets and only for those who wanted to object to what was going on in the Wildlife Reserve. Tickets had to be picked beforehand at City hall, you couldn't just “walk-in” ­ to this supposedly public conversation ­ but that “event” had to be canceled because the people of the town were furious about the 'special provision's' inherent in Grasty's attempted manipulations of the entire affair.

As of today, it's been rumored that there are, or will soon be, check points on the road between the Wildlife Preserve and Burns. There are also rumors that the preserve has been surrounded by government forces, in much the same way that that was done in Texas with the attack upon the Branch Dividions.

This caps weeks of hostility and government occupation of the town after moving out many of the government workers, from the town, supposedly because the protester's were about to “invade” Burns. Road blocks have appeared within the town, the school was closed to protect the children from the invasion of armed protester's: Services within Burns have been interfered with, yet the protester's have continued to buy supplies and food in the town, and business in the town has actually improved because of the additional commercial traffic - and through all of this the state and local police, the BLM and the FEDS are the one's dressed for battle. They follow people in the town, question the locals, and continue to strike a hostile stance to everyone, as they seem to believe that some people in the town might be secretly collaborating with the militia in the Refuge.

It is against this backdrop that continued talks with the FBI have run into snags of late.

For the protester's freedom and compensation for the Hammonds is paramount and mandatory. In addition the Sheriff must either enforce the laws his office is charged with enforcing; or the County should go to a sheriff in a different county, in Oregon: to get the needed relief from federal harassment. It's unclear if that can be done legally within the state.

But the reality is Oregon is in real need of a Constitutional Sheriff. And In addition the State of Oregon must step up and open the investigations of the fabulously criminal Judge that is decades overdue. And if the Counties cannot manage this then the Attorney General should do her job and get to the bottom of these crimes: If she is as inept as she sounds, then the Governor has the RESPONSIBILITY TO INVESTIGATE & PROSECUTE these crimes from the bottom up ­ because these crimes are continuing and massively criminal—and absolutely nothing has ever been done about any of them for decades.

As far as the Tarnished House goes, that traitor has no place in this, as he's trying his flawed best to implement Martial Law as we speak. Obamanation hates American's ­ he always has, and if he had his way about any of this, he would use the Constitution as toilet paper in an eyeblink.

The final accomplishment from this 'confrontation'

must be that there can only be one law

and that 'law' must be found in the U.S. Constitution



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