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Baiting Chaos

By Jim Kirwan

There are four dimensions, or stages, in virtually every Empire that has ever lived anywhere on earth. This time around the planet has once again reached deeply into the swirling chaos to arrive in the fourth dimension of this final collapse of Pax Americana.

Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past? 12min 29sec VIDEO

The theory of History Repeating itself is as old as History itself. The earliest written accounts date back 3500 years…

The four divisions are the Finding, Flowering, Decline and Chaos. This video uses: Warrior, Intellectual, Merchant & Chaos.

The descriptions of past history took place when the world was still ‘large enough’ to absorb Empires which were unable to take on the entire planet, in any meaningful way. They could and did dominate in regions of the world, but they were not capable of directly threatening the entire globe.

Because of our obsessions with technology and our addiction to global power, we have altered the natural balance of the competing powers which has made us all prey for the Oligarch’s and the élites that have now claimed their version of Full-Spectrum Dominance: Which in reality is just a hyper-version of our earlier primitive form of blatant Fascism, or the combination of Business in tandem with the outlaw prison-states that provide the mercenary forces to keep the herd in line.

Most Amerikans have no knowledge of our reputation in the wider world. They’re still stuck back in the 1950’s and 60’s with little or no cognition about what we have done to the rest of the planet. But the planet and its people know all too well what we’ve done and most of the rest of the 92.5 % of the planet will not forgive or forget what USI has done to all of them; over the last 230 plus years of our “manifest destiny” against the rest of the world.

By the time Pax Americana reached into the “Merchant” realm of finance: This version was ready with global plans to steal everything of value anywhere in the world, which is what we’ve been doing non-stop, clearly, for the last 101 years.

With the coming of the New Millennium the elites added to the mix the targeted reduction of all human life on the planet down to the point where they would be comfortable still being here. That number of inhabitants in the ‘perfect new world order” does not exceed 5% of the current global population. But what this period is about is the murder of the 95% of the global population which are still alive. This policy would leave the world without almost all the people living here now. Did you really think that you too could or would escape?

Regardless of their stated goals, these Outlaws will not live to see this figure achieved. The world will recover, even from an attempted massive extinction, if one should begin to wipe out anything like the numbers they have theorized. But time has proven that each of those former rulers who brought on such slaughters did not live to see the results of their actions—And it will be no different this time either.

We are currently well into the Chaos phase of this dying empire. Ironically people in the United States are still unaware of just how much has already gone from the formerly prosperous worlds’ of yesterday. If we had any knowledge we would never tolerate being lectured to by the same mass-murders that have committed genocide against entire peoples the world over. Instead we would begin storming the microphones and dragging the Outlaws away in chains to face trial and probable death for the tens of hundreds of such crimes they are clearly guilty of.

In any case we would not be “listening to” the hundreds of TRAITORS, torturers, rapists, mass-murders and global-thieves that currently occupy nearly all the political offices in this land.

But since so many still feign interest in whatever these completely-criminal figureheads continue to spout; it’s clear that most have no clue as to what is happening and what has happened in so many different places all over the globe.

These Amerikans actually believe that there will be a tomorrow for them to live in—that will ultimately be the final insult once they are forced to recognize that there is no longer any future for any of the leaders or their complicit partners of this global-blackmail and extortion plot, that has already stolen everything that most thought of as “theirs”. This is what makes everything that is being done now so very important: Because everything depends upon the timing of every major event. The difference between “knowing” and being able to act, versus remaining stupid and being caught without a clue is the real difference between those who will survive and those who will die almost immediately: When everything is dragged into that killing machine we think of as “the tomorrow of our lives”!

At slightly more than 5 minutes into the tape the disconnect between previous dynasty’s and conditions now begins to make itself felt. This begins once corruption has totally replaced trust or truth of any type.

“…Comparing each stage in the video to our current conditions we can quickly eliminate the Warrior and Intellectual Ages. The days of heroic leaders and brilliant thinkers belong to an America long past. Obviously we are in the Merchant stage (Or rather we have been since roughly the 1980’s). …And we are at the end of that stage.”

Passion & Denial Rules Today

The destruction of America’s manufacturing base and the devastation of its natural resources can only mean that the fat lady is about to take to the stage.”

For the answers to these problems and what we might expect to see in the very near future: Watch the whole video from start to finish.

It’s worth remembering that in the history of every other Empire, there was still a far-away world (But still on this planet) where people could escape to. In this GLOBAL WAR there is no where left to hide and hasn’t been since we left the twentieth century behind us.

Also in this potentially thermonuclear war the size of the weapons and the profusion of them will almost guarantee that there will be very few survivors: Thus making monasteries very unlikely as the global nature of this final chapter begins to take hold…

Is this one of the reasons why the outlaws are now bombing the schools, libraries and all social structures within the targeted states, including museums, hospitals, churches, government buildings and warehouses where potential knowledge is possibly stored?

We need to remember that what is happening in the Middle East is a region wide “regime change” that is affecting tens of millions of people, that’s just in the preparatory stage. What will be left of everywhere in that region once the bombings stop and the outlaws are rounded up and shot by whoever the new warrior turns out to be?

What seems clear is that there will be hardly anything left of any of the nations where we have decided to practice our war games on the unsuspecting, anywhere in the world today. “Chaos” this time will not be repairable. Only time and nature will manage the erasing of the depth of the damage and whole populations will soon be disappearing back into the primitive state they came from—once the death of this empire runs its savage course…

We should have voided the last election, held here as being totally unrepresentative and therefore invalid. But since there was never a requirement made to make any election “illegal” for those who benefitted from this crime, who will just continue with business as usual ­ unless we forcefully intervene and arrest some of the highest members of this crime for the traitors they have always been!

Don’t hold your breath Amerika, as this place is home now to mostly cowards when it comes to standing up for anything…


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