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Barcelona Traces COV To spring 2019
Implicating UK Labs - Part 26

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The major topic of Part 26 is the stunning discovery in Barcelona of COVID in a frozen sewage sample from 16 months ago, which was a half-year prior to the biological warfare attack against the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan. This coronavirus finding in the the Catalonia region of Spain occurred on a single day, 12 March 2019, indicated that the virus did not originate in Barcelona but was left behind in the feces of a transient or a small traveling group. Here we examine the possible sources, which indeed strongly point toward a British origin linked with the biowarfare R&D on COV in southwest England, simultaneous with a suspiciously lethal "flu" outbreak and a cull of more than 100,000 English badgers.

A few months ago, in Part 21 of this series, I traced in meticulous detail how laboratory weaponization of SARS-COV2 was done at the University of Bristol in Gloucestershire under contract with the Obama-era Department of Homeland Security (DHS, director Jeh Johnson) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH, Anthony Fauci). The reason for trasferring biowar research out of the USA was due to the 2013 national ban on Gain of Function (GOF) toxicity-increasing research. The British biowar program under the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, Salisbury in Wiltshire county, has a close research relationship with the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. That Canadian bio-science center, in turn, cooperated closely and often in secret with the Kawaoka-Splitter biological warfare projects at the veterinary school of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the major hubs of COVID design and production intensively examined in this series

The hysterical London press campaign to shift all blame onto China's Institute of Virology in Wuhan is a giveaway of UK guilt for the COVID-related deaths of more than a half million people around the world. The loud outcry with a BBC accent has deceptively tried to pin the blame on Yunnan bats has been debunked, given the fact of a 15 percent gene difference between human COV and insect-eating bat coronaviruses as compared with a 99.9 percent similarity of SARS-COV2 with practically identical viruses in badgers, ferrets and other species of the Mustalidae family. In addition, the Wuhan virology research was overseen and funded by the USAID's Predict program for research on zoonitic diseases, in partnership with the UK-origin nonprofit group Eco-Health Alliance, indicative joint US-Britain research on biological weapons.

The recent COVID finding in sludge from the Spanish sewers now moves the ball much closer to English goal post, since Barcelona is 6,000 air miles from Wuhan and less than a thousand miles from the initial coronavirus epicenter in Bristol, southwest England. Before it's too late, the Trump administration must accept these facts in order to clean up the toxic mess left by Barack Obama's wayward team. The cheap shot at China with false accusations of creating this noxious pandemic, should never have been mixed into the bilateral conflicts over trade, investment and political influence. The Wuhan bat myth is now an increasingly negative factor for the White House, State, Commerce and the Pentagon, given the perception that the USA is the world-leading center for research science and medical innovation.

Another point discussed here in number 26 is the ridiculous claim based on (mis)interpetation of satellite photo by the Harvard Medical School, which "proves" that COVID began at Wuhan-region hospitals a year ago. Here, again, is more distraction from Her Majesty's Secret Service, better known as the Deep State. Sorry to prick the bubble but I just happened to have traveled by rail back and forth between Nanjing and Beijing at that exact moment, carrying a heavy videocam and big tripod in sweltering heat during a major outbreak of a human version of swine flu, which had infected schoolchildren before a second round that infected adults, exactly the opposite sequence of COVID symptoms. That odd summer flu explains all the cars in the parking lots at hospitals in Wuhan and everywhere else in China, which the Harvard team misinterpreted.

What a hyena laugh on Hardy-Har-Harvard! April Fools Day isn't in July, you nitwits! If I sound arrogantly triumphant at Harvard's fumble that's because my alma mater is part of the old Big Ten, which has way better football teams and superior science research as compared with the much-vaunted but under-performing Ivy League. Go Boilermakers!

Crap shoot in Barcelona

In 2019 more than 9.4 million foreigners visited Barcelona, a city of 1.64 million residents, not counting some 280,000 illegal aliens. Among foreign visitors, which nationalities are the probable suspect(s) flushing COVID-19 viruses into the local sewers?

Tourist arrivals to sunny Spain are mainly dependent on weather and holidays. The first data point to call up is average monthly temperature, which for March in Barcelona is 8-to-16 C or 46-to-53 F. March 12 is on the lower third of that range, hardly bikini temps. March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb, so who in their right mind would be sightseeing during the leonine roar?

Next item is the holiday schedule. Easter was not until mid-April , and St. Patrick's Day fell on March 19. The Irish are known to start the celebrations early, but not a week in advance or they'd be plastered stocious, totally bollocksed before the sacred national holiday.

So round up the usual suspects. Not many, if any Mandarins traveled in March that year, when the Chinese New Year fell on February 12, meaning all tourist arrivals had gone home by then. Spring break for China's universities starts at the Ching Ming festival, the tomb sweeping day for ancestors, which is in April. Therefore March 12 is in the quiet lull on the Chinese travel calendar when the Chinese are busily at work or studying for exams. Therefore transmission from a Yunnan bat to a Wuhan resident into a toilet in Catalonia is an improbable chain of events. Few if any European tourists were to found at tapas bar in Barca at that time, especially since no foreign soccer teams were scheduled to play against FC Barcelona in March 2019,

That leaves the usual suspects, those football hooligans known as the Brits, the largest foreign resident group and tourist arrival nationality in and to Spain. There were 365,967 Britishers registered as residents in Spain during 2019, whose presence in pubs along the Spanish Mediterranean coast served as a magnet for 18.8 million British turistas to prowl the alleys of Espana in 2018 (the most recently available arrivals data by year). Despite the drop of the pound versus the Euro currency, most of these Briton travelers are simply fleeing the atrocious English winter to Spain, which is sunny, dry and "mild" though not quite warm and much more economical than flying to the torrid climes of the Caribbean.

Therefore the March hare was probably a relative or friend of a resident Brit, perhaps coming over for a birthday party weekend and then taking a quick day-tour of Barcelona on that Tuesday, March 12, before the flight back to chilly soggy London. That infected individual was not a super-spreader, and probably from southwest England, where British health authorities were enforcing a vaccine campaign following the severe outbreak in 2017-18 due to the Gloucestershire badger coronavirus pandemic, which was being deliberately misidentified as the "Japanese flu".

To recap earlier essays in this series, the final assembly of COVID-9 was done at the University of Bristol in Gloucestershire, southwest England. That rather troubled project, which led to the massive badger cull and "Japanese flu" outbreak, would have been followed by delivery to the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and then deployment with the Royal Marines WMD unit. After fulfillment of contract terms, there must have been shipments to the American grantmakers, with the test samples delivered to the DHS lab at Plum Island, an infamous veterinary disease facility in New York state formerly run by the U.S. Army. Anthony Fauci, co-funder of COVID development, was in on this biowarfare agent, since he coughed up $800,000 grant to top up undisclosed funding from the DHS to UBristol and whatever compensation was required to cover the costs of the escaped virus in the badger population, never mind the thousands of human COVID victims across the British Isles since 2017.

Underground in Catalan is Subterrani

So to proceed to the UBarcelona research paper, here's is the one-line summary. "SARS-CoV-2 genomes occur in sewage long before the declaration of COVID-19 cases among the population. Sentinel surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in waste-water anticipates the occurrence of COVID-19 cases" In this context, anticipates means to occur before or prior to, and also serving as a warning signal or alarm (which was not detected in time to prepare for the pandemic).

The compelling reason for this research to trace back COVID-19 in feces-contaminated waste-water was that

"Spain ranks in fourth place in absolute number of cases, and almost topping the list in number of cases and deaths per 1 million inhabitants, Barcelona being the second most affected area. The first case in Barcelona was reported in February 25, 2020 and the total number of cases at the end of May 2020 was over 17,500."

The findings were from waste-water samples collected by two Barcelona water-treatment facilities. The frozen sewage samples were taken in 2018 (January-March), 2019 (January, March, and September-December) and 2020 (January-March). Nucleic acid was extracted from concentrated sewage and sent to PCR gene-sequence analysis.

A bit of background here is necessary to understanding why this sewage research is done over in Barcelona. The rigorous collection and archival storage of sewage flows is due to public concerns and tourism-sector precaution over the popular beaches of Catalonia, which are a major attraction supporting the food-beverage and hotel sectors. The massive water treatment facilities were designed, engineered and constructed in response to historical pollution by the chemical industry and animal byproducts from the huge Catalonia leather-making industry.

The Barcelona waterworks are a positive example of why reality-based environmental prioritization, in sync with economic policy, should be the criteria for eco-investment rather than pseudo-scientific hype about global warming, which is based on faulty computer modeling rather than facts on the ground and in the air and water. (I've actually sequestered tons of CO2 at my agrarian eco-projects, so there is zero bias in my criticism of wasteful and futile government-funded fantasies based on political myths spun by the pro-nuclear lobby.)

Other salient points on the more recent findings of COVID in sewage include "Unexpectedly, analysis of archival samples revealed the increasing occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 genomes in samples from January 15 to March 4, 2020. Of note, SARS-CoV-2 was detected in sewage 41 days (January 15) before the declaration of the first COVID-19 case (February 25), clearly evidencing the validity of waste-water surveillance to anticipate cases in the population."

"This SARS-CoV2 early detection in sewage supports the idea that COVID-19 cases may have been present in the population before the first imported case was reported. COVID-19
carriers may have been erroneously classified as influenza diagnoses in primary care, boosting community transmission before public health measures were taken. Additionally,
there is a significant proportion of asymptomatic carriers that shed SARS-CoV-2 and contribute to the virus spread."

These important research findings show that application of microbiology in public-health systems, including sewage monitoring, are far more timely and accurate than traditional hospital-approaches to diagnosis and detection based on physicians' previous experience. A novel disease is often not spotted as the cause of symptoms until a large outbreak. Doctors with their web of relationships with hierarchical medical institutions and under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry are not always the best authority in terms of disease detection and prevention policy as compared with the purely technical waterworks personnel when it comes to new types of contagious pathogens.

The title of the Barcelona paper is "Sentinel surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in waste-water anticipates the occurrence of COVID-19 cases", posted at the journal medRxiv, June 2020. The PCR analysis was conducted at the Enteric virus lab at the School of Biology in cooperation with the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, University of Barcelona. The Institute of Agro-chemistry and Food Technology in Valencia participated in this project. The team leaders are professors Rosa M. Pinto and Albert Bosch.

Some bioscience commentators, again from deceptive London, have made the ludicrous observation that the Catalan finding indicates a latent presence of coronaviruses throughout the planetary environment. That conclusion is absurd when COVID is a product of bioengineering in university laboratories. Its predecessor SARS-COV1 was probably also bio-engineered at the British-controlled Canadian National Microbiology lab to avenge the loss of Hong Kong, the last and most lucrative Crown Colony, whose return to China marked the sunset on the British Empire. When that message failed to cow the mainland Chinese leadership to accept continued British de facto control over the Hong Kong and South China, Version 2 was produced in Gloucestershire with approval from DSTL Porton Down for a punitive strikes against the geographic, political and military center of China during the CISM military games at Wuhan in October.

Probity preserves credibility

The detection of COVID in Spain long before the CISM military games and the Huanan seafood market vindicates my repeated urging of caution against politicized alarmist hysteria against Beijing by likes of Steve Bannon, the Bulgarian Umbrella crew at ZeroHedge, and Falun Gong and its Epoch Times newspaper, yet another MI-6 front. The proof's in now from Barcelona, making scaremongers look like plumb fools and proven idiots. Big mouth with tiny brain rises to the bait like a giant bass hooked without ever bothering to look for the line and sinker. China with its self-fixation of saving face all the time and mania for a false sense of global prestige is obnoxious and a potential strategic threat but not America's main challenge at this moment, not when reviving traditional values and re-planting the seedlings of viable economic self-development are the priorities of this decade for the American people and their system of governance.

Instead of panicking over the complex problems of the rest of this screwed-up world, the USA needs to get back into shape for the hard work and long-term investment necessary to a national revival. Raise the Wall, bust BLM, deport jihadists and strip the Soros lunatics of U.S. citizenship, those unpleasant matters have to be done urgently, but without diverting attention away from getting America on the right track again.

The War of 1812 in 2020

COVID is a Deep State biowar operation, in service of the revived British Empire, which is out to bowl over the USA and China, its two main enemies. BLM is just another typical British plot, with a woman from the British neo-colony of Nigeria installed as MI-6 controller for a black and brown urban rebellion supported by gullible young whites. Using a person of color to attack the Republic is a time-honored tactic of the crafty Brits.

I was just down in Seminole County, Florida, where Andrew Jackson suppressed the uprising of, no, not a Native American tribe as falsely taught at universities, but a coalition of escaped slaves known as Maroons, mercenary Caribbean pirates and mixed-blood tribal leaders paid in gold by the Royal Navy and supplied with British weapons to attack the American Republic. That was part of the same strategy in the War of 1812 that saw the English arm and deploy Chief Tecumsah to attack the States along the Canadian border.

The race card isn't always about freedom and culture but often boils down to money paid to exploit the dark desire for revenge for past defeats with no positive values involved nor realistic hope for liberation. There is no motive in the human psyche more intoxicating that the burning desire for vengeance, money and weapons being all that's required to inflame it.

As noted in a discussion by a local resident, had the avaricious half-breed Seminole chiefs not played into the designs of the British and kept the terms of their treaty with the USA, that huge county of lake, forests and grasslands would today be one of the largest Indian reservations and by far the most prosperous native enclave in the New World. One's descendants must live by your choices and treason has its terrible consequences. After defeating the Seminole conspiracy in alliance with Britain, "Indian fighter" Andrew Jackson's mobile forces, which included hundreds of Indians loyal to the United States by treaty and personal choice, marched toward New Orleans.

Even the Tory governor of Louisiana harbored pro-British sympathies, so it was just Old Hickory Jackson's patriots, mainly from Kentucky and the Indian scouts, bolstered by Jean Lafitte's pirates and volunteers from the Republic of Haiti, who showed up for a "hopelessly outnumbered" defense for national survival. Those impossible odds made Andy Jackson's triumph all the greater. The British never gave up on their dream of subduing the Americans so when the Rothschild textile mills demanded cotton, the British and their Jewish cousins like Judah Benjamin, who financed the Confederacy, came up with the strategy of economic warfare and military operations known as the Civil War, which also failed because of majority support for the Republic and the Constitution. After installing Woodrow Wilson into the White House, the Rothschild-British game-plan became rooted in the Deep State, bureaucratic control of government by unelected officials exploiting the separation of powers of the three branches of government, right on down to the Russiagate affair.

COVID-19 is a made-in-Britain product in cooperation with their colonial Kenya-born puppet Barack Obama, to advance the genocidal agenda of those Knights of the British Empire Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg, who were introduced to Buckingham Palace by one Joe Biden, Knights of Malta and Rothschild lackey. This series has exposed the entire secret biowarfare operation against these United States of America. It's our turn now to hold the line and fulfil the promise of the Declaration of Independence of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

All-seeing Harvardites

Traveling by rail from Nanjing (downstream from Wuhan) to Beijing and back, I noticed the masks worn by many passengers amid an outbreak of a swine flu that started in schoolchildren and infected their parents. The mid-summer flu had none of the characteristics of COVID with symptoms that included intolerance of sunlight or the glare of lamps, chest pain and loss of appetite. Also that month I visited a free-range hog farm in Anhui Province where a wonderful herd of mountain hogs were wiped out by the porcine version label with the misnomer of "African swine flu" (ASF), which originated in the USA not in Africa and killed tens of thousands of Americans in pig-rearing states.

What was interesting is that humans were carriers of the pig-killing "ASF", since even the most isolated herds, like the one on the mountain, became infected with humans as the only possible virus carrier. Yet humans did not suffer its symptoms, indicating the late-coming summer flu was a different variant, possible evolved during several cycles of human-to-human transmission.

The claim by Harvard researchers, based on satellite imagery, shows the fallacy of image-based conclusions without on-the-ground human intelligence, if humint is what you want to call lived experience, like mine of carrying a heavy tripod and large video camera across Beijing over many miles and past heavy security at the gates of a major university campus, wary of the Hong Kong youth protests. Yes, the hospitals were crowded, but the flu was not coronavirus, which I knew well from my six months during the Hong Kong SARS coronavirus lockdown and travel band in 2003.

The Harvard "study" is suspiciously similar to NSA methods of satellite spy craft, and so I wonder whether the Harvard Medical School serves as a consultant to the intelligence agencies. I suppose that's not really a question but instead an answer.

End the Lockdown

One other point that requires clarification is the recent "surge" in COVID cases across the USA, which are not new infections but instead the slow-progressing viral replication process in younger people, most under 35 years of age who were first infected many months ago. These carefree whippersnappers believed themselves to be superior in all aspects to their cautious elders and are not hacking up their lungs and dying in droves, such are the wages of arrogance for these wastrels. Due to the Black Lives Matter riots and protests, many more gullible pathetically ignorant young fools will be slow-grilled by COVID over the autumn, needlessly extending the lockdown, but never mind about their impending horrific deaths since Slack Jive Splatters.

Have no pity for me-first troublemakers when they chose to loot, shoot and burn when municipal hospitals were under extreme duress and patients were dying. Give these demented murderers, terrorists and arsonists nothing but pain, sorrow and regrets, and then dump their stinking carcasses into the landfill under a mound of rotted garbage but please show some decency by not putting their filthy flesh near the unfortunate deceased impoverished homeless victims of the COVID biowar, whose harsh existences should remain on our social conscience as an undeserving fate for any law-abiding fellow American to be remedied by what little we can do in this new Dark Age. There's not enough charity to go around, so dole it out judiciously to the upright honest poor and good-hearted weak among us, for they belong in our community.

One point is sad passing was the loss just two nights after Independence Day of fiddler Charlie Daniels, leader of the country band carrying his name, whose anthems were "A Simple Man" and "Take Back the USA", both calls for the American people to rally around the values of this Republic to be defended fearlessly, especially during a season of lunatic self-destruction and cowardly disgrace fomented by the Deep State and the British Empire, the sworn enemies of American democracy.

Barca are Champions

Barcelona is renowned for these three phenoms - it's soccer club stars Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho among many other all-time greats, Gaudi's ever-unfinished cathedral, and tapas bars. It's also the epicenter of the Catalonia secessionist movement from godfather Spain.

To add to Barcelona's glory, meticulous research to detect early-phase COV in something as undesirable and unfashionable as frozen samples of sewage has demolished the Wuhan bat myth and gets the world closer to the truth about the pandemic's origin as biowarfare against the USA. So congratulations to a spirited city that once again triumphs when the chips are down.

"Más que un club", Barcelona is more than a soccer team, even as great as that club can be.

So let's conclude Part 26 with the four most memorable quotes of Old Hickory, Andrew Jackson, soldier, populist, opponent of the central banks, and 7th President of the USA.

"One man with courage makes a majority."
"Never take counsel of your fears."
"Our Union, it must be preserved."
"There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses."