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John Barbour - A Rant

By John Barbour

When I was a film critic for Los Angeles Magazine and KNBC, I once said, 'American movies are like people. Only one in a hundred is worthwhile, and that one makes up for the 99 who are, in three little words, not worth it!

However in society today it is harder and harder to find the one in a hundred people who are worthwhile. They've been either shot or discredited or marginalized. Which leads me to conclude that we will not see, as many Progressives and Conservatives alike hope for, a people's revolution like the one that built our country, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, the Cuban revolution, the Chinese revolution,all ignited by a spark to improve the system and the society that could be built to better and more equitably serve its citizens.

I've been sadly led to this conclusion by Fukishima. By what happened, and what didn't happen. If ever a nation of ordinary people had the spark to storm and overthrow their government, the plant owners, and the media, all of which misled and misinformed them, telling them they'd be safe soon , as would the creatures in the sea which they eat, this was it.

In a few years hundreds of thousands will die, giving birth to deformities. Their leaders not only committed crimes against their people, but against nature. (Columbia is the only country in the world which in their constitution calls it a crime.) And did the people who once committed hari kari for the Emperor take to the streets or storm the buildings of the perpetrators? No. What did they do?

They bought cotton masks; because their government told them to.

Even the 1% that own this country know how corrupt and inhuman it has become, a builder of things to buy, and not builders of people who can think. They know it's corrupt because that's how a lot of them got into the 1% club.

And, WE all know it, but only a handful speak up, or are given a platform on which to speak. The rest of our people just put invisible masks over their mouths. The government did not warn them about the consequences of speaking up.

They willing did it on their own.


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