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100 Years Of Barbaric Rule!

By Jim Kirwan

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In the 13th Century

The world was invaded by Genghis Kahn.

Unfortunately his tactics are the ones that the Zionist States of International-Gangsters have adopted

In the Twenty-first Century!


Wherever Genghis Kahn chose to go his hordes left behind them only rubble. It was said that the devastation his armies caused was so complete that horses did not need to even raise their hooves any higher than normal to pass over the ruins. He was greatly feared by those who lived in the above map of Eurasia at the time.

In the last hundred years the West has been conquering pillaging and raping its way across the world, in the modern version of the Barbarians which Genghis Kahn came to symbolize.

When people talk about Empire today, they mean to imply that what we are creating is being built on the stolen goods and resources from all the nations that we routinely attack and murder. But this is just not true.

If we were following in the footprints of Alexander the Great, then we would be building an Empire, not simply destroying everything we come across around the planet.

Alexander fought those that opposed him. But when his battles ended in victory, the survivors were returned to their way of life so that the societies he conquered could supply his armies with profits. But also so that the societies themselves did not simply vanish or turn into extensions of the military carnage of the wars he instituted. Empire for Alexander was only a beginning point: His goals involved furthering the world of his day by enriching his lands and peoples with their labor and their creativity, rather than just producing slaves and dead bodies. That’s why Alexander was able to give the world “Alexandria” and the Library of Alexandria: Filled with rare and beautiful scrolls from all over the known world. The world-famous library was created not to crush civilizations, but to enhance the lives and the knowledge of human beings, around the world of his day.

In “Puppet Warriors” there’s a transcription of a tape that talks about what results came from the desecration of Iraq, the leveling of Libya and the potential destruction of Syria. Excuses are made by the U.S. for the carnage and the slaughter of innocent people whether done by Zionists or Amerikans in uniforms that ought to be labeled with IDF patches, because every one of these wars were fought by Amerikans for the Apartheid-Zionist-State of Israel!

More importantly here, what the world clearly saw, from the raiding of the Baghdad Museum, to the looting of the entire country was criminally-barbaric. We destroyed the water-systems, the hospitals and the public health systems. We introduced DU, mini-nukes, phosphorus, land mines, and a host of illegal as yet unnamed military and chemical weapons that will leave vast swaths of Iraq and Libya unlivable for decades to come—not to mention the damage we’ve done to the unborn and the creatures that are born distorted and disfigured, forever. Along the way we made certain that the counties themselves are reduced back to the stone-age, so that they can never again threaten the Troglodytes-of-Zion with anything approximating a real threat—again.

The United States & Israel make Genghis Kahn pale by comparison, when we look at the horror we have brought to so many parts of the world with our DEATH-SQUADS, our nuclear weapons, which we used on the Japanese in 1945, and on the Iraqi’s the Libyan’s in mini-form on the Syrians, and god only knows what we’re doing throughout Africa with drones and the unknown-death we routinely unleash from those skies that are not being watched ,except by those who live in those marginalized places around the world.

The world gets nothing from us but more death, disease and terror everywhere we go. We have NEVER purposely improved any of those people we have gone to militarily devastate. We lie we cheat we steal and we rape, we torture and we slaughter men women and children with our weapons all over the world. 90% of the people we kill are civilians, contrary to what war-criminals like Bush & Obama continue to claim.

But that’s not enough! We have used our powers to devastate the earth, the air and the water, everywhere we go. Now we’re even doing it to America and Americans here—and no one in authority gives a damn—except to maybe speed everything up to make everything worse more quickly.

NO - America is not fighting to increase our wealth, or even the wealth of those who supposedly temporarily profit from our global-crimes. The link that explains what we did to strip the world of profits, while we cornered the price of oil with OPEC, represented the height of that series of crimes. We (Bush Senior with the Saudi-kingdom) created OPEC - which was then used to control the world price of oil. When the public rebelled we always blamed the Arabs. But it was we who controlled oil prices, in such a way as to be able to blame the Arabs whenever public-discontent became a problem. (1)

That happened in the beginning of the triumph of the Money-Lenders. The banks were so greedy they became the new global-target, and supposedly there is still the possibility of a reset coming that will upend their ungodly theft of money, worldwide. The new gold-backed promise could end the global-debt but simultaneously it will slash the worth of the US-dollar to levels never imagined before. Today, those still-leading this carnage are in it for the pleasure they get from the global-sex-trade, from trafficking body-parts, from the legal & illegal drug-explosions, the unthinkable crimes being committed through the hospitals and drug companies that are killing people like flies by the thousands. This is about the total destruction of entire societies ­ worldwide. In their world now, ideally most of us will be dead before they’re done.

So when you’re told that we do this for oil or illicit profits or any other garbage, just spit in the face of whoever told you that ­ because it isn’t true and its never been true because this is a battle to destroy the planet and yes - to make more money while they’re doing it, but neither money nor global-markets are the real targets and never have been. These rabid-barbarians have become obsessed with taking over the entire planet and wit killing everything of value on the planet while they finish final deadly goal of theirs. The only thing still standing between them and what they want to do to us are those individuals that are calling them out into the streets to answer for their global-crimes ­ before they get away with more-murder, more-torture and the enslavement of millions more, before they are caught mid-way in this obscenity before they can go any further…

In 2013

Can we not improve on what Genghis Kahn brought the world,

Back in the 13th Century?

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America Totally Discredited



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