` BART Bans Unruly People
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BART Bans Unruly People

By Jim Kirwan


Following a steady stream of rider complaints, BART said Monday that starting next week it will start temporarily banning anyone caught fighting, acting unruly or treating the train as a toilet.”

k) BART serves 360,000 riders a day yet there are no bathroom facilities available for the underground system beneath San Francisco. BART closed the underground bathrooms right after 911 to prevent terrorism. At the same time they removed all trash cans in the same stations so they could then lay-off the janitors: that equaled more money for the profiteers.

Even when the rest rooms were opened there is only one toilet for males and one for females ­ to serve 360,000 people, in each station. Imagine if any sports stadium that had on one toilet per stadium? The result is that emergencies happen and people have no choice. The reason there is no choice is because BART is a US government agency, and it is run like part of FEMA camp.

In addition the so-called BART staff is surly, when and if they can be found, and nearly half the station agents were laid-off, again to save money ­ most of the underground booths are totally empty. What ‘agents’ are left are disgustingly uncooperative, hostile and rude ­ and now they want to force the public to be pleasant to them, regardless of their behavior toward the riding-public.

After dark the homeless and the grifter’s haunt the unlit entrances and exits to BART in the city.

Consequently if BART kept up with their own fare increases, by providing the services needed, there would be many fewer problems. BART staff ought to be forced to be trained in how to deal with the public, which is obviously not the case and hasn’t been since this tyrannical agency began its operations.

Two years in the making, the new state law set to take effect May 6 will allow the agency to issue "prohibition orders" banishing rogue riders from entering BART trains, stations or parking lots for 30 days to a year depending on the offense.

The No. 1 priority for BART police officers will be finding aggressive people who pose a danger to passengers and staff of the Bay Area train line. The agency will ban anyone who commits a misdemeanor or felony offense, which includes assaults, prostitution and drug dealing.”

k) This directly goes against the right of American’s to travel freely, and it’s another dictate from the nanny-state to control behavior, but especially in public places.

But three lesser offenses that pile up within 90 days will also lead to a ban. That includes ne'er-do-wells caught going to the bathroom outside of restrooms, tagging BART property with graffiti, blocking passengers from coming and going, or carrying hazardous materials on board.

The new law, which applies only to BART but follows similar powers granted to transit agencies in Sacramento and Fresno, was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2011, but it took until now for the rail line to prepare.”

k) This is not something that needs to be done, if and only if the state and federal government's get their collective act together.

"BART police officers have completed extensive training on applying the law, including ways to work with special-needs populations, such as individuals with mental illness or homeless persons," BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey said in a statement. "Now it's time to begin using the authority as one of the tools we have to keep our riders and workers safe."

BART employees who work inside the kiosks at stations will have on their computers the names and pictures of any hooligans who are not supposed to be there.

The agency previously had to seek "stay-away" orders with individual county district attorneys to ban unruly passengers, so officials say this latest process will be much easier.”

This needs to be stopped before it goes further ­ and it begins by leveling with the public about problems on the BART system which are only getting worse. That effort should begin with a full AUDIT of the entire system, which could clarify where the real problems are and what can be done about all of it, the corrupt murdering BART officers among them…


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