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Bannon Is An ‘Ideologue’
aka Useful Idiot For Zionism

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Forgive Steve Bannon for the intoxicated rants that precipitated his banishment from the populist movement that he once led, especially now at this crossroads moment when their president is facing an onslaught of vicious lies and sabotage from deep state operatives of Jewish persuasion. Forget not, however, his insolent abandonment of America’s Christian values, which are the foundation of the Constitution and inform the virtuous traditions of a good society admired for its friendliness, generosity and genius over the centuries.
 His volleys of slings and arrows against President Donald Trump and the White House staff have finally become an embarrassment for his erstwhile Jewish patrons who own Breitbart News. His downfall is another deplorable lesson of how the Jewish lobby can “use and lose” naïve fawning Christians to do the preaching and dirty work for their morally bankrupt State of Israel. Flush with cash when he parroted Zionist slogans, now he’s flushed down the pipe like retched vomit after swilling too much rotgut.
 His inebriated blab was taken seriously by a sober Michael Wolff, the sleazy gossip reporter on the Jewish liberal side of the aisle, whose just released “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” is a textbook case of why journalism schools warn their students against libel and slander. Whatever pieces of silver that publisher Henry Holt, a unit of MacMillan Publishing, earns will be paid back in out-of-court settlements for defamation, starting with fashion editor Anna Wintour, the devil in Prada herself, falsely accused by Wolff of pleading for the ambassadorship to her native Britain.
 Doomed from Jump Street
 The online news is clogged with comments denouncing Bannon whose political career is over and out. From now on his punditry will be coming from the last stool at the end of the bar. It should be noted in passing, especially by the alt-right crowd, that Bannon’s mentor, the legendary hero of populism Andrew Breitbart, was a Jewish Israel-firster. His namesake news site was financed by Larry Solov, who on a visit to Israel with Andrew, decided to create a website to counter the liberal Jews at J-Street, those appeasers of Palestinians and the two-state plan. Breitbart News is the online Voice of Israel, and the late great legendary Andrew and his underling Bannon were mere sock puppets for the militaristic Benjamin Netanyahu.
 The radioactive element of jewpocrisy was implanted at the creation of Breitbart News. Its CEO Solov came from the law firm Katten, Muchin, Rosenman, which includes as its counsel former Mayor Richard M. Daley Jr., heir of the corrupt Chicago Democratic machine and former DNC chief. The online cheerleaders of Zionist occupation passing for governance were later rewarded with mercenary zeal by Rebekah Mercer, whose peculiar spelling of first name says it all about her family’s opinion in regard to the nation’s WASP cultural heritage. The Mercer family, which got its fortune from an analytics-based hedge fund that uses offshore havens to evade U.S taxation, were the largest donor to Ted Cruz. Back in early 2016, the handwriting was already on the wall.
 Soros and Stevens Redux
 During the 2016 campaign, Bannon repeatedly swore to wage a cultural war for America's soul. Instead of traditional American values rooted in the ideals of George Washington, his culture club was as wishy-washy as Boy George, waffling between full-frontal Judaism and arms-length acceptance of the white alt-right for a few more votes down South. That experiment in dual loyalties ended with the spitting image of Robert E. Lee on horseback named Roy Moore, whose Senate campaign was as vivacious as a stone-cold statue in a city park. After helping the confederates lose Alabama again, Bannon turned around to accuse Donny Trump of being a traitor for his meeting with a dizzy Russian journalist who promised oppo research but failed to deliver the goods on Hillary. Bannon claims that the Trump-Russia Dossier was not about subversion but instead involved money-laundering of campaign funds.
 To wake him up from his stupor with the whiff of black coffee, the suspicion of money-laundering against Carter Page and Michael Flynn, supposedly from Russia and Ukraine via the Balkans, is likely based on faked “evidence”. The research for one of my investigative pieces showed that the supposed pro-Trump news sites inside central Macedonia were located in a major political hub under the control of Soros’ Open Society  operation and USAID. The online ads on Facebook “proving” unethical influence by Team Trump was manufactured the deep state.
 As for wire transfers using fake accounts, that is based on an old trick used to rescue the Clintons from the Whitewater scandal. At the end of 2017, I uncovered how Stephens Inc., the Arkansas paymasters behind the Clintons, have been directly connected through family ties of their top managers to Mary Jacoby, whose husband runs Fusion GPS, which doctored the Russia Dossier. The Stephens clan is notorious for their clever criminal ploys. False charges were engineered against Hillary’s law partner Vincent Foster, who was unaware that two numbered Swiss bank accounts had been opened and funds deposited in his name. This cyber-fraud was done through the Stephens’ controlled PROMIS software. The cover story for his assassination was that Foster committed suicide after media exposure of his secret bribery bank accounts.
 Now that we’ve discovered the Stevens brothers’ sponsorship of Fusion GPS and Jacoby’s DOJ blog, along with the Stop Trump Movement, it looks like those old dogs are doing the same trick against Carter Page and Michael Flynn, running inter-bank transfers through Croatia, courtesy of their Stephens EU office. It would be quite proper, Messrs. Sessions and Wray, if Whitewater and the Foster case are finally wrapped up with a trial and sentences of capital punishment for the Stephens gang, cauterizing an open sore that has corrupted and disgraced the American political system since the end of World War II.
 Cultural Aggression or Defense of Cultural Values?
 Instead of a tit-for-tat review of all the accusations against Bannon’s shameful conduct, here’s a look at the underlying cultural identity issues that gave media prominence to him as traditionalist crusader, but which were undone by his double-dealing. Accused of anti-Semitism by liberal Jews during the 2016, Bannon emerged as a lock-step supporter of Zionism in the White House. He was a fake patriot all along.
 Contrary to his self-promotion, Bannon is not a hero of populism but an arch-renegade who hovered over the traditionalist movement like a demiurge blocking their access to the highest principles of constitutional democracy. The black cloud over Trump’s support base emanated from Bannon’s infatuation with Old World ideology as opposed to an American empirical perspective that draws ideas and ideals from real life experience, especially in the context of a sovereign people’s struggle against tyranny and oligarchy.
 For all his patriotic bluster, Bannon is an extremist supporter of aggressive Zionism, which gained spectacularly from his erstwhile cooperation with Jared Kushner in swinging U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, in cold-calculated disregard for the Christian heritage in the Holy Land.
 His failings are due to the fact that his political ideas are elitist not populist, patriarchal not egalitarian, and royalist not republican:

 - His notion of a predetermined elite did not arise from the Calvinist belief in the elect but were inspired by the writings of Julius Evola, a Sicilian baron and occultist who admired Mussolini’s brutal fascist rule and the caste-based superstitious theocracy in old Tibet;

 -  A patriarchal attitude rooted in disciplinarian German Catholic schooling later reinforced by his association with Cardinal Raymond Burke, who until reassigned by Pope Francis was the pastor of the Sovereign Order of Malta, a former militant Catholic group which is now a club of corrupt businessmen donating to the Vatican.

 -  Belief in Divine Right monarchy revealed in his identification with the fantasy myth of the Knights Templar, the supposed guardians of a blasphemous pseudo-history of a royal bloodline sired by Jesus with Mary Magdelene.
 Bannon, via the professional fraudster Wolff, paints Trump as having the mind of a child, but it is the publisher of Breitbart who engages in wet-dreams over his imagined porn queen Mary Magdelene, like one of those naughty schoolboys fantasizing about violating a nun on the altar. Catholic schools predictably have a subset of repressed youths deprived of the social skills to befriend girls except in their distorted imaginings. Being too close to the divine can lead to the temptations inspired by envy, the Lucifer syndrome.

 Cheap Secularism Instead of Systematic Philosophy
 Pathetically in our contemporary era, the grand edifice of Western philosophical thought and religious studies have been displaced by street-corner pop-up vendors of cheap carnival tricks, for example, that overwrought fraud known as “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown and its predecessor “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” by Baiget, Leigh and Lincoln. Those modern-day myths, which consecrate the marriage of Zionism with Pentecost Christianity, perpetrate the false historical claim that Mary Magdelene wedded Jesus of Galilee to conceive a world-ruling royal dynasty, as realized in the Merovingian kings of France.
 True believers of this nonsense, like feudal versions of Jedi fans, never seem to notice the lack of mention about this holy nuptial in the Gospels or from the patriarchs of the early Church, nor even one sentence in the Jewish and Roman historical accounts. There’s a lack of witness reports of the blessed child of a carpenter’s apprentice and a common whore (retired), not even when the three Marys received the punctured body taken down from the cross. You’d figure that a son would attend his father’s burial. Of course, the alibi is that she was still in pregnancy.
 It is inconceivable to the Templar wannabees that Jesus felt neither lust nor passion for the much-abused Magdelene, but instead treated her with kindness and empathy. The Templars, by contrast, had a reputation for all manner of deviant sex crimes, which led to their excommunication and dissolution of the order. (The perverse interpretation of Jesus taking advantage of a distraught woman is in line with the sadomasochism advocated by the rape advocate Evola, a preview of Harvey Weinstein.)
 Presumably, if Jesus had taken a wife, the apostles would have done likewise. Why did those fishermen leave their fiancées and families behind and refused marriage? Because risks were too high on the path of liberation walked by Jesus, in the footsteps of the beheaded John the Baptist, heading toward a confrontation with the powers and principalities: the Roman imperial garrison, the Hellenistic Greek ruling class and the crooked money-changers at the temple managed by the Sanhedrin council of priests. Behold the man, the rude guy with the whip who drove the mercenary bankers out of the House of God. No wonder they heaped scorn on him. To marry a woman, under these relentless pressures, was to invite your children to the funeral of an outlaw and heretic.
 Today’s equivalent would be to take on the Pentagon, the Deep State and Wall Street all. It’s crazy but somebody has to dare do it. As anticipated, most of those moral visionaries, minus the one betrayer, were killed in the cruelest manner to teach obedience before power and wealth. Eternity is not gained by those who fixate on career success and early retirement; it’s earned in the old-fashioned school of hard knocks. If Jesus had descendants, the final test is: Where are they now?
 Judeo-Christian is an Oxymoron
 As to political motives, Bannon’s much-admired divine-right theory was crafted with the ulterior motive of hoodwinking Christians into accepting a make-believe continuity between Judaism and Christianity, one big happy family after the unpleasant sole decision by the Roman Pilate who washed his hands of the crime by blaming the Jews for the unfortunate crucifixion. The term “Judeo-Christian” is a cynically crafted deception that glosses over the historical and religious divide between two opposing faiths with distinct value systems, so that a tiny minority of Jews can exploit good-natured Christian communities. This is not some rehash of Nazi propaganda; just take a look around North American, European and Latin economies, the imbalance of financial power and political influence along with the dispossession of the majority, is grotesque.
 Tolerance toward cultural difference is commendable, but to sell out one’s one values for a mess of pottage is self-degradation. Steve Bannon, as a graduate of a traditionalist Catholic school, founded by the Benedictine order, commits a grievous injustice with his sickening public statements in support of a nonexistent Judeo-Christian tradition, when Jerusalem’s fate hangs by a thread soon to be cut by the Zionist razor. Then only after Trump consents to demands from Kushner and Bannon, they heap the blame on him for everything and more. It’s an ancient Jewish evasion of guilt known as scapegoating.
 These ethical violations especially apply to a Catholic of Bannon’s generation, who attended Mass with prayers and hymns in Latin, prior to the Second Vatican Council, convened by Pope John XXIII, which enacted many overdue administrative reforms but also destroyed the sanctity of traditional liturgy. Singing Christmas hymns in common native tongues ruined the holiday for former devotees of our age.That strict religious education, however, did inculcate a dread of committing sins against others as a condemnation of oneself.

 Bannon should have devoted more thoughtful hours during his boyhood Lenten weeks meditating for hours a day on each of the 14 stations of the Cross, which recall the brave journey of Jesus to his crucifixion. There is nothing gruesome about these tableaux but instead inspire one to moral courage in an utterly sinful society. Jesus’ teachings (and amazing deeds described as miraculous) represented a radical break with Judaism for which he received the severest public punishment. Good Friday marked an everlasting rupture between hypocritical Pharisee orderliness (whose outward piety resembled today’s Salafist Islamists) and the spiritual liberation advanced by the unconventionally truthful savior.
 Why does this ancient story still matter? Because the core American notions of liberty, justice and equality are perennially and indivisibly based on the ethics, morals and beliefs of the founder of Christianity. American cultural identity is not about belonging to a tribe or some insider group against others but instead demand one to uphold conscientious honesty and good will toward friends, strangers and even enemies throughout one’s lifetime down to the last breath.
 Universal Beyond Boundaries
 The historical importance of Christian values toward social evolution was matched by the missionaries of Buddhism traveling in the other direction. As put by Baptist minister Paul Nagano, Christianity and Buddhism arose from the same philosophical space in the center of Euro-Asia, and was carried to the West by Saint Paul and to East Asia by the Bodhidharma. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who penned “The World as Will and Representation”, asserted this same understanding about the “Aryan” (Iranian realm) origin of Christianity, which bears next to no resemblance to Judaism.
 Why then did Jesus appear in Judea? The symbolic gifts offered by the visiting Magi indicated the extraordinary role that the infant Jesus was expected to assume in the contested Near East, the lynchpin of the known world. Parthia, the major Iranian-Aryan power along the Silk Road, whose elite philosophers were known as the Magi, recognized that the Mediterranean region was fragmenting under Greek corruption and Jewish tribalism, a situation inviting Roman military domination. Thus a newborn, probably partly descended from the House of Daniel in Babylon, for adoption by the carpentry guild leader Joseph of the Davidic line and in the care of a former temple virgin.
 Later, during his mid-teens and early twenties, 13 years are missing from his life. According to local legend, the Magi Gaspar who journeyed to the Bethlehem manger was a resident of “India”, today’s Ladakh region in Kashmir, where the teachings of Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster and Tantric shamanism had been inter-mingling for 500 years into a complex system of beliefs along the emerging Silk Road (which was opened by the Roman and Han Dynasties just decades prior to Jesus’ birth). The Silk Road represented the emerging possibility of a world at peace, where nations prospered by trading and progressed by sharing knowledge instead of waging barbaric wars of robbery and slavery by conquest.
 The major tenets of Jesus’ teachings are much closer to the Silk Road mélange than to the constrictive rules of Pharisee Judaism. In this childhood, he was aligned loosely with the Sadducees who were strongly opposed to the Torah, with its manmade rules based on customary behavior rather than revelation. His concept of initiation, as taught by John the Baptist, is stunningly similar to the teachings of the Pure Land sect of Buddhism, with its belief in rebirth through water, an afterlife in a timeless paradise “in the West”, salvation through prayer, transmission though sermons ,the notion of an epiphany at religious gatherings, and the presence of angels. Indeed, Jesus can be regarded as the incarnation or manifestation of Amida, the bodhisattva of inner light, a perfect spiritual entity descended to relieve the suffering of humanity through teaching of the oneness of all living beings.
 Lost Sheep

  Bannon famously tried to develop an “axis” with conservative American Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke, the closest to a present-day Crusader, who established the new Holy League laymen’s group to bolster the defense of Christianity against the post-Arab Spring mobilization of radical Islam. Part of his program was to recruit Christians inside the Holy Land, which put Burke on the Israeli black list. At that point, Bannon dropped his ties with the cardinal so as not to offend his Jewish paymasters . . . (while Burke has the right intentions of defending Christendom, his strategy lacks the sophistication to deal with the multiple layers of threat external and from within;

 Steve Bannon has fallen by the wayside at a critical hour, as the wealthy and influential Jewish cabal tries to depose a president who is attempting to spark a revival of traditional values, however flawed some of those attempts by tweet may be. If this sort of devious opposition succeeds in gaining total control, there will be hell to pay, for Americans will surely not accept subjugation.
 In this age of arrogant secularism, when even Christmas may soon be canceled, Christianity in the U.S. is in a deepening crisis. The mainline Protestant denominations are split between politically correct liberals and narrow-minded conservatives. Pentecostal congregations are much like those barely converted barbarians with a thin veneer of Christian belief, the Visigoths who sacked Rome and destroyed the magnificent theological center in North Africa established by Augustine, the bishop of Hippo. Meanwhile Bannon and his Merovingian fanatics represent yet another recycling of the Gnostics, idealists who believe the real world is unsalvagable in their inexorable drive toward a suicidal escape into the other side.
 What’s missing is the compassion of the founder and the boundless faith of his disciples, who believed that a selfish hate-fueled world could be transformed into a peaceful realm blessed by grace, and that their material sacrifices were well worth making for such a beautiful prospect.

 While the younger generation today focuses on cyberspace and a life of leisure, there must arise another voice in the wilderness from those who comprehend that the nearly lost values as learned through religious studies and philosophy, which teach how to live and what to live for. Until that happens, the lost youth have no way out of a future of despair and depression in a meaningless existence. Faith is the key element in this perilous revival of the American spirit, struggling to emerge while under furious attack from threats and temptations, which in essence are merely illusions and delusions.