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The Balance Of Power


By Jim Kirwan


The Balance of Power

Has Shifted


What USI began building in 2002 has been changed. What they created to trap the public into their fascist-fear and the tyranny of their police state has become a symbol for their massive failures that are finally beginning to burn, worldwide.

When this colossal criminal empire was first envisioned the world was still rich with all kinds of wealth. Nature was dripping with wonders and resources in a bountiful harvest of potential global-prosperity, some of which could be glimpsed in Libya, before we very publicly murdered that nation. All those riches that the world once seemed to have are rapidly being turned into nothing but ruins and scorched earth: Thanks to the greed and addictions of the Kazarian Mafia and their assorted companions, the planet is running out of riches to steal or destroy at a rate that was never before even conceivable. And we’ve virtually done this in just the last twenty-five years of the nearly total aversion that most of the planet has indulged in ­ but now we’re reversing the fields on which we once played the fool, so casually.

We’ve basically lost it all, already; while the global-Outlaws watch their booty being drastically depleted with every passing day. We’ve watched while USI and Israhell have gone about the business of creating dozens of fake-military forces that we’ve armed and protected while we push the planet into believing that each and every one of those fake groups is actually real and poses a global threat to the world at large: When the only real danger to the planet today is USI and Israel in collusion with the Rothschild’s bankers, NATO, the UN and the EU that have each staked out their particular part in this global take-down.

What holds all this together is the fake money that continues to be dumped into dozens of bottomless pits which the global-public is then charged with re-paying along with massive penalties and phony interest on money that doesn’t exist. Incidentally that “impossible-figure” is now in the quadrillions and can never be repaid, no matter how many times the outlaws continue to change the name of the debt as it is rearranged or altered.

Finally the world has had enough of all the lies in the image above, before it began to burn. This comes from RT’s “In the NOW”.

“… Many Americans think FOX is actually ‘news’. German coverage is hardly more objective…

German Television: “A sensational revelation today; “Putin himself said that he personally planned ordered and oversaw the annexation of Crimea, which was the first violent redrawing of the border in Europe since WWII. He said he had been planning it for a long time.”

RT: “The difference here is that many Germans see through the lies. A poll by a German broadcaster NDR has found little or no confidence in German media. 63% of Germans have little or no confidence in the Ukraine reporting by German media. Of the 63% almost every third say that their reporting might be one-sided or not objective. No wonder given the principals, since Germany’s largest publishing house follows. For instance Alex Springer SE (?) among its brands are ___ and __ newspapers, so its media outlets have to uphold their policies which are to further ‘the unification of the peoples of Europe and supporting the vital rights of the people of Israel to maintain solidarity with the United States of America.’ In other words they are mainstream and they are not objective, and that’s no laughing matter… ”

RT - Charles from Russian Insider: “Germany’s NPR channel has been reporting this trend that we’re going to expand on now. They gathered some reaction from the German people… You speak German you watch and monitor German news, are the German media is this one-sided. How bad is it?

Charles Bausman: “…It’s really bad. My publication is a media-criticism publication and we look at what people are writing about Russia all over world and we think that the Anglo-media, the American and UK media is really bad. While German media I would estimate is twice as bad. Two times worse. You know it’s funny I sometimes watch German TV and I think I’m watching, like a comedy show, or something like a satire where people are so ridiculously ‘over-the-top; lying about everything and its extreme. Really extraordinary.”

RT: “You think that this can’t be real ­ essentially. Is this just about Ukraine?”

Charles: “Ah no, it’s about Russia in general. It’s about everything connected with Russia. But there was a significant ‘ramp-up’ last summer when the Ukraine crisis broke out.”

RT: “How did Germans express their anger, apart from comments on social media? I understand there’s somewhat of an uprising happening.”

Charles: “Yeah it’s really interesting. It’s almost like the propaganda went into overdrive last summer and they didn’t factor in that the German’s might say ‘Hey ­ we’re not gonna buy this anymore.’ And that’s exactly what’s happened.”

Kirwan: This is probably the first time since the end of WWII that the German people have begun to look at what the American-occupiers actually have always been, in and toward Germany, politically, since we set up our bases there at the end of that war.

Just as the retired US Army general (shown earlier in the video) using a false analogy to compare the SECRET number of American body-bags, coming from all our wars: To try to discredit Russia in the same way—except that there are no Russian troops fighting in Ukraine to “discover’.

Charles: There’s been a small explosion of websites that point out these things; that complain publicly. Their readership is growing dramatically. The readership on the official, the main German media is going down, People are filing complaints. People are filing lawsuits and it’s a wide-spread thing and it’s widely discussed. And German society is agitated about this.”

RT: “Have they managed to change anything so far ­ these publications, these big broadcasters: I assumed they realize that there’s been a shift in public opinion, they have to see this. So are they reacting?”

Charles: They’re reacting a little bit. They’re sort of trying to apologize and say ‘well we didn’t do it right’ and the next time they come out and do it again. And I think what you see happening is that they really are sort of driven by very strong interests that are ‘pushing a line’ and they know that if they back off on that line, German public opinion could really, really start to shift. It’s already shifting, but they’re like between a rock and a hard place. If they back off on the hard anti-Russian stuff and Germany starts to sort of move away from US policy ­ it’s going to be a big loss for them. So they don’t know what to do…”

RT: “… I want to talk about (German satire-comedy program) because they’ve done some sketch comedy, focusing specifically on the coverage of Ukraine. It doesn’t fall so much in line with the news you see (on their site). How does that play out?”

Charles: “That’s a long standing satire show in Germany, political satire is hugely popular in Germany. Which also suggests because there’s a huge amount of propaganda that satirists have a way of countering it. The individuals, the people who make the show are part of the 63% you mentioned that just think this is ridiculous and don’t believe it anymore. And so they started putting on these aggressive shows (k - Something that is never done anywhere in US media) criticizing the government and ridiculing the government and ridiculing the media. And at one point one of the major guys who they just accused of lying flat out, and being connected with all these Washington think tanks; and sort of in the pay of Washington: I mean he’s a senior editor of one of the biggest German publications, he took them to court and said: “Look take that off the air, that stuff is defamation. I don’t want it there, that’s embarrassing to me. And he lost the case.

RT: “So the show basically won the right to keep making fun of his propaganda.”

Kirwan: Imagine if you can how that would play here if anyone actually did this same thing to John Kerry (Cohen) or John McCain, Obama or any of the traitors that abound throughout the US government?

That’s only 8 and half minutes into this program that’s 24 and a half minutes long…

Media Wars: http://rt.com/shows/in-the-now-summary/240189-eu-media-wars-ferguson/


The second story on the program speaks directly to the hypocrisy in Ferguson and across the United States, when it comes to the completely disproportional response to the senseless murders of people by the police vs. the shooting of police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, by civilians. The facts are that the police have not faced any consequences for their blatant murders, while those who shot two cops recently in Ferguson will probably be charged with crimes and will serve jail time .Either the criminally involved cops must be charged, or no one should be charged in the shooting of the two officers in Ferguson. Watch this portion and make up your mind about what has to be done if this is ever going to end. The segment begins @ 17min 17 sec.

RT: “Two policemen were shot outside the police department in Ferguson Missouri. One of the officers was shot in the face and the other was shot in the shoulder. At the time of the attack they were talking to protestors gathered outside the department. The rally took place in response to reports that the city police chief Thompson Jackson would resign. He’s the sixth Ferguson official to step down or be sacked over a report revealing racial bias in the department, months after the killing of unarmed prisoner Michael Brown, with no-indictment for the officer who shot him.”


RT: “Joining me is Bernard White program director at CPRmetro.org. Is this worrying to you that it’s come to this; attacking police?”

Bernard White: “Thanks for the invitation. I think it’s an indication of the level of frustration that has been experienced by the people here in Ferguson. The report that came out from ~ the Attorney General which showed the high level of corruption that the police department has visited upon the people in Ferguson. I think that the people ­ their level of frustration has really increased, by knowing that they’ve all been victims of a system that has been designed to exploit them and to take their resources ­ to put their aunts and their uncles and nieces in jail.

It doesn’t ‘worry me’ I think that there’s always the various levels of frustration that exists - I think that this is an isolated incident: I don’t think that this is something that’s going to continue. But I do think that the level of frustration is going to heighten; especially after all of this that nobody goes to jail. These were criminal acts that this department was involved with; in collusion with the court system and somebody should be going to jail.”

K: Lots of somebodies should have already gone to jail, not just in Ferguson, Mo, but all around the nation where these murders of people by rogue cops have been taking place; especially over the last five years.

This is not something that, as long as people see there are people walking away, just getting a severance pay, continued medical bills being paid ­ that’s going to be an issue that’s going to further frustrate people.”

RT: “I agree the situation is horrific that we’ve seen so many further, unarmed young black men killed since Mike Brown was shot back in August. But what can be done to condemn violence against police in black communities, as we see this repression and this attitude continue?”

Bernard: “Well one of the things (is) that people need to continue to get out in the street. I think that’s what’s happening, although there’s been a lull because of the winter and you know the folks haven’t been going out ­ I think that this spring we’re going to see a ‘spring offensive’, where people have been planning and sitting down and talking about these things and I think they’re going to be out in the street in very, very large numbers. And I think what has to happen is that these police officers ­ there has to be some consequences for their actions. I just saw last night another film, in Washington, the State of Washington where they just shot an unarmed man. They just pursued him and they shot him. All of it caught on video. And I think that until these police officers are indicted and wind up going to jail for the murder of these unarmed people ­ that this is just going to continue to escalate.”

RT: “Is that realistic though ­ we’ve seen time after time ‘no indictments’ despite people coming out onto the streets in the hundreds of thousands?”

Bernard: “Well it does raise a question about whether or not that is ‘a way’ and the answer to that might be where people might take the law into their own hands.”

K: When there are no laws to protect all the members of any society, then police-state or no, there will be versions of anarchy ­ everywhere: Wherever and whenever government refuses to act responsibly.

Bernard: “You can’t expect people to endure this same kind of ‘justice’ for long periods of time and do nothing about it…”

This video is less than a half hour long, in its entirety, why not watch this carefully and decide for yourself what should be done or not done given the depth of the criminality across the board and around the world: Given that there is finally the beginnings of a real resistance from the global-public where there has not been a public voice anywhere for the most part at least since 1945.

Three and half million people demonstrated against the Iraq War and the lies that were used to start that illegal war, yet those demonstrations changed nothing, because the outlaw-powers paid absolutely no attention to ‘demonstrations’, Now at least in Germany people are beginning to listen because they can see how damning things have become.

What is finally clear is that the true Balance of Power has shifted at long last and we will take back this war-torn place, if enough people begin to listen to their own decisions about what must be done to stop the nightmares worldwide.

Many have said that “nothing can be done” ­ but they’ve been wrong all along. Now is the time to join with all those others that are changing things on the ground in Germany and elsewhere ­ while we can still do something momentous to confirm this new direction that’s required to stop the scripted nuclear nightmare that will end this planet unless we stop them in their tracks ­ spend thirty minutes and change your life!



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