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Back To World War One

By Jim Kirwan

This image still represents current day politicians,

As today’s headlines clearly indicate.

Warsaw has decided to relocate troops from the west of the country towards its eastern border due to “the biggest security crisis since the Cold War.” It is a major realignment of the military structure, Poland’s defense minister told the AP.

The geopolitical situation has changed, we have the biggest crisis of security since the Cold War and we must draw conclusions from that," Poland’s Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak told The Associated Press on Monday.

He explained that the number of troops stationed at three military bases in the east will triple in two years. Siemoniak added that the quantity of military hardware stationed at the bases will also be increased…

“…According to the Polish media, the Siedlce base was under the threat of closure a few years ago, however the minister has now decided to reinforce it. The minister also said he plans to visit eastern military bases in Chelm and Suwalki in the near future.READ MORE:US tanks arrive in Baltics, Poland requests greater US military presence

In April, NATO-member Poland asked the military organization to permanently station 10,000 troops near the country’s eastern border amid claims that Russia amassed troops on Ukrainian border. NATO has not directly responded to Poland’s request….””

This false-flag is exactly how World War One began. Nation after nation became paranoid over whatever could be seen as ‘a military threat’ which in theory warranted troops, accompanied by an ever increasing military build-up to answer semi-non-existent military threats from surrounding nation-states. This is how the initial attacks upon the old-world Monarchs and intermarried Royalty across Europe began to crumble.

Part One: The Race to Arms

PART Two: Under the Eagle

The paranoia beneath WWI spread like a global pandemic across the world, which is what entangled so many people in massive destruction and the loss of human life on a scale that was unimaginable before: But as the planet literally ran out of money the first war “came to an end” much earlier than was envisioned. The debt that time had reached $75 billion, whereas today we’re staring at $220 Trillion in DEBT and we’re still pretending that we can continue?

The template for globally owned and controlled management of the planet had in theory been established. Which is what brought us all into the New Millennium under the false flag that this very complex world could easily be reduced to a single and dominant world-view that could actually reduce the world to penury and slavery in the name of “order”: Where there is no longer any law anywhere to regulate anything that the current Oligarchy decides to do to the vast bulk of the global population.

Russia is challenging this fake world view, along with China and the BRICS nations. China has just announced the opening of a competing world bank to challenge the Rothschilds, anywhere that people demand real choices. And there are global-enhancing projects moving forward; like the new ‘Silk Road’ together with some sanity beyond the ruins of what little is left of the EU. Everywhere else most of the public has been blackmailed into following the Outlaw West into their ever deepening graves. Actually there is far more than just “hope” for this world, which is why there’s raging panic in Israel and D.C. because their house of cards is about to be hit with a global tsunami that will blow this all away, once the depth of the cracks become publicly known worldwide.

The ignorant will be the very first to go as they continue to get caught up in all the false-flags and convolutions which the mainstream continues to try and sell to the planet.

Anyone who still listens to the boob tube deserves to die, because the entire construct is made up of nothing but lies. Ironically they will soon be killed by their own inactions, just as it was during WWI & WWII as well. Political-elections and the fake-talking heads are nothing but unemployed circus performers playing to a minimal audience of drunks and want-to-be’s hooked on their own addictions: None of which has anything to do with altering the pretend-existence that so many have accepted as “their current state of mind.”

All three of the “World Wars” were predicted, because the alterations were far too large to accomplish all at once. So now we’re on the threshold of the last of the global-wars: But those who plan to profit are still terrified—because we could still turn this around, if enough of us actually do something about these crimes, before we too become as trapped and used-up, as were all those who went before us, which is how we came to be here on the edge of Oblivion!

If we just do a few simple things to start this off: Then every tomorrow could brighten appreciably. Here’s a great place to start because these creatures came directly from the wholesale bloodshed throughout Europe after WWI. And they’ve come back again to finish rearranging this planet in accord with their “specialness” which since 1913 has been carried out by United States Incorporated,

6 Million Lies:

Nothing can be seen as “business as usual”, because all the pillars of society have already been blown apart in far too many places to be able to pretend any longer. Throw the “tv” out the window and use the net to research the questions which that tube never allowed to be asked. Those who do this will find ways to survive; while the rest will spend their remaining time in the Vestibule of Hell where billions upon billions of souls are condemned to chasing that whirling standard throughout time, simply because they “refused to chose” and thereby condemned themselves to the unending torture of their failure to face the truth.


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