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The Awful Truth About 80% Of
America’s ‘Organic’ Food

By Mischa Popoff

Dear Mr Rense:
 You’re probably unfamiliar with black farming. Since growing food is difficult work, requiring great patience and intelligence, black farmers are like black tennis champions - they are nearly non-existent.
 I should know...I’m white.   I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and worked for five years as a USDA contract Organic Inspector.  I now live with my wife and 3 kids down in Texas where I’m working to defend modern, science-based, farming in America. I have some rather interesting information to bring to your attention…
 Since farmers are overwhelmingly white throughout the West, and blacks prefer the easy life in Democrat-controlled (destroyed) cities, social-justice warriors are shifting the so-called ‘organic' side of America’s diet to FOREIGN sources and growers…where organic rules and regulations (if there even are any) are vastly different   How much so?
 A whopping 80% of America’s $47 billion worth of ‘Certified Organic’ food, sold and consumed here, is now being imported from non-white countries like Mexico, Turkey and China…and with disastrous results!  Even the New York Times admits organic food-borne illnesses are DOUBLE what they are for the CONVENTIONAL (non-organic) food industry.  Double!!
 Let me repeat those stats… 80 PERCENT of America’s organic food is imported, and it is TWICE as dangerous as regular factory-farmed food.
 Oh!  One more thing…better sit down again.  40% of this ‘organic’ food, sold and consumed here in the US, tests positive for prohibited pesticides. I don’t know if you buy organic food.  If you do, stop!  It’s mostly fake and often dangerous. What else would you expect from the world’s largest affirmative action program?
 Why not get the word out on this?
 Mischa Popoff