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Autumn In November

  By Jim Kirwan


Autumn started on September 22,

after the death of Summer.

When the leaves give up their poisons that each tree has collected

Throughout the year,

Which is where the autumn-colors come from.

Autumn will end on December 20, 2013 by which time, this year, America will have stopped watching clocks. If the sun cannot penetrate nuclear-darkness, then nothing will be able to grow and “time” that artificial creation of human-beings: Shall return to being meaningless. Welcome to the time of the mythical-King of Balance & the fading-fantasy of filthy-politicians…

John Kaminski added an important article to the continuing dialogue on the web today. Kaminski’s entire article is at the link.


I’ll add a couple of things to what Kaminski said so well today:

In case some might want to factor-in just a bit-more of how others of us see these equations ­ many of which are already in “Dark Autumn”.

JK:In Poland, the Jews demanded to have autonomous regions, which the Poles refused. Then Jews took over most Polish businesses and all of their government, right before World War II. Jews made deals with those other countries to get rid of the Poles, because Jews can do business with any government. And during the war, Poles saved many Jews from the Germans and Russians, but the Jews saved no Poles from either.” (1)

This crucial point is what was used to first penetrate and then to dominate society after society throughout the world. People of whatever religion, colour or race are directly connected by universal blood and dreams to each other. Whenever any “people” so clearly choose not to help any of those who are not of their same beliefs or their personal preferences—then a universal unwritten-law of survival is broken. This is what the Ashkenazi Jews used to undermine the global-society of this earth. They’ve been doing it in hundreds of places throughout so much of human-history that it’s literally-incredible that any of us have survived at all.

JK: “… the Doctrine of Discovery, which was a declaration that the Roman church owned everything, and the claim could not be appealed. Our entire legal system is based upon this lie.

The second is the strategy of creative tension, widely used by businesses today, that guarantees the flow of new ideas but also assures that structures that work, such as a Republican form of government, will not survive in its workable form, as new ideas overwhelm the original idea and lead to the manipulable anarchy called democracy.

The a priori claims of the Doctrine of Discovery — the people who use it are rulers who claim their right to rule dates from ancient times and overrules all other laws — are the basis of why nobody in America owns their own land. It belongs to the government, which rents it out to tenants, us, through the procedures of the banks and the treasuries. The first principle of the slave state.”

k) When we stopped studying “the way things work” we also ended any curiosity that we might have ever had—about what any of us might have needed to know about the world or ourselves: Not to mention our responsibilities toward everyone else who also lives upon this planet.

The entire concept of “Power” in the hands of the few is bullshit and always has been. Those contrived-concepts were created by inhuman-creatures that now believe they own the earth. All they needed to do to us was to distract the global-public with enough commercial-acquisitions, which they did, so that we became our own worst enemies throughout their blatant-hijacking of this entire planet. The weight of our personal responsibilities to each other is determined by the light of freedom and our willingness to defend that FREEDOM, against all challenges!

The strategy of creative tension is used by governments to create crises by which the people it governs are forced to pay for solutions the government chooses to impose.

The combination of these forces leads to corrupt anarchy, amid which the government is ultimately controlled by business interests. But nobody sees these things. Vision and inspiration continue to diminish in the creeping darkness…”

“…It's an illusion to think you can escape the monster. A delusion, really. Where are you going to run to, honey, when the enemy of us all is already there. The Internet, your credit card, some even say what you inhale in the chemtrails, already light you up like a Christmas tree on the surveillance scopes, no matter where you try to hide.

No matter where you run, its tentacles are already there. Escape to Patagonia. Too late, it's already overrun with Israeli Defense Forces. How about Paraguay? Maybe next door to the Bush family farm, which is next door to the new U.S. military base that looks like the neocon fall back position when the Northern Hemisphere is ticking, smouldering, and devoid of living things.”

k) Here is their Achilles-heel in plain sight. The “world” they are and have been creating all along - is exactly what they shall “inherit” - if they can actually succeed in murdering the entire planet.

The “inheritance” they will have to face will include this unspeakable abomination. The total death of the entire Pacific Ocean cannot help but end all life in the rest of the oceans of the world. (2)

What BP and USI did to the Gulf-stream, the Gulf of Mexico and to the entire Southern coast of the U.S. ­ which is still being discovered will only add to what has already happened to the Pacific.

Add in the constant and worldwide fracking and the sinkholes coupled with Chemtrails and the thoroughly toxic water as well as the land that will finally succumb to the poisons and toxic chemicals that will kill whatever life that tries to exist in or on this earth?

No earthly population can ever “prepare” for that. We must stop these ancient thieves, to prevent this slaughter of humanity. The current blasphemy was envisioned as their “final-solution”. They’ve been working toward this goal throughout all the time that they’ve been here: Stealing everything they can from all the rest of the people of this earth…

If Fukishima ignites, that’s pretty much “it” for the world. So what will be left for anyone, or anything to inherit, whether by outright theft or just because we allowed them to succeed in murdering the existing population? Nuclear-winter’s always kill everything and always has…

As usual there is only one solution to all of this.

Everyone of us that can think and resist must do all that they can now ­ because unless we can force the shut-down of the November shut down “to supposedly ‘test’ the electronic grid of the USA” ­ then we shall all be part of the dust of history even before the nuclear threat takes away the rest of our lives along with all our dying freedoms.

Everyone still alive upon this war-torn planet, which we have utterly failed to protect from any of the real-obscenities, contained in our own warped and petty fantasies—demands that we acknowledge that “playtime’s over”!

Either we throw up our hands in defeat or we chose to use everything we have to end this slow-motion-murder of everything this planet once offered: To everything that once lived upon it.

Yesterday’s Gone” but Today’s still Alive! (3)

Know this: The only people truly responsible for this nightmare are the cowards that have chosen to do absolutely ‘NOTHING AT ALL”. Either we use what we know now, or we shall lose it all in this final contest that still awaits us all…


2) Important Canadian Fukushima Updates, Synopsis - 48 min VIDEO

3) Yesterday's Gone


To 'Yesterday's Gone'




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