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The Attorney General of Oregon
Has Victimized the Forgotten People in Burns Oregon

By Jim Kirwan


By denying the protections provided by the Constitution to the people of Burns Oregon and by failing to remove unconstitutional officers of the county and the state—the Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum has failed to protect the people of Oregon from a “judge” that is illegally serving in two separate branches of the government at the same time. This is a direct conflict of interest, by the state, in which the people are no longer protected from the tyranny of law enforcement gone awry, as is currently being practiced in Burns Oregon, against the people of the State of Oregon

Attorney General Rosenblum has failed in her duty to acknowledge the situation that has continued now for many years; but which her office has chosen not to participate in ending: First by not overturning the recent criminal-re-conviction of the Hammonds for a crime that did not happen, and second by refusing to come to the aid of the people of Burns who have now been captured and are being intimidated by the FBI, the federal government and the BLM who are attempting to steal land that constitutionally belongs outright to the current ranchers, miners and loggers in the State of Oregon.

Her failure makes her and her office as well as the State of Oregon culpable for any damages that may come from her failure to act; to bring this situation to a peaceful and just conclusion. In case the A.G. Is not aware of this situation:

Dodging Questions in Burns & Beyond



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