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Atlanta Airport Blackout - The Grinch
That Stole A Nuclear Stockpile

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Was it the Grinch that stole a Christmas homecoming for tens of thousands of air travelers stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta on Sunday, December 17? Most transit passengers are probably swearing they’ll never fly through the Delta hub ever again.
Whoa, calm down, folks. All of you, including irate NFL players en route after the game, should realize the airport’s not named after Stonewall or Andrew, those icons of the Old South but attorney Maynard Jackson, the first African-American mayor of a major Southern city, supporter of M.L. King, opponent of Terry McAuliffe, and architect of the New South who built the airport ahead of time and under budget in 1973, whose motto was that Atlanta’s “a city too busy to hate,” which is apropos to Donald Trump’s aims for the American economy today.
Despite hardball local politics, Atlanta is a genteel town with a forgiving soul, welcoming Northerners even after what William Tecumsah Sherman did back then, hard feelings long gone in the wind. Its airport receives more Americans than any other in the word. So in the holiday spirit, forgive Atlanta the inconvenience of a sleepless night and lost day in your lives.
Georgia on My Mind
In contrast, Georgia, outside the city limits, is a different creature altogether, There’s plain cussedness under the pines, birthing monsters like Hulk Hogan and Kanye West, spewing forth financial huckster Bert Lance and his sidekick, the nuclear peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, and there was Eric Rudolph, the anti-abortionist bomber who believed murdering adults at a sports event was not a sin, as he apparently did at the 1996 Olympic Games. It gets worse. Ever watch a late-night movie starring Burt Reynolds’ called “Deliverance”? Probably not, ‘cause it’s censored, because the backwoods up by the Savannah River is where grown men are made to “squeal like pigs”.
So trying to make sense of that mystery aircraft that flew out midway through the Atlanta Airport blackout is like mud wrestling with a hog.. So we’re going to grab this one by the tail, whatever the risk, and on the other end with two fingers in its snout, so your hand doesn’t get ripped open by its razor tusk. After making short work of the brute, the kosher porker is sure to make for some scrumptious bacon. Let me pause for a chaw before washing off the blood and stench in the Okefenokee, also known as The Swamp.
Fire and Flight
During the power outage, only one plane departed Atlanta Airport: a generic four-engine rear-loading Boeing 747-412F operated by Cal Cargo Air Lines, a private Israeli transport company. The registration number is 4X-ICB. The serial number is 26561. 23 years in service. Previous owners: Singapore Cargo, Evergreen (Taiwan), Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Cal Cargo’s three B-747s are licensed to haul non-standard products, including farm produce, flowers, horses, livestock and “dangerous goods” (caustic chemicals, explosives, flammables). It is not licensed for transporting hospital patients, which would be the only valid reason for an exception to the grounding order. Emory University Hospital and adjacent CDC did not report of any emergency flight, and the current major epidemic is the plague outbreak in faraway Madagascar.
The online con artist David Booth, under his transgender pen name Sorcha Faal, claimed the jet was transporting a biological warfare agent delivered by two large trucks from Emory onto the airport tarmac. Here again this sick clown shows his sad pathos, as long-ago disclosed by an investigation launched by Jeff Rense. Any would-be terrorists, especially Israeli masters of the black arts, comprehend that bioweapons can be transported in a suitcase-size container and flown in a private jet across the Atlantic and Mediterranean without shutting down the world’s busiest airport.
The Circuit of 4X-ICB

So far, online comments have been based on initial findings posted at 4chan on Day 1. The postings there and picked up at various news sites speculate that the blackout was staged to disable radioactivity detectors so that the Israeli plane could smuggle out nuclear warheads loaded at Atlanta. Ensuing comments disputed various aspects of that suggestion, most of which are answered below.
Since the initial posting of flightaware data at 4chan, updated flight information from flightradar24 shows the complete itinerary (local time not GMT):
16 Dec. Liege (LGG ) 1:18 a.m. takeoff     Mexico City (MEX) landed 6:15 a.m.
17 Dec. Mexico City 9:30 a.m. takeoff              Atlanta (ATL) landed 1:00 p.m.
17 Dec. Atlanta 6:27 pm takeoff                Liege landed 8:16 a.m.
18 Dec. Liege 2:35 p.m. takeoff                 Larnaca (LCA) landed 6:59 p.m.
18 Dec. Larnaca 9:42 p.m. takeoff           Tel Aviv (TLV) landed 10:17 p.m.
19 Dec. Tel Aviv 9:40 p.m. departure        Liege (to Oslo) 4:20 p.m. landed
(The record for the flight schedule is confused by an erroneous day-early entry for a Dec. 19 Tel Aviv-Liege-Oslo flight.)
En Route to Mexico City
Started up in 1996 by leasing El Al aircraft, Cal Cargo Air Lines has been based at Ben Gurion Airport serving Tel Aviv. In the following year, it purchased the Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services (LACHS) for its hub. Put that on your bagel. Liege-Bierset Airport (LGG) in Wallonia, southern Belgium, is an air-freight center for CAL, El Al Cargo, ASL (formerly TNT), Volga-Dneper’s Airbridge, Nigeria’s Allied Air, Astral of Kenya, and Ukrainian International. A rogue’s gallery of merc and contraband smuggling operations.
Following the global financial crisis of 2008, Cal Cargo was purchased by Offer Gilboa, an Israeli national involved in the “rag trade” in England. As a wholesaler of clothing and footwear, his private companies or retail shops included 6 companies (London, Manchester, Kentish) with some 30 nominee directors. Some, if not all of these entities appear to be dummy companies used for accounting purposes in shady transactions.
A common Sephardic surname, Gilboa is also the name of the mountain where David defeated King Saul, who then fell on his sword. Gilboa is also the the Israeli arms maker that produces the Silver Shadow AR-15 assault rifle, available in the U.S. Whether this military connotation has any bearing on Cal Cargo awaits is yet unknown to outsiders.
The Cal Cargo route between Liege and Atlanta (LGG-ATL-LGG) was opened in September 2015 to air-freight pharmaceuticals from European producers to what airline CEO Eyal Zagagi called “the Atlanta catchment”. 4X-ICB was not scheduled for that route in December.
The company has not commented on its stock in trade along the route of Liege-Mexico-Atlanta-Liege. Pharm shipments? Or a 4X (Forex) delivery? Actually, many of the wealthiest residents of the capital are Jewish, concentrated in Polanco, the “Beverly Hills” of Mexico City, where there’s no much in the way of carnitas tacos to go with the outstanding margarita. Perhaps the shipments are nothing more sinister than Belgian-made blenders and diamond necklaces. Ever wonder what Mexican Jewry is delivering by Cal Cargo to the homeboys in Atlanta? Watch out Amazon, here comes Cimarron.
Atlanta Stopover
In early afternoon of the pre-Christmas week rush, 4X-ICB landed at the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield­Jackson Atlanta, at exactly 1, or just six minutes before the blackout. That’s called cutting it close, the likely cause of delay being a turbulent weather front over Louisiana and Alabama on its portside.
Airport maintenance and Georgia Power detected a series of electrical outages inside its underground relay station as early as 12:38 p.m., which sputtered along until a fire burst out mere minutes after the Israeli plane touched down. How to delay an electrical fire? Shut off the power to cool the short circuit, then get the revised arrival time from the control tower, and smoke a cigarette while waiting to flip the switch back on.
While more than 1,500 flights were cancelled, tens of thousands of passengers waied, all aircraft grounded and air cargo embargoed, 4X-ICB took off at 6:27 p.m. Sunset was at 5:31 p.m. under patchy clouds, meaning the plane left during fair evening visibility. So if it was loaded, that occurred at the edge of cargo terminal, away from prying eyes.
Landing in Liege on the following morning of Monday, Dec. 18, the plane proceeded to Larnaca Airport, Cyprus, and then hopped to Ben Gurion Tel Aviv, arriving at 10:17 at night.
The next flight for 4X-ICB, to Oslo via Liege, was scheduled for 9:40 p.m. on the following night, or more than 11 hours later, allowing ample time for unloading cargo out of Atlanta.
The Missing Element
What’s missing from this incident is an Israeli presence on the ground at Hartsfield-Jackson, where security is managed by a joint TSA and Delta team. In all previous aircraft incidents of suspected Mossad involvement, there was an Israeli security firm inside the target airport.
These included private Israeli airport security at
-          Schiphol Amsterdam during the 1992 Biljmer crash of El Al cargo jet;
-          Boston Logan on the morning of the 911 incident;
-          Schiphol MH17 2014;
-          Zaventem Brussels 2016airport bombing
-          an Israel Defense Force unit at Diego Garcia in the MH370 hijack.
For the Mossad, all of these incidents provided lessons for improved execution of black ops. Among these, the Biljmeer crash set the baseline for future clandestine weapons flights: avoid mixed cargo that can synergize into an extinction event, never use damaged or leased aircraft, prevent detection over communication systems, and don’t make a massive mess that requires hundreds of millions of euros in hush money.
During the official Dutch government probe, many of the Amsterdam survivors, airport personnel and investigators became suddenly rich, leaving me as the only journalist of the two newspapers in the Netherlands disclosing the grisly details. Since that Israeli-caused nightmare has some bearing on the Atlanta puzzle, and my articles are no longer online, I should elaborate on the relevant points.
On assignment with Playboy Japan, I was the only non-European reporter to cover the Hague hearings on the El Al crash into an apartment block in the Biljmeer district, which involved an illegal air shipment of motley weapons of mass destruction flown from New York Kennedy International destined for Ben Gurion Tel Aviv. I saw beet-red radiation burns on the necks of municipal firefighters who told me of breathing problems. Local investigative journalists were able to identify the deadly cargo as sarin nerve gas, mycoplasm (for use in desert warfare in Iraq), depleted uranium and weapons-grade plutonium, all of which were released amid the intense apartment fire, except something inside a silvery metal box removed by two NATO experts in full protective gear. The most telling pieces of evidence were transported by blue trucks to a NATO base in Germany.
The lethal crash, which killed at least 47 locals and immigrants on the eastern edge of Amsterdam, was due to the fact that the damaged plane (whose jet engine had hit a ground vehicle in Bonn during the taxi to takeoff en route to Kennedy) was ordered by Israeli security staff at Schiphol not to ditch the plane in Markermeer Bay and instead to circle back to the airport. The U-turn was done because the bio-engineered mycoplasm is designed to multiply in contact with water, and could kill millions of West Europeans and continue to affect the population indefinitely. In desert warfare, by contrast, the only available water is inside the lungs of enemy soldiers and bats.
The Hague testimony wasn’t published in the mainstream press, similar to the censorship of the more interesting news stories that I’ve covered. The final lesson from Bijlmeer is: It’s cheaper to keep local-based collaborators and agents pre-positioned in place, instead of having all the arrows point at Israelis, which then forces post-accident payoffs. When money is of primo importance in one’s “value” system, the only thing that really matters is conserving the shekels for the next outrageous stunt in defiance of law and decency. It’s the Harvey Weinstein mentality applied to international relations.
Smoking Gun
Back to sleuthing, the first requirement is a smoking gun. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The Atlanta Airport fire broke out inside a Georgia Power underground station in the sprawling airport complex. The fire was detected half past noon, at 12:38 p.m. The Atlanta Fire Department responded within minutes and quelled the blaze, probably with CO2 and retardants. At 1:06 p.m. soon after Cal Cargo landed, most of the airport facilities suffered total power loss, including the standard storm lights, emergency exit signs and security devices. Between 3 p.m and 4 p.m. Georgia Power crews began to access the electrical relay center.
Slow as molasses in winter is how Southerners describe deliberate foot-dragging. Video clips show electricians severing fire-damaged cables (inside melted metal conduit). It’s odd that only a few cables were black as burnt toast while others right next to them were as clean as a whistle. It looks like someone had been in there with an acetylene torch. Notably the electricians were not wearing respirators. Then about midnight when most passengers and all airlines staff had left, the power was switched on.
Solo Takeoff
So Cal Cargo had to be parked at one of the three cargo terminals (North, Midfield, South) for 5 hours and then suddenly got clearance for takeoff. The remaining 6 hours before lights came on was just about right for a clean-up crew to remove any residues left inside the cargo terminal by “dangerous cargo” loaded onto the rear large-freight door-ramp of that Boeing 747-412F. Illuminated by vehicle headlights, a thorough hose-down with surfactants and rotary scrubbing would send most of the contaminants down a drain. Solid waste disposal of lightweight safety clothing is dumped into a container outside the airport perimeter. And so that’s a job well done and paid for with overtime.  
That’s how to fly hundreds of kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium in metal caskets out of the state of Georgia and into Israel and from there, to Saudi Arabia. The Iranians now have got a lot to worry about.
Manna from Savannah
This “gift” of plutonium to the Israelis and their Saudi allies is like manna from heaven, even though the Savannah River is more like the River Styx, the rapids to hell. This deal with the Chosen People requires the cooperation of two demonic forces on the banks of the Savannah: Southern Company (which owns Georgia Power) with its Vogtle Nuclear Plant and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions LLC, the private management firm that operates the Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River National Laboratory, the nation’s main plutonium reprocessing facility. The two facilities are located near each other on opposite sides of the river, which is the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina.
Back in the 1970s, Georgia Power, a division of the Southern Company, launched a project to construct reactors 3 and 4 based on the Toshiba-Westinghouse AP 1000 advanced pressurized water design. After initial building contractor The Shaw Group was targeted in a corporate takeover, Westinghouse assumed control of construction.  In the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, NRC director Gregory Jaczko cast the lone dissenting vote at the regulatory agency against the delayed project, citing the risks of a catastrophic impact on the economy and society.
Then due to massive cost overruns at Vogtle and the losses in Japan from the Fukushima disaster, Westinghouse declared bankruptcy leaving the project in limbo, with concrete poured but little to show in the way of construction. In stereotypical Dixie style, consulting fees were allegedly spread across several layers of Georgia politicians and officials for approval and licensing, a total sum estimated at a billion dollars, skimmed off the top. A bailout is desperately needed, and there are no suckers ready to pony up $14 billion in investment with no end in sight for swelling costs.
Out of the Cracker Barrel
Senior Senator from Georgia John “Johnny” Isakson, a Republican, has lobbied for the federal government to step in, but President Barack Obama offered only $8 billion in loan guarantees, which is not in itself an investment. The Georgia congressional delegation then sought help from the Trump administration, which pledged strong support for nuclear, but the 2017 federal budget does not include a provision for Vogtle.
As a last gasp Hail Marry pass, Isakson who rumor says is a closet member of the K, issued a statement in support of moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. That’s one stale cracker out the barrel. So the logical response from Tevl Aviv to his plea for Vogtle investment must have been: So what do the Israelis get out it? Perhaps “The Merchant of Venice” has probably been banned in the New South, since it is the textbook case on why never to trade a pound of flesh for a fast cash loan.
What about that metric ton of weapons-grade plutonium, the hot potato of the Savannah Region? The State of South Carolina has sued the Savannah River National Laboratory to remove its radioactive waste to the WIPP storage site in New Mexico, but a fire and radioactive leaks there have stalled any movement. A federal judge a fine of $1 million per day (to a $100 million limit) for keeping the waste on site. SRNL is operated by the private limited liability company called Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, controlled by Fluor, Honeywell and Newport News Nuclear (the naval shipyard). Fluor was forced to pull out of Vogtle, and was replaced by Bechtel. These nuclear contractors get paid tens of millions for doing nothing with the empty shell games.
Heart of the Deal
So it all comes down to a truckload of homeless caskets without a burial site, containing plutonium going to Atlanta Airport, after Georgia Power technicians shut down the radioactivity monitoring devices under cover of a blackout. The metal containers were sent up a conveyor into the belly of Cal Cargo 747 presumably with its inner hull swathed with lead-lined industrial curtains and a lead-infused vinyl sheathing on the aircraft floor. And then 4X-ICL took off into the twilight over the Atlantic. By the time the cargo jet landed in Liege, Georgia Power president Paul Bowers could not but help but smile throughout his entire interview with Good Morning, America, even during his apology to the passengers.
Following delivery to Israel, the Savannah hot potato becomes a tasty baked potato to be split with partner Saudi Arabia, with now at last will get the magic bullet to use against the annoying Shiite rebels in Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and from wherever else the disciples of Ali dare challenge the House of Saud for control of the Grand Shrines.
One question that some skeptics posted is: Why would the Israelis assume so much risk to smuggle when the IDF can obtain warheads from the Pentagon? Because the Pentagon insists on monitoring and detailed reporting of all the weapons systems transferred abroad. That why small countries, including most allies, prefer to buy fighter jets from other countries, because weapon systems on F-16s cannot be engaged electronically without Pentagon authorization codes.  Israel, which could give two cents about what Americans think, wants its own bombs to do as it pleases, as was seen against civilian neighborhoods in Gaza. With the 70th  anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state of Israel  coming up, fool politicians still don’t get it about Zionist exploitation of human moral weakness.
Washing Hands of It
To what degree did the White House know of this Georgia-to-Israel heinous unlawful crime of nuclear proliferation? What role did Israeli insiders like Jared Kushner, a dual citizen, have in the theft from a DOE-supervised lab? Did Energy Secretary Rick Perry secretly authorize the nuclear shipment?
Perry, after all, was governor of Texas in 2008 when Bush officials with the DOE shipped plutonium from dis-assembled warheads from the PANTEX facility in Amarillo for shipment to Japan (Fukushima) and Israel. That was a White House clandestine operation based on the nuclear agreement between George W. Bush and Shinzo Abe at their 2007 Camp David Summit. That plutonium put inside MOX fuel rods is what blew up Reactor 3 and two underground weapons sites in the Fukushima region.
Perry still has a sliver of benefit of doubt, since the PANTEX caper, which led to the police shooting of CIA contract port inspector Ronald Carnaby, was done by federal insiders with DOE, which may not have wanted any disclosure to the Texas governor’s office. This time around, however, Perry has to prove his personal integrity by investigating the Atlanta heist.
As in mountain climbing, investigations of illegal proliferation become more uphill the higher one goes. We’ve reached a sheer cliff face without a sack of pitons or chalk dust, so once again have hit the upper limit.
Hanukkah 2017, from December 12 through 20, was the happiest holiday for the Zionists, with U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and a presidential pardon for kosher meat-packing tycoon Sholom Rubaskin, jailed for money-laundering. On top of those acts of generosity was the gift of enough plutonium for the Israelis to kill every person on Earth several times over. Donald Trump must think Christmas is a Jewish holy day. The good residents of Bethlehem in Palestine and members of his own family’s church are certain to disagree.
As for the rest of the American public, who will inevitably come to a reckoning with those maniacal fanatics bent on domination, let me wish each and all of you regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, belief or denomination to grasp the gist of the traditional message, which is to hold on to what’s good and never surrender: “God rest you merry, gentlefolk, let nothing you dismay. Remember, Jesus Christ our Savior was born upon this day to save us from Satan’s power when we were gone astray. O tidings of comfort and joy!”